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I Do Wednesday 27th April 2022 Update Zee World

I Do Wednesday 27th April 2022 Update Zee World
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I Do Wednesday 27th April 2022 Update Zee World: Nikhat (in her new stylish avatar) tells Farhaan. .i like u . .n ur house a lot! Its too late so gud nite! Farhaan says we have been talking for so long …din realize its so late..! But blame on ur talks..! Nikhat says.. we can talk about all this later… gud nite…! Farhaan turns and finds Sameera standing glaring at him! She walks off and Farhaan follows!

Zoya is tossing and turning in her bedand plays the musical toy..! Asad wakes up from his sleep and asks the matter? Why is she awake for so late? Zoya says.. am an idiot.. not feeling sleepy.. feeling that if i stay awake.. night will pass fast..! She says..cant wait for tomorrow.. feel tomorrow morning will be best morning of my life.. will see my dad for the first time..! Wondering what i will do.. talk ..smile.. cry. .fight? There are years and years of happiness. .sadness . .to share.. dunno what to do ..! Asad reassures her and says.. . keep faith in Allah . .all will be good.. sleep now! Zoya says not sleepy. .u sleep.. please!

Nikhat is removing her shoe and notices a shadow approaching her room ..! She opens the door and hugs someone…! Its Najma..! Nikhat says was terrified that they will find out. .but it din happen! It means our plan is working..! Both smile!

Zoya is sitting.. looking lost..and suddenly hears Asad singing … Jage Jage armaan..!! He plays the guitar..! Zoya smiles..! He pulls Zoya close and she starts to sing..! They both hug each other and sing and Asad and Zoya lie by the pool and he kisses Zoyas hand..!

I Do Wednesday 27th April 2022 Update Zee World: Najma apologizes for not believing Nikhat earlier! She says.. ever since Nikhat disappeared.. she was terrified.. n tried to locate her. .but finally when she found Nikhat..she was terrified..! Flashback of Najma running into an injured Nikhat .. who shares how she wants to take revenge on those who wanted to kill her! Najma says.. we can talk to Asad.. n get this sorted..! He will send them to jail..! Nikhat says no ..then their life will be too easy..! Nikhat says.. wanna see them suffer… every minute.. every second ..wanna avenge.. every drop of tear…and scream..! Nikhat says. .they poisoned my life.. now its my turn! Nikhat says.. i screamed so much.. begged for help …as they strangled me..n tried to kill me..! She says.. my Allah was watching. n din accept this.. he wanted me to live so that these three suffer..! Nikhat says how the trio had thrown her off from a cliff.. but she survived..! She says i bore too much pain .. so much that i have made friends with pain ..! She says.. now i will tell my new friend to come visit this home..! Nikhat says.. the trio were so happy when they were throwing me off the cliff.. now wanna snatch that happiness from these three..! Nikhat says.. whatever these folks did. .not even an enemy does.. and these people were my own..! Nikhat says. .after today.. will return all pain back to these three.. ! She says. will ensure that these three beg for death every moment.. but even death wont touch them! Najma says i understand and i am with u …! Whatever u need.. will do for u…! The duo hold each others hand.!

Part 2

Zoya gets a note from someone ..saying to reach at a spot outside some religious place…where she will find out about her father and not to inform Asad! Zoya sneaks out of the house! Tanvir watches with a smile! She then drools on Asad who is sleeping peacefully..! Zoya looks about the spot.. and says theres no one here..! She feels she saw someone and turns with a surprised look ..! Its Gaffur ..! Asad wakes up and calls out for Zoya ..! Dilshad asks Asad what is the matter? Asad asks where is Zoya? Dilshad says.. dun be so troubled.. we will find her!

Asad says Zoya has gone out. .atleast she culd have informed me! Dilshad asks why so worried! Asad tells Dilshad everything about Zoya being sent clues about her father! Dilshad asks why din u tell me before? Asad says thot it was a prank ..so din want this to complicate! Dilshad says.. u know all this means a lot to Zoya..! Asad says but her life is more important! Dilshad says.. issue is who is giving all these clues to Zoya? Asad says dunno..! He says.. dun want her to get mixed up in all this .. and today she was gonna get her final clue.. ! Razia overhears and is worried..! She wonders if Gaffur is doing all this? Asad says feel this is a trap! Dilshad says.. possible.. its true too.. what if she finds her father?

Part 3

Zoya is walking towards Gaffur but stops herself..! She wonders what is all this..! She finds a note left and it reads..the game has just started..whats the hurry.. the last part of the pic is in the store room! Zoya is confused!

Precap — Zoya enters the store room …! Razia is hiding there holding a knife..! She swears.. will end this father-daughter drama!

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