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I Do Wednesday 4th May 2022 Update Zee World

I Do Wednesday 4th May 2022 Update Zee World
Written by Tellypings

I Do Wednesday 4th May 2022 Update Zee World: razia is presenting gifts to humaira and she is pleased, tanveer comes into tell and tease her that she shouldnt give such cheap gifts and instead shows her the gift that she has selected for humaira, and tries to upstage her by the proposition of having gotten diamond sets for humaira. Razia asks who asked her to dhit.s tanveer says that she was just helping her and she is humaira’s choti ammi. tanveer shows her the necklace but humaira is disgusted. razia is tensed too. tanveer asks her not to be angry and make her give it herself to tanveer. Tanveer refers to humaira as her daughter. Zoya comes in when tanveer proclaims that she has prepared a feast for everyone, and invites them all. As tanveer begins to go out, zoya applauds her sarcastically. tanveer is unfazed. Tanveer invites her too. zoya says that she would come propeerly dressed up but warns if she would be able to come to her own party. Tanveer is tensed.

In the kitchen, tanveer is busy preparing for the feast, when she overhears zoya talking on the phone, asking to someone if everything is as planned. tanveer gets suspicious and begins to follow her, as zoya is happy to see that she is falling in her trap. Zoya intentionally enters a door. Tanveer lurks behind it, and suddenyl a napkin comes on her face and she gets unconscious.

When she gains conscious, Tanveer finds herself tied, and zoya in front of her, asking her to be silenced. tanveer asks whats this. zoya tries to act smart with her, and says that now its her turn to reciprocate the deeds that she did for her. tanveer asks her to let go. Zoya says that she can after having played a game. Zoya gets a pole with the revolver tied, pointed at her. zoya points to the revolver tied to a pole, with the other end of the rope, attached to the door. Tanveer asks zoya what is she upto. Zoya clarifies that today tanveer would have to tell her about her father, or else, when someone comes, she would jump out the window, and due to the person jerking open the door, the revolver’s trigger would be pressed, and she would automatically die. Tanveer is scared. she is asked whats going to be her choice. tanveer says that she would do no such thing. Zoya says that she has almost done it, as tanveer had wanted her to go mad, and that she has, and would resort to any means to know about her father. Zoya tells tanveer that someone would come looking for her and open the door, and when that happens the case would end.

I Do Wednesday 4th May 2022 Update Zee World

Scene 2:
Location: Haseena’s residence
farhan and nikhat flirt seductively, and commence their dinner. She asks if he is like this with everyone. He says that she would know better. They begin their dinner. He serves her soup. She is about to take a sip, when he offers her chilli sauce, and she gets tensed remembering that she cant take chilli. He asks if she likes spicy. She is tensed and says that she doesnt like anything spicy, and composes herself saying thatv she loves spicy food, and applauds him for knowing her taste. he gets the bottle of chilli sauce, while happy that she is tensed, confirming his fears. He pretends that the bottle isnt easy to be uncorked, and when she does so, he deliberately presses the bottle, causing a spirt on her face, and then while she gets conscious he deliberately takes her to the bathroom, to wash her off, with the intention of knowing the truth behind it. She asks him to relax and go out of the bathroom, so that she can wash her face. He gives in, smiling outside. She gets tensed inside, wondering how to clear it. As she washes and wipes her face, she forgets about her complexion that she had wonderfully hidden. When she looks at herself in the mirror, she is shocked as the actual colour of her skin is revealed. Outside, farhan asks whats the problem, and if she is okay inside. Hearing her scurrying around and looking around in tension, farhan is happy that her evil plan finally worked. As she comes outside with a face pack, he is shocked. She asks him to be more careful as it maybe reckless for him. she says that she has this pack for cooling down the skin, that burned due to the sauce. She excuses herself to take care of the skin. As she leaves, he is tensed. Farhan thinks that she still doubts who this is, but one thing is sure, that whoever it is, is very smart.

Scene 3:
location: Ayan’s residence
As they come down at the feast, they start smirking around as they find neither the feast nor the host, tanveer. zoya hears them from a distance, wondering about tanveer, and decides to go and find tanveer, pretending to be oblivious to her disappearance. Tanveer starts to make muffled sounds, as she has been gagged by zoya. Zoya barges in through the window, and teases her. tanveer is disgusted, as she teases her about her condition. She opens her gags, and again asks her to tell the name of her father, but tanveer stands mum. zoya says that people would notice that she has disappeared. Zoya tells tanveer that someone would come looking for her eventually and open the door, and when that happens the case would end. She again asks tanveer to take her deal. Tanveer is tensed. the screen freezes on zoya’s determined face.

Precap: Tanveer is shell shocked when she finds that someone is trying to open the door, and desperately tries to prevent the disaster that looms on her head. She cant help but face it helplessly. She finds the door being opened, and finally the trigger pushes in and the revolver shoots a bullet. Tanveer is shown to go unconscious with blood smeared on her forehead.

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