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I Do Thursday 5th May 2022 Update Zee World

I Do Thursday 5th May 2022 Update Zee World
Written by Tellypings

I Do Thursday 5th May 2022 Update Zee World: tanveer tries to threaten her, as the blame is going to be on zoya. but zoya says that she would escape, and then her death would be a mystery, just like her murder attempt to kill zoya. They both hear someone coming. tanveer gets tensed. Zoya asks her not to struggle. She again asks about her father. tanveer is speechless. Downstairs, as razia goes to the kitchen, humaira says that they can order from outside. But haider says that he is as good cook, and that they can have his dishes together, and that woulkd strengthen their bond. Mamu is angry but razia tries to calm the situation down. tanveer pretends to be scared and asks zoya to save her and then she would tell about her father. zoya distracts the person away, and tanveer smirks that she fell for her excuse. Zoya is unfazed and says that if not this time, the next time, this door would definitely open. tanveer too is unfazed of the death looming ahead. Zoya says that she might just go outside and raise a hue and cry so that people come here searching for her. but tanveer doesnt budge. Zoya again gags her and says that she is determined too, and if tanveer still doesnt change her mood, then its good that she dies here. zoya wishes her to have a good death, in silence and moves out of the window.

Tanveer starts screaming in muffled sounds and is frustrated. haider, humaira and razia are working in the kitchen, when mamu walks in and is observed by haider, who eyes him evilly. He thinks of a plan and gets mamau’s attention to what he’s doing, when he accidentally brushes the hot pan in humaira’s hand, though he did it intentionally. It has the desired effect, when mamu comes screaming in asking him to step aside, as she is his daughter, and he would take care of her. But humaira disgustingly jerks him away, saying her husband is there to take care of her. haider eyes mamu victoriously. Mamu is tensed. in the outhouse, Tanveer desperately tries to break free. Tanveer is shell shocked when she finds that someone is trying to open the door, and desperately tries to prevent the disaster that looms on her head. She cant help but face it helplessly. She finds the door being opened, and finally the trigger pushes in and the revolver shoots a bullet. Tanveer is shown to go unconscious with blood smeared on her forehead. Suddenly she hears zoya’s outburst of laughter when she realises that she was tricked in zoya’s prank. Zoya tries to tease her, but she is unfazed and smirks at her stupid plan. zoya says that she really got scared, and that next time she would defeat her like this only. as zoya leaves, freeing her, tanveer is disgusted.

I Do Thursday 5th May 2022 Update Zee World: Zoya comes to her room, in a jovial state, and finds asad and haider there. She asks haider when did he come. Asad says that he’s been waiting for her a long time. She says that she went for pest control. Asad and haider are amused, as zoya elaborates on it. haider invites her for dinner. Both zoya and asad get tensed. haider says that its his feast now, and he wants them to join in. They look at each other and finally agree to come. Haider asks them to come soon. haider is about to leave, when he turns back and tells her to taste the kaju ka halwa thats kept aside for her. Zoya is tensed. After he leaves, zoya expresses her confusion to asad about haider knowing her favourite dish. They are both tensed. asad says that she must have told haider. She asks if he knew about it. asad denies. Zoya reprimands him for knowing so less about his wife. He takes her in his arms, and says that he knows but pretends not to, so that he could know her all over again every time, and continue knowing her all of his life, so that every morning, he can meet her the first time. (MITWA MOMENT) Zoya expresses if it would always be the same, and confirms that he’s going to be by her side, all her life. zoya tries to teach him romance. asad pretends to be naive at the romance. they hnug each other. (MITWA MOMENT)

Scene 2:
Location: Haseena’s residence
sameera talks to farhan that he failed, and should have removed the face pack to confirm his doubts. Farhan says that he would have been embarassed if the girl wasnt nikhat. sameera tries to tell him the gravity of the sitaution, if it actually is nikhat. farhan asks her to stop this nonsense. Sameera again tries to get him to understand, as nikhat is trying to trap him. while they are both arguing, nikhat barges in their room, but then seeing them, she apologises for disturbing them, as she heard them from outside. she asks them if everything is okay. farhan tells that it definitely is. He again asks her flirtingly whats she doing here. she thanks him for the dinner and apologises. He asks why. she says that she couldnt enjoy the dinner. He takes the blame for it. She bids him goodnight, and leaves. sameera stops her. Sameera invites nikhat to the kitty party that she has organised tomorrow with some of her friends. nikhat agrees to attend. after she leaves, farhan asks why this. sameera says that a woman understands another best, and wont be able to hide her identity from her. sameera tells farhan evilly that tomorrow she would get nikhat out of her disguise and expose her in front of everyone.

Scene 3:
location: Ayan’s residence
razia turns around to find tanveer. Razia teases tanveer for being the joker, when she finds her ketchup stained face. tanveer says that she’s right but ultimately she would only come to razia’s rescue. razia is tensed. tanveer says that she would always be by her side, and would prepare the food too. but razia informs her that food is already made, and can join the feast if she wants to, but compose herself first. Razia leaves. tanveer’s is determined to have her revenge. The screen freezes on her face.

Precap: Nikhat talks to nazma on the phone, and explains her happiness at humaira’s wedding, while asking her not to be sad that she couldnt attend. Meanwhile, farhan too picks up another line on the intercom, while nikhat and nazma’s conversation is going on, when nazma tells her that everyone talks about nikhat all the time and ask when would she return. farhan is tensed. Meanwhile, tanveer offers zoya paan and she takes one disinterestedly. as she eats it and moves off, tanveer is happy with an evil idea.

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