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King Of Heart Friday 11th March 2022 Zee World

King Of Heart Wednesday 9th March 2022 Zee World
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King Of Heart Friday 11th March 2022 Zee World:The Episode begins with Satya getting passionate about his connection with Gangu Tai in the wake of knowing reality. Mahi attempts to support him and says Gangu tai will constantly be his mum. Satya says another name is added to my personality now, and says Siddharth Khurana… I read the name in this journal, says this is my Baba’s name and have profound connection with him, which didn’t end with his passing too. He says I need to enquire about my baba and aayi, and needs to realize what occurred with them and why? I need to look through my family now. I can’t do this in isolation and requests her assistance. Mahi embraces him and cries.

Naina requests that Gangu Tai quit crying and have something. Gangu Tai tells that she will eat with Satya else will bite the dust… .Satya comes and asks have you gone distraught? He says I said you ordinarily not to discuss demise, and says in the event that your wellbeing break down, I will take you to emergency clinic. He says I can’t survive without you. Gangu Tai says so much occurred, however you didn’t blow up on me… inquires as to whether he will leave her. Satya says I won’t ever leave you and will accompany you for your entire life. Gangu Tai embraces him and cries. Satya requests that she let Dhruv know that she cherishes him (Satya) more than Dhruv.

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King Of Heart Friday 11th March 2022 Zee World: Gangu Tai gets out whatever is his misstep? Satya says I will apologize to him for the slap. Mahi committed me get my error. Mahi says I told you naa that I will carry your child to you, and have begun conversing with you in his pronunciation. Satya says your cherished child is me… Gangu Tai says OK. Satya comes to Dhruv and says I am senior than you. He requests that he welcome his bhabhi Mahi. Dhruv grins. Satya apologizes to him. Dhruv gets out anything that you did was for your sister. Mahi requests that he stay in their home till his marriage. Dhruv takes a gander at Mahi evilly and says he will come. Satya looks on.

Satya and Mahi bring Dhruv home. Gangu Tai gets cheerful and embraces Dhruv. She embraces Satya as well… Payal grins. Naina says today is exceptionally propitious day, you got two children.. They will do the commitment today… Payal sees Dhruv gazing Mahi and requests that he focus on his work. Mahi goes to prepare Kajal. Later Kajal and Dhruv trade rings and do a few ceremonies. Satya is as yet dicey about him.

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King Of Heart Friday 11th March 2022 Zee World: Mahi says sakarpura is finished, presently cake cutting. Dhruv holds Mahi’s hand and says you would have me in the event that not wedded Satya, then, at that point, changes his words and says he got best young lady on the planet checking Kajal out. Mahi says you made me frightened. Dhruv thinks you made me envious. Satya comes to Dhruv’s room and has a go at really taking a look at his stuff. Dhruv is coming towards his room. Mahi causes Kajal to have cake.

King Of Heart Friday 11th March 2022 Zee World: Dhruv comes inside and sees Satya sitting on his bed. He says you have arrived. Satya says I remembered to unwind here briefly. Dhruv says we will go out at this point. Satya goes out. Mitul demands to go out and have frozen yogurt. Gangu Tai says we are extremely drained, and requests that she go. Dhruv says I will take vehicle out. Later he meets his young lady companion who takes steps to uncover him.

Mahi is cleaning stain in the washroom. Dhruv comes there and demands to clean it. Satya comes there.


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