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I Do Thursday 14th July 2022 Update Zee World

I Do Thursday 14th July 2022 Update Zee World
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I Do Thursday 14th July 2022 Update Zee World: Razia tells latif to work faster, while she starts fuming and getting irritated, and answers back curtly. sanam comes in asking if she should get some dessert for tanveer, and she rudely tells him that she shouldnt get anything unless asked for. razia is amused. sanam is boggled at her anger. tanveer curtly replies that she doesnt want and if she does, she would ask, and that she doesnt need to ask again and again. some guests come in to congratulate for eid, and say that they came for eid. tanveer attends them and asks sanam to get the dessert that she was talking about lovingly, and serve it to everyone. she is confused. razia is amused. later, the guests commend that she got a very nice bahu, and praises sanam of her culinary skills. tanveer too pretends to be very loving. After they leave, tanveer begins to again get very rude towards sanam asking her to get to work. sanam confused leaves. razia amusedly asks tanveer to control her anger as if sanam gets down to finding the reason of her anger, there would be a huge problem, and that she doesnt need to be told of the consequences. tanveer says that she does know, but whenever she hears her voice, she remembers zoya’s voice. she says that till the time tyhe property doesnt come in her name, and hence she doesnt want sanam to doubt her at all. She says that one thing is for sure, that dilshad hasnt told sanam about her past. Tanveer asks razia not to irritate her with this drama, and again reminds her that as far as sanam is concerned, she wont ever know about her parents. razia eyes her.

Sanam is in the store room, where she accidentally drops a box of old newspapers, and finally comes across something that surprises her. Sanam comes across an old newspaper with asad’s and zoya’s haldi pics, with tanveer and is shocked. she wonders how is this possible. She concludes that tanveer knows her parents.

In the drawing room, azhar’s parents eye the money as tanveer counts it to them, for paying off bills. she wards them off asking not to eye this. they leave. as razai eyes them hungrily, and tries to take one, tanveer stops her. razia says that she feels good to see her, as with time, she did achieve what she wanted, name, fame and wealth, and asks her to give one bundle as her pocket money. Just then, razia spots sanam, and happily welcomes her. tanveer asks if she came here for the income. sanam says that she wanted to ask something else. she comes to tanveer, who’s sitting with razia, and tells her what she saw, and asks her if she knew her parents, as she too is in the same picture with them. tanveer is speechless and tensed, while razia is amused to wait what tanveer answers. tanveer leis that she didnt know. sanam says that the pic says otherwise. tanveer angrily says that she doesnt know. sanam reinforces that she is in the same pic with them. tanveer says that she met lots of people, and got the pic clicked with so many people. sanam says that she just felt, as whenever she thinks that someone can tell about her parents, she gets eager. sanam tells her that she looks exactly like her mother. tanveer is tensed.

I Do Thursday 14th July 2022 Update Zee World

Scene 2:
Location: Munisa’s residence
As haya comes in faiz’s room, she finds him bare torso as he comes out of the bathroom. she rushes out and collides into rahat, who asks whats the matter. She points to faiz. rahat is amused, and asks him to go and get some clothes on, while haya is in splits of laughter, while faiz and rahat are meserised to see her laugh. Rahat asks why she came here. she shows him an envelope that had to be given to him. she leaves.

At the breakfast table, munisa pampers faiz, and asks about his studies, and says that its perfect. fazia asks rahat for a bike if he passes. rahat complies, and asks to go straightaway, expressing his love and emotion for him. Faiz asks him to continue with the dinner first. munisa says that they should let him pass first. faiz asks rahat that something is burning, and points to munisa. haya is amused.

Scene 3:
Location: Ahil’s residence
Sanam begins to go but then turns around, to razia.
sanam asks razia that she too knows tanveer for a long time, and telling her parents’ name, she asks if she has ever met them. razia replies in a yes, shocking sanam and tanveer too. Razia then hesitatingly then says that she doesnt know if she would see and then remember something. tanveer is tensed, as sanam shows her the pic. razia eyes zoya and then sanam. razia relieves tanveer, when she says that she cant recall if she has ever met them, and asks sanam not to be bothered, as whenever she remembers something she would definitely tell her. Sanam takes the pic back, and thanks saying that she has very faded memories of them, since the road kill, as told by dilshad and hence requests her to tell her anything if she remembers. She leaves. Razia amusedly says that memories are imprinted on her mind. Tanveer throws her a bundle of notes, and asks her to never remember anything. razia tells her that if she continues to satisfy her like this, she wouldnt ever remember her own name. But razia says that a coincidence like this, of getting a lost paper in this house, with her parents’ pic isnt a good indication. The screen freezes on tanveer’s tensed face.

Precap: sanam is distraught as she talks about how emotional she gets at the slightest mention of her parents. Rehaan says that he would definitely try his best to find out about her past. As he caresses her to comfort her, ahil watches this and misinterprets again. later, as sanam is working, one of the painting falls on the floor, and as she begins to adjust it, she finds a small hole behind the painting. As she tries to tear through the wallpaper to make the hole bigger, to get a bigger view, she is surprised at what she finds.

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