Illusion On Starlife Monday 27th December 2021

Illusion On Star Life Tuesday 22nd February 2022
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Illusion On Starlife Monday 27th December 2021:Kavya opens entryway anxiously and loosens up seeing amma, en eunuch. Amma recognizes her as pooja and embraces her inwardly. Jahnvi closes entryway. Amma says she ought not have come here as her dad would not have let her danger her life and commendations her dad that specialist saheb saved her life, else she would have passed on quite a while in the past. Jahnvi asks how could she realize she is here. Amma says Rani illuminated her and either ways she realizes Pooja comes here each Friday. She inquires as to why she is hauling Kavya in this. Jahnvi says she didn’t pull her hands, Kavya herself got into it. Amma says she ought not inconvenience blameless people. Jahnvi says her dad was additionally blameless, however PK Mittal caught him in bogus case and she will transform PK Mittal and his family into debris pot like her dad. Amma says Mittal is her adversary, why she is trounbling his family. Jahnvi says with wheat, even grain must be crushed. Amma asks how is her hand injury. Jahnvi hits her hand on divider and says it isn’t anything before the aggravation in her heart. Amma cautions her to quit upsetting herself, else she hit her and says she made her something as she probably is aware she doesn’t eat Mittal family’s desserts, takes out tiffin box and energetically says she got besan laddoo. Jahnvi cheers seeing laddoos. Kavya look through Aarush and inquires as to whether he saw Aarush. He disregards her and gets going snaring his headphone. Kavya helps him. He says Aarush is playing close to pool. Kavya says thanks to him and strolls towards pool. Ishani seeing Aarush playing conflicts with him. He is sorry. She furiously attempts to push him in pool. Kavya enters on schedule and pulls Aarush to the side. Ishani falls into pool. Kavya expands her assistance, however Ishani herself escapes pool and cautions her to avoid her. Kavya takes Aarush to her room and requests to avoid detestable aunt. Kabir strolls in and asks what occurred. Kavya tells Ishani fell into pool. Kabir says detestable aunt attempted to push him in pool, yet super mamma safeguarded him on schedule and aunt fell into pool. Kabir grins. Kavya says she didn’t push Ishani. Kabir smilingly revises her bindi.

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Illusion On Starlife Monday 27th December 2021: Kavya gets back to Ishani and asks what befallen her. Ishani says Kavya pushed her in pool. Kavya shows her ammma’s arranged besan laddoo and requests that Ishani apologize Kavya. Ishani irately inquires as to whether she is feeling the loss of her objective. Kavya says she never misses her objective.

Precap: Kavya gets int vehicle and follows Dhruv.


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