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I Do Sunday 8th May 2022 Update Zee World

I Do Sunday 8th May 2022 Update Zee World
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I Do Sunday 8th May 2022 Update Zee World: tanveer frustratedly composes herself, and her hair, while zoya comes from behind. In frustration, she breaks the glass, that she saw zoya’s reflection in. Zoya breaks into her impromptu poetry. She goes onto tease tanveer, and warn that if she doesnt rectify herself, then it would go to worse. But tanveer is unfazed and doesnt let zoya’s father’s name out. Tanveer tries to disturb zoya by giving her an account of rsemblances between her and her father, and it does have its effect on zoya. As tanveer leaves, zoya is tensed wondering what was she trying to say. As she goes out, she doesnt realise that her own father, mamu walks from behind, while tanveer is amused at her dilemma. wile passing by humaira’s room, mamu finds her crying and is apalled. He enters and asks her what happened, while she composes herself. He casts his aspersions on haider, and he enters confirming his worst rfears. Humaira is surprised. Haider confesses to everything and says that he did hurt her, and mamu is about to get angry when humaira stops him and asks him not to intervene in their personal matters, as noone has the right to speak between them and asks to be left alone. As mamu leaves, humaira is about to leave, when haider stops and says that he was frustrated as the shops had closed and he couldnt get any gift for her yesterday. he presents her a beautiful necklace and she is overwhelmed while he smiles evilly. As he himself makes her wear it, mamu watches this and is tensed. haider intentionally clutches it too tight, and humaira starts gasping for breath. mamu tries to rush in, but haider comes in time apologising profusely. She says that its okay as he might be making mistakes but she knows that he loves her very much and hence she cant stay angry at him for too long. She hugs him while her eyes mamu evilly, as mamu is tensed.

Zoya finds asad busy with his business papers. she resignedly goes to get coffee, but asad stops her saying that he can sense that she’s tensed and asks her whats the matter. Zoya shows the pic, and tells about the clue that she got to know today, but which werent sufficient to identify him. Asad asks her not to be tensed. Zoya says the same to him too, and goews to get coffee. Zoya tells Asad that he has to drink coffee..and she spots a blue book in Gaffurs study and its similar to the one she saw in her dad’s pic. Asad says that its a similar book. She wonders why its there and right then Gaffur steps in. Zoya is tensed as she looks at him. She leaves to get cofee, while tensed about the man in the pic.

Scene 2:
Location: Haseena’s residence
Sameera and her friends try to get the truth out of nikhat’s mouth, while she is inebriated, much to badi bi and nazma’s surprise. She is about to do so, when some children walk in, followed by badi bi. they all try and cover up nikhat so that their truth isnt out. Meanwhile, nazma sneaks in, while badi bi keeps haseena and everyone else busy. Haseena tries to keep a brave face while nazma gets nikhat back to conscious. The friends leave, and badi bi asks about sameera and haseena says that its their servant, while sameera is fuming with rage. She turns around and is boggled to find nikhat missing and wonders where she went.

I Do Sunday 8th May 2022 Update Zee World: In her room, nazma tries to get nikhat into senses, while sameera is boggled where she went, and goes for her room. Nikhat in her daze is spilling out the truth, while nazma tries to get her to senses, and let her will succeed. sameera hears some voices and is happy that nikhat would be caught. She gets inside to find nikhat sleeping alone. nazma hides behind the curtains. nazma points her finger at the door, scaring nazma, but says that she obviously came through the door. Sameera again asks for her true name. But nikhat doses off to sleep, much to nazma’s relief.

Both nazma and badi bi are sure that they would teach these people a lesson who treated nikhat so badly, and badi bi says that she has decided that she would stay with nikhat there only. nazma is tensed.

In their room, Farhan and haseena try to tell sameera that her doubts are in vain. While haseena is relaxing, farhan tries to clarify to sameera that nikhat is dead and cant return. Nikhat overhears them and decides that now its time to have her revenge. the screen freezes on her face.

Precap: As sameera wakes up in the middle of the night, she is aware of someone’s presence as she enters the kitchen and turns around to find a shadown of a person, similar to nikhat sitting in the rocking chair. she screams in fear. Meanwhile, razia and tanveer are discussing in the balcony, how they cant let zoya rule their lives. Tanveer, in her overenthusiasm, drops zoya’s childhood pic with mamu, from over the balcony and on the ground. Zoya is passing by from there, and they are shocked to see it as if she sees the pic, then the mysteries of the past shall be revealed and zoya would know her father. as zoya passes by, she sees the picture and sees it, before razia can stop her. She is horrified as zoya is tensed to see the picture.

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