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I Do Thursday 28th April 2022 Update Zee World

I Do Thursday 28th April 2022 Update Zee World
Written by Tellypings

I Do Thursday 28th April 2022 Update Zee World

Scene 1:
Location: Ayan’s residence
The servant tells razia that tanveer had taken the keys to the store room, on mamu’s instructions and was in a haste. After he leaves, razia thinks that this is what mamu is upto to find his daughter and let her know him, by giving her clues, and calling her somewhere where noone goes, so that noone knows. She says that she wont let him succeed. After she leaves, tanveer eyes her happily, that all her clues are falling in place, as zoya is going to store to meet her father, and razia too is headed there. Razia walks hastily and then suddenly stops eyeing a knife, and picks it in her hand, thinking that today all games shall end. Zoya too progresses towards the store room, while razia is already waiting for her there. Razia hears someone coming, and hides herself from the view. She hears zoya calling out to someone there, asking the person to come out and stop playing games with her, as if that person knows about her father, then she should come in front of her. razia thinks that before mamu comes and tells zoya the truth, she would stop this daughter father love, altogether, eyeing the knife. While she frantically searches around for someone, she is oblivious that razia has her knife pointed out at her from behind. As zoya turns around, razia hides, and zoya spots an envelope kept on a shelf, with a chit inside it, and she begins to see it. razia thinks that mamu did give his pic to zoya finally.

Razia comes out from hiding, and is about to stab zoya with the knife, when she stops in shock after what she sees in the pic. She finds that the face is smeared with ink, with mamu’s face not being recognizable. Zoya vents out her frustration, saying that she cant let these games go on forever, while rzia hides behind the shelf again. Zoya screams that she is being wronged and leaves. Razia is confused, how can mamu do this, if he really wants her to know the truth, which means he isnt behind this. She wonders who’s behind this if not mamu. tanveer comes from behind saying that its her. she comes and tells razia that she knows that razia doesnt want zoya to know the truth, as a favour to her only, as she considers her as her own. she says that mamu is trying everything, but she changed the pic just in time, and shows the original pic, which is unsmeared.

As zoya is crying incoherently, while asad and dilshad see the pic, asad comes forward to console zoya. He asks her to stop crying, while saying that he cant see her helpless like this, and running after clues wont help her, as this was all a sick joke, and that she should move on and compose herself. She asks what should she do, as if someone assures that she would meet her father, why shouldnt she go. asad asks if she did see her father.

I Do Thursday 28th April 2022 Update Zee World: He says that they are back to square one. Zoya says that not this time, would she return back to where she was, and would find out who and why is the person doing this. Asad asks her to relax. she says that she cant till she knows the turh, and tries to tell him about the pain, which she feels when she knows that she doesnt have an identity or existence, she may have a family, but no blood relations. she says that even if the father is dead, the name carries on, which isnt possible in her case, and has always faced questioning glances from people, with silence. as he tries to assure her, she is beyond consolation saying that even if its a joke, she would be a part of this, as the most that she would have to dance on someone’s tunes, but if its the truth, then all her dreams of finding her father and her identity would be realised. Zoya says that she has noone to call her own by blood. Asad gives her hope and encouragement, and dilshad too joins in, saying that she shouldnt lose hope and that she would get what she wants. Asad says that he is sure that she would find her father soon, and maybe the answers would themselves come to her some day. Zoya looks at him with wide eyes.

Scene 2:Location: On the Masjid Road
Mamu meets a PeerBaba on the road, who asks him what he wishes for, after he gives him a handful of money. Mamu says that he just wants to unite with his daughter, and that she should be happy always, as she doesnt even know who her father is and he cant tell this to her, bacuse of his crimes. He says that he had to leave her at an age where she needed him the most, and he cant help her even if he wants to today. He asks the peer baba to pray for him. He says that he wants to be assured that the shadow of his crimes dont befall her. Just then, a car stops behind his and starts honking. mau waves at him to wait. The person gets out of the car and progresses towards mamu’s car. The Peer Baba asks who is the girl. mamu says that its zoya, and the person, who’s progressing towards him, is shocked, hearing this name. It is actually haider. Haider overhears mamu saying that she is always in front of him, but he cant love or cuddle her, or tell her about their relationship, and cant even wipe her tears, as he is a helpless father, who cant even tell zoya that he is her father, who she had been searching for years. Baba blesses him and mamu drives off. Haider is stunned and gets emotional. He thinks that his chutki, Zoya, his sister, remembering their candid moments together, who he had considered dead, is actually alive, and thatv his sister is alive. Haider thinks that this is a sick practical joke that nature has played on them. haider thinks that zoya would be really happy to hear this and he would tell her rightaway. The screen freezes on Haider’s and zoya’s face.

Precap: Tanveer tells razia that the enemy’s enemy turns out to be a friend. tanveer that they can be friends as they both are zoya’s enemies. this sends razia into thinking. Later, Zoya confronts tanveer as to why is she doing all this. Tanveer says that she doesnt believe her, but would once she’s dead. Zoya says yes in anger. tanveer goes over to the dining table, and to everyone’s horror, cuts her vein, much to everyone’s surprise and zoya’s puzzlement.

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