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I’m On The Edge Thursday 28th July 2022 Update Zee World

I'm On The Edge Thursday 28th July 2022 Update Zee World
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I’m On The Edge Thursday 28th July 2022 Update Zee World: He says to Devi you are just my mom’s servant. Masa says I will show you. She says to Bharat you love her daughter?
She is just a servant. I will clean the sindur from her hairline. She gives arti to Devi.
She says Adhi will fill her hairline because ambika called our sindur shame. Adhi is about to fill her hairline. Masa stops him but all the plate of sindur frorm his hand falls on Devi’s hand. Masa says wash it. They try to wash her sindur with everything. They throw water on her but sindur doesn’t remove.
They rub it her hairline bleeds but sindur doesn’t remove. urmi says why is sindur not removing. Ambika says pleasae stop this. I am sorry for saying that. You are blessed to have devi in this house. She is a blessing here. They leave.

Kesar takes Devi to her room. Adhi comes to his room. The sindur is not removing from his hand either. He tries to cut his skin. She says what are you doing? This is blood of my hairline. The stains won’t leave you.

Adhi says you have no value in my life. She says I am not the wife who would waste your money. I am your lakshmi. He says you have no part in my life. She says but I will. He graps her face. Adhi says don’t talk so much. I will always hate you. I came you here for masa as her servant. He shoves her and leaves..

Devi comes to kitchen. Kesar says you.. Devi says I thought I would help yoou. Devi says I know that a marriage is two people’s relationship. I will unite our families and end this animosity. Devi says I want to make something but I don’t know how. Will you help me? Kesr says I want to but you know these people. Devi says don’t worry I will make it.

Urmi comes to Adhi. He says you wanted to say something? She pretends to fall. He picks her up and gets busy in her work. She says I know you are worried. That girl has gotten into our house. DO you want lassi? He says yes and goes to work.

Precap-Devi is cooking for Adhi. Urmi says why are you cooking? You no know one wants to eat from your hands in this house. Devi and Kesar make plan to scare urmi with rat and replace her food with Devi’s.

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