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King Of Heart Tuesday 15th March 2022 Zee World

King Of Heart Wednesday 9th March 2022 Zee World
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King Of Heart Tuesday 15th March 2022 Zee World: The Episode begins with Sunaina getting back home wearing cover on her head. She takes Dhruv inside. Mitul thinks where could she be? Dhruv asks who is she? Sunaina lifts her ghunghat and says she is pregnant with his kid. Dhruv expresses out loud anything he is doing is for cash and takes steps to kill her and her child. He requests that his thugs take and kill her. Mitul searches for Sunaina and asks Dhruv, in the event that he saw hidden lady. He says no. Satya is attached to the seat and made to sit on the seat. He acquires cognizance and attempts to free his hands. Gangu Tai carries Kajal to mandap. Everybody checks her out. Mahi is tragic.

Kajal sits for marriage. Mahi considers Satya and thinks why he isn’t picking the call and thinks that he advised her to stop the marriage some way or another. Someone comes and taps on her shoulder. Mahi says thank god, you came… She turns and sees Dhruv standing. Satya lets hooligans know that he is feeling parched, and says in the event that I pass on, you will get imprisoned for homicide and requests that they give him water. They don’t pay attention to him. Satya yells requesting that he give water. Other thug requests that he get water.

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Kajal tells Gangu Tai that Dhruv didn’t come till now. Dhruv advises Mahi that he remembered to work on wedding night with her. Mahi asks everything gibberish and says to that everybody is sitting tight for him down the stairs for marriage. Dhruv says I am not hitched. She attempts to go, he holds her. Satya snickers and tells that his telephone is vibrating and making him giggle. Hooligans giggle as well. Satya holds hooligan with his legs and requests that he open his rope. He opens it. Satya get away. Gangu Tai requests that ladies play dhol. Dhruv lets Mahi know that he is genuine Satya and that implies her genuine spouse. Mahi asks him not to contact her and yells Aayi, Satya. Dhruv asks how you will respond… Mahi slaps him. Satya is running and in while heading to home. Pandit ji requests that they call the man of the hour. Kajal requests that Gangu Tai see Dhruv. Mahi tells Dhruv that Satya will kill him. Dhruv says he is prepared incredible her. Gangu Tai calls Dhruv and thinks where could he be?

King Of Heart Tuesday 15th March 2022 Zee World: Dhruv attempts to draw nearer to Mahi. She pushes him. Payal additionally faculties something isn’t right. Satya has a go at taking lift, however no one gives him lift. Gangu Tai comes there and calls Dhruv. Dhruv is holding Mahi there. Mahi nibbles on his hand and rushes to gangu Tai. She is stunned. Dhruv gets Mahi and requests that Gangu Tai leave. Payal sees Satya coming and remembers to stop him. Kajal requests that Sunil bring Dhruv and Aayi. Sunil says I will bring them. Payal requests that Satya go from that point and says Gangu Tai and Kajal are angry with him. Satya says I can’t clarify you now, and will talk later. Sunil searches for Gangu Tai and Dhruv.

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Gangu Tai requests that Dhruv leave Mahi and says she is your Bhabhi. Dhruv says I am not your child… you left me there, I got brought you there alone. Gangu Tai is stunned and says Satya said right, you can’t be my child. I won’t allow you to act up with Mahi. Dhruv requests that she leave.

King Of Heart Tuesday 15th March 2022 Zee World: Gangu Tai says you can’t be my blood. He requests that she go and keeps weapon on Mahi. Mahi yells… ..Gangu Tai is stunned. While dhol is being played in the corridor. Dhruv attempts to attack Mahi, Gangu Tai hits on his head with pole. He gets Mahi again and pushes Gangu Tai on floor. He pushes Mahi and she swoons. He makes Gangu Tai go out and locks the entryway. He attempts to draw nearer to Mahi while she is oblivious. Gangu Tai cries and thumps on the entryway. The entryway opens. Gangu Tai comes inside and targets firearm on him.

Gangu Tai shoots Dhruv. He swoons and tumbles down. Satya comes and takes weapon in his grasp. Others additionally come there and sees Satya holding firearm. Payal says he is dead. Kajal is stunned.



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