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I’m On The Edge Sunday 31st July 2022 Update Zee World

I'm On The Edge Sunday 31st July 2022 Update Zee World
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I’m On The Edge Sunday 31st July 2022 Update Zee World: Dhi says its a wedding night of a beast and bird. He drinks. He says you have decorated the room as well. She says when I came here as your bride I became part of your family. I left the fear out of this house as well. I wont that way. You can do what you want. You think I am challenging. I think you start liking me. You come close to me. Find excuses to touch me. Dont worry its your right. You can come close to me. He breaks the glass and smashes her in the wall. Devi says you really like coming close to me right. What are you looking for fear? What if you find love instead. He says I would never like you. I won’t come close to you. He breaks all the flowers and leaves. Devi laughs.
She says mistake no. 1 marrying me. Mistake no. 2 you locked the door. What would everyone think. Everyone would think that we are one now. He leaves.

Masa comes home. She comes to Devi’s room. She sees messed bed and broken bangles. devi says welcome. Now I have become your daughter in law and your son my husband in real way. Masa drags her out. She locks her in the store. Masa says you only deserve to live here.
Devi sits there crying. She sees her broken bangles. Devi lies on the floor crying.

Adhi recalls what she said. Saradh says what are you doing here? Is everything okay? Adhi says this wedding night will never happen. Devu says I won’t cry. I have to be strong. I will win this.

Scene 2
Kesar is taking milk towards Devi’s room. She says Adhi and devi are in room. Masa slaps her and says how dare you going against me. Go to your room or I will lock you in store as well. Urmi says how could I stop him. Thats why I called you.
She makes use of her beauty. They know how to take sons from their mothers. She would try to make him fall in love. What if we take her beauty from her?

Scene 3
Next morning. Urmi mixes something in oil. Kesar comes there. She says what are you doing? She says new brides massage with this oil. Kesar takes it to Devi. Urmi says give it to Devi.
adhi asks Kesar what is this? She says its oil for new bride. He says give me this. I need it. He takes it from her. Kesar takes new oil for Devi.
Kesar says masa was so angry. Devi says don’t tell anyone. Nothing happened between us. Kesar says no one can stay happy here. Devi says I am here to win with love.

Precap-Adhi says where did this acid come from in oil? He asks Kesar. Kesar says urmi gave me this.

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