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I Do Tuesday 3rd May 2022 Update Zee World

I Do Tuesday 3rd May 2022 Update Zee World
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I Do Tuesday 3rd May 2022 Update Zee World: As humaira accepts her marriage, mamu is helpless feeling disgusted with himself, as if he stops haider, then he would reveal his true self, andthen he wouldnt be able to face zoya ever, and hence he has to sacrifice one daughter for the other. The priest asks haider about his will. Haider eeys mamu and razia venomously. haider thinks that maybe this day hadnt come in his life, and he hadnt been an orphan and due to them, his parents died, and now he would make their lives worse than death. with that in mind, he accepts his marriage. razia and mamu leave from there, while humaira is tensed. Haider is asked for anyone from his parents side, and while haider is speechless, zoya comes in saying that she is his sister. she comes to haider that he could have atleast in formed her, so that they could have prepared for the marriage, and asks haider never to say ever again, that he doesnt have a family, as long as she’s there. Haider is rensed with the irony of the situation as gets emotional callibng herself an orphan too, and hence she knows what he is going through, and understands and shares his pain, as his sister. haider apologises in his mind, that he can never tell this truth to her, that she’s his sister. He accepts that zoya is his sister and they hug. He is overwhelmed knowing the secret that she actually is. They both hug each other. Humaira watches disinterestedly.

later, Badi bi talks about marriage to humaira and haider, getting emotional of ayan, and says that she’s very happy for her. Humaira taunts her that she has to be as what she wanted has happened, as she didnt want her to be her bahu. Badi bi clarifies that it isnt so, as then things were different. She says that she’s truly happy for her and haider. he smirks evilly. She presents humaira with gold bracelets, and blesses them both. Next asad and zoya come to them and congratulate them, while asad blesses them for the fulfillment of their wishes. Haider smirks. Zoya gives her gift to haider. She breaks into her poetry..

Kushiyon ka lag gaya hai visa, woh ho gayi hai yeha shift…
Aur un khushiyon ko double karne, yeh raha mera gift….!!!
She presents a gift to humaira too, but she doesnt take it. Zoya says that she knows that humiara doesnt like her, and hates her but the day will come when she would come to know how much she loves her, as she has always considered her as a younger sister, and god knows that day would come soon. she again coaxes her to take the gift, but humaira excuses herself to go to the room. haider is tensed at this. Zoya is tensed too. haider opens it to reveal a cricket bat, and says that he has never received a better gift, when zoya asks if he liked it, after having been lost in their childhood memories of them playing together. Asad teases her about her choice of gift. Zoya again teases him back, that if haider can give a doll, he can get a bat,and she thought of this gift only, when she thought of haider. asad says that looking at them and listening to them talk, it feels like they are long lost siblings. Haider is shocked while zoya is tensed. while zoya also teases about it, haider is emotional hiding the truth. Zoya says that she definitely feels that they have some connection.

I Do Tuesday 3rd May 2022 Update Zee World: In their room, razia is prepared for the rituals, while mamu is unperturbed about humaira’s marriage. Mamu is tensed. razia says that it isnt a big deal, and they both dont like haider, but he’s a good man, and she is happy with him and forever shall be with them, and the secrets also wont go out, and that they had done the same with rashid, and can continue the trend with haider. Mamu asks if she knows what she is saying. She asks him not to overreact, and leavesd asking him to come soon too. Mamu thinks that razia may think herself as cunning, but she dorsnt know what haider’s going to do with her, and he cant help it anyways.

Scene 2:
Location: Haseena’s residence
Farhan talks about sameera about the allergy to the perfumes, of both khushboo and nikhat too. While farhan is doubtful, sameera says that they cant take this lightly, as they cant overlook the fact that they both have same habits, and this isnt a coincidence. farhan says that its nothing like that, and if there is, he can handle it himself. while sameera is insistent that she would come starightaway to home by his side, he tells her not to. He tells her that he has a plan. Sameera is tensed.

In her room, nikhat is tensed of her perfume incident, and wonders whether farhan doubts her, and is disgusted with the situation. She says that she has let nikhat die, so that khushboo can live, and if they dob=ubt her, her game would be ruined and destroyed. She finds farhan knocking and she composes herself and asks him to come inside. He asks if he didnt disturb her. she seductively says that he was. He takes his permission to sit beside the bed, and says that he was thinking that there’s noone at home, and its dinnertime, so can they have dinner together and whether he likes chinnese. she flirts asking if she’s getting a candlelight dinner with just the two of them. He reciprocates in the same manner. She agrees for the dinner. He says that he would wait ouside, while she says that she would get ready. He moves out, each of them having a plan of their own. as he shuts the door, he is full of a certain plan.
Meanwhile, as farhan prepares the dining table for a romantic meal, he finds khushboo descending down the stairs, and he is taken back to the striking resemblance between nikhat also coming down the stairs. he is tensed thinking that he would find out the truth behind this face tonight. the screen freezes on nikhat’s double roles.

Precap: In the store room, zoya ties tanveer to the chair, and points to the revolver tied to a pole, with the other end of the rope, attached to the door. Tanveer asks zoya what is she upto. Zoya clarifies that today tanveer would have to tell her about her father, or else, when someone comes, she would jump out the window, and due to the person jerking open the door, the revolver’s trigger would be pressed, and she would automatically die. Tanveer is scared. Meanwhile, nikhat’s face gets smeared with something. as she washes her face, she forgets about her contact lenses. When she looks at herself in the mirro, she is shocked as the actual colour of her eyes are revealed. Outside, farhan asks whats the problem, and if she is okay inside. Hearing her scurrying around and looking around in tension, farhan is happy that her evil plan finally worked.

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