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I Do Wednesday 20th April 2022 Update Zee World

I Do Wednesday 20th April 2022 Update Zee World
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I Do Wednesday 20th April 2022 Update Zee World: 

Humz is lost in thoughts. Haider asks her what is it? Humz says I feel free. She asks him what feeling this is. Haider says its love! Haider smirks.
Asad-Zoya come home. Zoya starts cribbing that she wants Asad to carry her in his arms till their room. Asad is boggled. He refuses. Zoya says its a ritual in the US. Asad says it Bhopal. Dadi-Dilshad-Najma-Nuzat blackmail Asad into carrying Zoya. Asad sweeps Zoya off her feet and starts climbing up the stairs. Zoya says we were joking, let me down. Asad doesnt.

Haider-Humz in a car. They have a cute fight over the radio about which song is to be played. Humz asks where are we going? You have a house right? Haider says no, I have in Dubai. She asks him then you are planning to buy right? Haider yeah! Small one. Humz says no buy a big one, I was always use to a big one. Humz says our tastes dont match. Haider says thats why people say opposites attract. Humz is worried about the destination. Haider asks her what she is worried about. Humz says nothing. As long as you are with me. Haider smirks.

Asad-Zoya come to their room. Zoya hides under the blanket. Asad takes it off. Asad-Zoya get romantic. Zoya tries to leave but Asad keeps getting her back. When they are about to kiss, an alarm rings. Aasd finds it and turns it off. They have an eye lock. He is about to kiss her again, when the alarm rings again. Zoya laughs and says that someone is playing a prank on us. Asad opens the door to find a giggling Najma-Nuzat. Both of them run away. Another alarm rings and after turning that off, Zoya finds a letter and reads it. She gets to know that her dad in is the hall in her house.

Humz is sleeping. Haider sees her and says sleep after a while I will make sure you never sleep peacefully again!

Farhan-Haseena come back home. Haseena says they dumped Nikhat in a lake. Sameera is worried that her family will asks for her. Najma rings the beel. Haseena goes to open the door. Sameera hides behind the couch. Najma comes and sees the state of the house and is curious. While Najma bends down. Farhan notices Nikhat’s earring and somehow kicks it away. Najma is walking to her room and spoyts a dupatta there. She asks them whose is it. Farhan-Haseena are tense.

Precap : Zoya is sleeping and someone comes in and puts something on her side table, while leaving a vase crashes. Zoya gets up. She sees a torn part of a picture. She says Abbu!

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