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King Of Heart Monday 14th March 2022 Zee World

King Of Heart Wednesday 9th March 2022 Zee World
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King Of Heart Monday 14th March 2022 Zee World: The Episode begins with Dhruv coming to Mahi’s room and contacts her head with desire, while gazing her. Mahi gets up. Dhruv get away. Mahi thinks Satya is dozing and thinks who contacted her then, at that point. She ponders Dhruv and afterward thinks it is only her misconception. Dhruv stows away and grins. Everybody is appreciating roka function of kajal. Mahi brings desserts. Kajal denies. Mahi says today is important day for yourself and we need you to have desserts. Kajal eats desserts. Mahi lets Satya know that they must be glad for others’ joy. Satya says I have done this for my entire life. Mahi causes him to have desserts. She comes to Kajal.

Dhruv contacts her midriff in awful sense. Mahi is stunned. He tells that he saved her dupatta from falling in mehendi. Mahi is humiliated and stunned. Later Dhruv requests that Mahi come and hit the dance floor with her. Mahi says later. Dhruv contacts her again which makes her dicey. He gazes her. Mahi goes to Payal and tells her beginning and end. Payal asks would you say you are certain? Mahi says OK, I can’t tell Satya, else he will become furious. Payal says might be it is a misconception and asks her not to tell anything to Satya. Mahi says might I am think a lot. Payal figures Dhruv will uncover him. Mahi says lets dance.

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Kajal hits the dance floor with Dhruv. Satya gets a call. Dhruv contacts her midriff and says your dewar is hitting the dance floor with you. Mahi is awkward. Satya comes and slaps Dhruv. He says how could you be like that? Do you think I am visually impaired. Dhruv asks how did I respond? Kajal requests that he leave Dhruv and asks have you gone distraught? You didn’t ponder me once. Gangu Tai slaps Satya hard. Satya is stunned. Dhruv grins. Gangu Tai inquires as to whether he is envious to such an extent that he was unable to bear and that is the reason taking out his resentment on Dhruv. She says I let you know that it was my mix-up, and says Dhruv is guiltless.

King Of Heart Monday 14th March 2022 Zee World: Kajal says truth is that you were unable to see my satisfaction and requests that he disappear from that point, and not to go to her capacity. Mahi says Kajal is correct and says each sibling ought to accompany his sister as of now. She says you can’t remain here and need to go. Satya is stunned. She holds his hand and takes him from that point. Satya requests that Mahi pay attention to him. She shuts the entryway all over.

Later Mahi comes to Satya and tells that she didn’t uphold him then as need might arise to safeguard Kajal else she would need to leave with him moreover. A fb is shown, Mahi requests that Satya proceed to observe evidences against Dhruv, says we need to stop this marriage. Fb closes. Satya lets Mahi know that he will track down the confirmations and don’t allow this union with occur. Dhruv remembers to get payback some way or another.

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Kajal prepares for marriage. Mahi says I will help you. Kajal won’t take her assistance and requests that Gangu Tai tie her jewelry ribbon. Mahi apologizes to Kajal and says you knows well the amount Satya loves you. Gangu Tai says in the event that he truly cherished her then he could not have possibly harmed her. She requests that Kajal prepare for marriage. Satya comes to the medical clinic and gets some information about Dr.

King Of Heart Monday 14th March 2022 Zee World: Sunaina. Nurture says she don’t work here. Satya asks would you say you are certain? She says OK. Satya remembers to find out. He comes to Sunaina’s home and sees somebody resting on bed. He stows away and has a go at checking for verifications. He gets a journal wherein he tracks down Dhruv and Sunaina’s pics. In one of the pics, Sunaina and Dhruv are wearing laurel. Satya remembers to tell everybody.

Dhruv attempts to attack Mahi. Gangu Tai shoots him. He tumbles down. Satya is stunned.


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