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I Do Tuesday 26th April 2022 Update Zee World

I Do Tuesday 26th April 2022 Update Zee World
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I Do Tuesday 26th April 2022 Update Zee World: Haseena, Farhan, and Sameera are discussing about Khushboo. Haseena says she just looks like Nikhat. Farhan and Sameera convince her that it’s just a coincidence. They all know Nikhat can’t return. Sameera taunts Farhan that Nikhat used to get scared on every small thing, and this Khushboo doesn’t even care about anyone. Khushboo comes there and they get quiet. Khushboo asks if they should proceed for dinner. Farhan says they were just waiting for her. Sameera kicks Farhan. They go for dinner.

Zoya serves dinner to Asad and makes her duppata his fan. Asad says it’s okay. She asks him if she should feed him with her hands. Asad looks surprised. She feeds him with a spoon, and then starts getting naughty. She asks him how was the food. Asad says very good. She says she will go and get salad. Asad grabs her hand and pulls her back and makes her sit in his lap. He now starts getting romantic with her and says there are other duties of a good wife as well. He kisses her hand. Zoya tells him he’s getting naughtier day by day. Asad asks what he can do, she is so beautiful. MITWA plays. They get romantic and then Zoya sees an envelope.

Humaira is angry at Haider for giving more importance to Zoya and not remembering she was waiting for him on terrace and they had planned to spend time together. Haider shows her the arrangements he did and asks her to check her phone which she didn’t check in anger. Humaira apologizes to him. Haider says anger in love is a very beautiful thing, she doesn’t need to clarify herself. He says she looks more beautiful when she’s angry. He holds her hand and takes her to the table. He gives a rose to her. Humaira says this is such a sweet surprise and asks him if he’ll do all this even after marriage. Haider teases her saying what if her husband feels bad. Humaira gets serious and asks why he always jokes when she talks about marriage. She asks if he doesn’t want to marry her, if she’s not good enough for him. Haider says it will be best moment in his life when he marries her, but he may not be the right partner for her. Humaira is confused.

Farhan and family is having dinner. Khushboo asks for chili sauce. Haseena remembers that Nikhat was not able to eat spicy food. Farhan remembers Nikhat used to eat with her hands, but Khushboo is opposite of her. Khushboo asks Farhan why he’s not eating. Farhan starts eating. Khushboo tells Haseena and Sameera that food was very delicious, she ate extra today and tomorrow she will have to work out. Farhan interrupts and tells Khushboo that she doesn’t need to work too hard. She is so beautiful and he gives her 10 out of 10. Sameera gets jealous. Farhan takes Khushboo to her room. Khushboo tells Farhan that tomorrow she will need to go for swimming. She touches him and Sameera gets more jealous. Khushboo asks Farhan if they have a swimming pool here. Farhan says he will take her to a club. They leave from there. Haseena’s doubt is clear now. She praises Khushboo which irritates Sameera.

I Do Tuesday 26th April 2022 Update Zee World: Zoya opens the envelope and reads the letter. She says tomorrow she will meet her abbu, she will be able to see him, touch him. She asks Asad if that will happen. Asad says she will surely meet her abbu. Zoya asks him but why someone is playing with her emotions. Why he/she is not coming in front of her. Mamu passes from there and then Tanveer is also shown. She looks at Asad and Zoya from a distance and then says, Zoya’s wish won’t come true this time either. She has everything except father’s name. She is going so crazy to find her father. How she will find last piece of the photo. Some photos remain incomplete and she won’t give last piece to Zoya. Tanveer confesses that it’s her who is playing this game with Zoya as she can’t relax. She wonders if Zoya is too stupid or she is too smart. She recalls how she fooled Zoya, and says there’s another secret behind her doing this. First she will have some fun and then will say what it is to Zoya. She further says, arrow is one, but targets are two and looks at Razia. No one has saved from Tanveer and she will take advantage of this secret. She will now move to her next plan.

Haider turns away from Humaira and smiles. He then turns back to her and says he will make hers, but what if her abbu takes her away from him. What if he separates them. Humaira says no one can separate them. If she has to choose anyone between her abbu and Haider, then she will choose Haider. Haider says he’s not selfish that he will ask her to break her one relationship for another relationship. Humaira asks him if her abbu doesn’t agree, then will he leave her? Haider says he will make her abbu agree. Humaira hugs her. Haider smiles evilly.

Precap: Asad and Zoya’s romantic dance. Nikhat (Khusboo) tells Nazma that she will take such a revenge from Haseena, Farhan, Sameera that they will beg for their death.

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