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King Of Heart Wednesday 9th March 2022 Zee World

King Of Heart Wednesday 9th March 2022 Zee World
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King Of Heart Wednesday 9th March 2022 Zee World: The Episode begins with Satya seeing Dhruv giving kisses on telephone. He is dubious. Dhruv turns and is stunned to see Satya standing. He misleads him saying he was kissing his companion’s girl who is so adorable. Satya concurs. Later Satya asks Dhruv not to get frightened of Sakarpura… Dhruv says he was remembering to go to Delhi prior to doing Sakarpura, as he has some work. Payal and Gangu Tai concurs. Pandit ji takes out mahurat and says it is of today or following three months. Gangu Tai says how might we sit tight for a very long time. Satya says we will do the commitment today itself. Mahi says OK. Payal says would you say you are certain? Satya says OK.

He calls Dhruv, however the last option is laying down with his young lady companion. Satya jokes that might be he is with his young lady companion. He says we will go to his lodging and meet him. Payal remembers to call Dhruv and goes to her space to call him, yet he is resting still. Mahi requests that Payal prepare and says we as a whole will go. Satya, Payal and others come to the inn… … Satya says I will go to his lodging. Payal says I will likewise accompany you. She calls him and sends message to him illuminating that they have come to lodging. Dhruv awakens and peruses Payal’s message. He awakens his young lady companion Sunaina and requests that she prepare as they need to leave now… .Payal is halted by Mr. Malhotra. Satya sees Dhruv embracing Sunaina as she left.

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King Of Heart Wednesday 9th March 2022 Zee World: Dhruv comes ground floor and welcomes everybody. Gangu Tai says we remembered to finish your commitment today as there is no mahurat for quite a long time. Dhruv concurs. Gangu Tai gives him desserts. He is going to eat it, however Satya comes there and slaps him hard. Dhruv expresses out loud anything you saw was false. Satya says I told you obviously that she is my sister and in the event that you are seeing somebody, tell us really. He beats him. Kajal is stunned. Payal comes there and is stunned. She attempts to prevent Satya from beating Dhruv. Satya is particularly furious and hits Dhruv with his hand. Kajal attempts to stop him, yet all the same to no end. He says I will kill you. Mahi looks on stunned.

Payal stops him and gets out whatever is going on. She sees his torn shirt and grins. Mahi requests that Satya leave Dhruv. Gangu Tai ends up seeing the blemish on Dhruv’s hand and calls him Satya… ..Satya turns and checks Gangu Tai out. Dhruv likewise checks her out. Gangu Tai says how could this be occur. Satya asks what was the deal? Tell me. Gangu Tai says you are not my Satya… he is my Satya. Everybody is stunned. Payal grins. Satya is stunned and checks Dhruv out. Dhruv acts to be confused. Satya asks what you are talking about? Gangu Tai says I don’t comprehend.

Payal asks how might you say this? Gangu Tai pushes Satya and goes to Dhruv, calls him Satya and cries asking where was you such an extremely long time. Satya is stunned and asks what befallen you? Is it safe to say that you are worn out? We will return home and rest, then, at that point, we will talk. Gangu Tai leaves his hand. Satya is stunned. Payal grins. Gangu Tai cries and tells that she is entirely okay and needs to come clean. She says I have left well enough alone concealed in my heart, let me say this. She says you are not my Satya… .Satya is stunned. She says you are Karanveer Khurana… and the beneficiary of Khurana Industries. Naina says Karanveer… .Mitul says Karanveer is alive…

Gangu Tai says I used to fill in as Dai maa with your Aayi and Baba to deal with you. She says Satya was little. On one occasion we met with a mishap, and your dad and mom kicked the bucket. Indeed, even my Satya was dead. I considered your breathing and acknowledged you to be my child. She says I did a serious mix-up and didn’t realize that my Satya is alive. She is sorry to him and cries. Satya is stunned still.

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He asks you are furious with me and requests that she excuse him for his error or slap or rebuff him. He asks her not to grab his privileges to take inhale and don’t say modest joke. Gangu Tai cries. He sees her crying and requests that she keep her hand on his head and tell that he isn’t her Satya. Mahi asks what are you talking about Aayi? How might you say that this Dhruv is your Satya. Gangu Tai tells that Satya is having Dhanush mark in view of mishap in his adolescence and that is the reason Dhruv is her Satya. Satya goes to Dhruv.

Dhruv says I can clarify you everything. I did no misstep. Satya takes a gander at the bolt blemish on his hand… Satya goes to Gangu Tai and inquires as to why??? For what reason did you take me alongside you, brought me up, and gave me values. You would have left me at the mishap spot, I would have kicked the bucket as well.

King Of Heart Wednesday 9th March 2022 Zee World: He says you didn’t let me know then, at that point… why did you let me know now? He says for what reason did you grab freedoms from me. How I will live in the wake of realizing that you are not my genuine mum… He says Deva… and apologizes to her for yelling at her… .Gangu Tai cries, and says I did a serious mix-up and apologizes to him. She says I have concealed this reality from you, as I suspected you will leave me in the wake of knowing this. She creases her hands and cries. Satya looks on…

Satya lets Mahi know that his Aayi isn’t like Aayi. He says she gave me great childhood and made me appropriate to wed you. I have no character without her. Mahi is weepy eyes seeing him in tears.


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