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I Do Wednesday 13th July 2022 Update Zee World

I Do Wednesday 13th July 2022 Update Zee World
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I Do Wednesday 13th July 2022 Update Zee World: Razia taunts tanveer, that god has played a cruel joke on her, that she herself got her arch enemy, as the bahu of the house. She tells tanveer that she didnt even bother to find her true name, and that she is asad’s and zoya’s daughter. tanveer remembers how she had tried to tell it earlier, but couldnt, and how she saved dilshad’s life. tanveer is super frustrated. razia thinks that its ironical, that she saved the person who she desperately wanted to kill, and that when she is okay, she would burn this haveli down in fury. razia taunts tanveer that her time is up, now and that her doom is near. razia says that enemies should be kept close, but not as close to strangulate them. tanveer remembers the slap that zoya had given her, and remembers peer baba’s warnings. She is super tensed. Razia clicks a pic of them together, while tanveer is highly irritated. Razia say that noone can say whether she has gone while is scare, or red in fury. Tanveer leaves from there.

In her room, sanam decides to give the jewellery to tanveer, when she walks in and surprises sanam. tanveer comes in a haste, and takes sanam by her hand and leads her in the foyer, while sanam is distraught and continues to appeal. Azhar’s parents are shocked. She is about to throw sanam out, when asma comes in saying that its the lawyer on the phone. Tanveer is irritated. tanveer thinks that this is a strange problem, that she got her here and now can throw sanam out even. sanam is pained at the hand that tanveer so hurtfully held. tanveer thinks that till the time everything is sorted out, she would have to bear sanam. Asma asks what happened. tanveer makes an excuse that she wanted sanam to meet someone, hence was in a rush, and apologises to sanam too, while she says that it doesnt matter. tanveer composes herself, and begins to talk to the lawyer, as to what papers she wants sanam’s signatures on now. Razia thinks that tanveer is still the conspiratorial types.

Ahil is in the pool, thinking about his intimate moments as a wife with sanam, and then rehaan’s disturbed confession. Sanam holds the bottle of wine, as ahil takes it from the pool. He surprisedly asks her whats she doing. she says that he shouldnt drink all the time. he says that there’s no time for drinking, and every time is right. she still resists and comes in front of him. She says that she isnt talking about the time, but that he should never drink, and asks if he cant leave this habit. He asks her if she’s out of her mind, to ask this from him. ahil says that his own mother didnt stop her ever for this, then who is she. she says that she is his wife after all. He is shocked.

I Do Wednesday 13th July 2022 Update Zee World: In the room, tanveer hastily asks the lawyer how and why time is needed for the property to be transferred. The lawyer asks whats the matter. She composes herself and says that she just wanted the couple to be done with this, so that they could go on their honeymoon. The lawyer says that he would do it asap. tanveer cancels the call. razia comes and asks what the matter, and then says that she knows that she still hasnt changed, and is still as b*t*hy as she was, and laments that tanveer is trapped in her own conspiracy. tanveer doesnt respond and gets frustrated, as razia says that she cant throw sanam out till she gets hold of the property. razia continues to taunt her hunger for wealt, that she can do anything for money, and hence didnt even spare her own husband, referring to mamu. Tanveer starts taking water tensedly, but razia takes it from her. She is angry but doesnt say anything. razia tells her that time has changed. razia says that there was a time, when she had to leave the house due to her, and now she can take anything from her and she wont even know it.

Scene 2:
Location: Munisa’s residence
When haya serves rahat food, he asks about faiz, and is told that he is in a deep sleep, and wont wake up easily. she decides that she would wake him up. rahat complies. haya goes to his room, and finds him asleep on the bed, with his head covered. She tries to nudge him into waking but he doesnt move, pretending to be asleep, when actually he’s enjoying her torture. She tries and then finally gets a glass of water and is about to pour it on him, when he wakes up and scares her, and she drops the water on herself. she gets angry and runs after her, while he teaisngly tells what happened to haya. munisa comes and asks them whats going on, and sends faiz off to bathe. munisa angrily eyes haya, who is shy herself.

Scene 3:
Location: Ahil’s residence
Razia greedily eyes the jewellery that tanveer dons, and says that this is just like the one that she had, and tanveer had snatched from her, and tries to take it herself, saying that the time has reversed, and hence the jewellery should go to the rightful owner. tanveer tries to stop her. Razia says that before stopping her, she should think, that there are lots of secrets buried with her, and if one of them reaches sanam, she would be in big trouble. she says that if she stays together, they can do anything. Razia says to tanveer that in her bad time, now she would need someone by her side, and presents herself for the same. Tanveer asks what does she want. razia says that she just wants to live in this house, just like she used to. tanveer is super tensed. she takes off the jewellery and gives it to razia, while she watches in glee. She takes it finally, and eyes it evilly. The screen freezes on razia’s evil face.

Precap: Sanam comes across an old newspaper with asad’s and zoya’s haldi pics, with tanveer and is shocked. she comes to tanveer, who’s sitting with razia, and tells her what she saw, and asks her if she knew her parents, as she too is in the same picture with them. tanveer is speechless and tensed, while razia is amused to wait what tanveer answers.

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