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King Of Heart Thursday 10th March 2022 Zee World

King Of Heart Wednesday 9th March 2022 Zee World
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King Of Heart Thursday 10th March 2022 Zee World:The Episode begins with Gangu Tai crying. Satya leaves from that point. Payal grins. Mahi goes following Satya, and sees him left on bicycle. She tells Mahi that Satya’s face looks like with that of Siddharth Khurana and she far fetched about his character.

Dhruv lets Gangu Tai know that he called that lady to treat his hand. Gangu Tai tells that she needs both her children and lets him know that she would had never left him assuming she had realized that he was alive. Dhruv says I trust you and asks her not to apologize. They request that Dhruv get back home. Dhruv says I won’t return until Satya comes. Payal lets Gangu Tai know that she will illuminate inn director that the program is dropped. Satya is on his bicycle and going. Dhuwa melody plays… … … He comes to basti and sees his youth pics with Gangu Tai. He checks their pic with sorrowful eyes out.

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Payal comes to Dhruv and giggles… .Dhruv additionally chuckles. She says thank god for that God trip. I got a decent card which has made a huge difference. A fb is shown, Payal gets Gangu Tai’s pack and remembers to let Satya know that she has kept Aleena in it. She opens the sack and tracks down Gangu Tai and Satya’s pic. She sees genuinely Satya’s pic and his passing testament. She likewise sees Satya’s genuine birth endorsement and says he is Sid khurana’s child Karanveer. She then, at that point, ends up seeing Dhruv, and shows him Gangu Tai and his youth pic seeing imprint on his hand. She says this imprint is anything but a customary imprint.

Dhruv says I would rather not meet her, who left me in my youth. Payal offers him cash and he concurs. Fb closes. Payal lets Dhruv know that very day she came to realize that Satya isn’t Gangu Tai’s genuine child and furthermore met her genuine child that very day. They giggle.

King Of Heart Thursday 10th March 2022 Zee World: Satya feels horrendously awful. Mahi comes to him. He tells about his youth minutes and tells that Aayi used to dresses him up pleasantly. He tells he got frightened seeing driver driving with speed, however when his aayi took him in her lap, his dread was no more. He tells train left and he was unable to hold his aayi’s hand… He says he was frightened of the obscurity and shouted for his mum asking her not to leave him, and today she left him until the end of time. He cries.

King Of Heart Thursday 10th March 2022 Zee World: He says I am ignorant assuming the child in the pic is me or not, I used to call myself gladly as Satya Sawant, presently my character and name is grabbed from me. I have nothing now. My aayi made me reasonable for yourself and made me stand on my feet, however today I have no character. Mahi attempts to support him and says everything happened so quick. She gave you childhood and brought you up. She is your Aayi and will constantly be your Aayi. It’s not possible for anyone to grab your privileges.

Satya comes to Dhruv’s room and takes a stab at checking in his bag. Dhruv comes there. Satya is stunned.


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