Illusion On Starlife Tuesday 28th December 2021

Illusion On Star Life Tuesday 22nd February 2022
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Illusion On Starlife Tuesday 28th December 2021: Chanda hears a telephone discussion and reproves her kids Jay and Sonali. PK enters with darkened face. Chanda begins her theatrics and asks who is he to go into house dressed like PK. PK yells shut up. Chanda acknowledges he is PK. Family accumulates, Jahnvi asks what befell him. PK strolls to Kavya and yells how could she is to record widow pooja video and transfer it. Kabeer meddles. Dhruv says somebody transferred widow pooja video. PK says who else than Kavya. Kabir says he is certain Kavya didn’t. Jahnvi signals Ishani to proceed to talk in support of Kavya. Ishani says she saw Kavya didn’t utilize her telephone by any means. Kabir inquires as to whether he is persuaded now. Jahnvi gets back to her room and sees Dhruv attempting to open her portable. Dhruv says he involved his name as visa, however her portable didn’t open; his versatile opens with her name. She gets anxious. He inquires as to for what reason did she hold his hand when father yelled at Kavya as though he is scrutinizing her. Kavya forgets about. Next morning, Sonali insults about Kavya before Ishani. Ishani says Kavya is a sweet lady. Sonali says she got apprehensive seeing bade daddy/PK so irate. Kavya strolls close to Ishani. Sonali leaves mumbling her sweet woman came. PK reproves his confided in associate/driver for fizzling in his assignment even in the wake of taking an enormous aggregate and orders to discover Kavya’s subtleties at any expense soon. Jahnvi strolls in with food and requests that he quiet down. PK yells generally his standing is in question and he can’t take an interest in civic chairman’s political race. Jahnvi says whenver government officials are burst in by an outrage, they simply say it is a transformed video and his opponent is attempting to discolor his name, even he should utilize same system. PK says she is correct and says she is fortunate to have a bahu like her. Jahnvi says she is fortunate to have a sasur like him in her life. Around evening time, Jahnvi goes out in her vehicle and Dhruv follows her reasoning he didn’t comprehend Jahnvi yet even following 1 year of marriage. Jahnvi stops at a sanctuary and serves food to poor. Dhruv returns thinking he superfluously questioned Jahnvi. Jahnvi offers biryani to a poor person who says he really wants Chinese. She says he can eat biryani or probably she will take it back. Bum eliminates his cover and uncovers he is Jahnvi’s dear companion. He inquires as to whether jijaji/Dhruv left, how could she figure out how to trick him. Jahnvi says she arranged it and thinks back deceiving Dhruv.

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Precap: Jahnvi asks specialist that mummy is getting normal, he should change medication and make her crazy once more. Kavya inquires as to whether she can assume mummy’s medication liability.

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