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I’m On The Edge Tuesday 26th July 2022 Update Zee World

I'm On The Edge Tuesday 26th July 2022 Update Zee World
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I’m On The Edge Tuesday 26th July 2022 Update Zee World: Devi says eat from this plate first. She makes him eat. He stops her hand. He throws it back in the plate and twists her hand. He says you like this game right? Wait for my turn. Better stop all this drama. He says get me another plate in my room.
devi says thank you masa.
Masa says dholki did you hear what he said? She says she might be using her beauty to hook up. Masa says she can’t hook my son.

Bharat says there is no news of Devi. I should go to police station. They get a call. Its Dholki. They have invited them for munh dikhai. Bharat says I think we should go.
DEvi is cleaning the house. She says I thought I would become a doctor and what I became.
Kesar says I don’t know what you are doing will take you where? She says I will take my right place in this house. Devi says my kaku said dreams should be seen. My new dream is to bring out good in Adhi. That is a treatment too. Kesar says masa has called your family for munh dikhai. Devi says I am sure she will do something.

Scene 2
Munh dikhari starts. Devi’s family comes too. Devi comes running to meet them. Masa stops her. She says you can’t meet your family like this. She says to Bharat wanna meet her? Bharat says let us meet herr once. Then we will leave. Masa says is this some new game? Bharat says no we won’t do anything. We just want to meet her. Masa says Kesar make her sit. She says I will let you meet her after munh dikhai.
Urmi says that dancer won’t come. She is ill. Masa says thats bad. We have to fix this. She says to Bharat come in. She says our dancer is not coming. What should we do now? You should help us we are family. He says how can I? We can do this without dance. She says we know how to do it. If you wanna meet your daughter. The dancer isn’t here but your sister is she will dance in front of guests. Everyone is dazed.
Why so shocked? Ambika will dance I am sure. SHe really likes to dance. Thats how she hooked my son up? Now she will dance here in front of everyone.
Or forget your daughter forever. Bharat says please don’t say that. She throws ghungros at Ambika. Ambika is in tears. She picks them up in tears. Masa says start it or go home. Ambika sits down. Everyone else smirks. She is in tears.
Devi stands up and says stop it.

Precap-Devi says you want an entertainment for guests right? Ambika won’t dance I will. She dances in front of the guests.

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