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I Do Sunday 1st May 2022 Update Zee World

I Do Sunday 1st May 2022 Update Zee World
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I Do Sunday 1st May 2022 Update Zee World: Asad tries to clarify to zoya that maybe tanveer really isnt at fault. Zoya doesnt bother to clarify, and says that its good that she’s close to tanveer, so that she can know what she’s upto. asad says that he cant bear to see her troubled. zoya teases him saying that she knows that they both are together, they can overcome anything.

Scene 2:
Location: Haseena’s residence
farhan comes in whishting, and sameera irritatedly asks whats going on. He asks whats the matter. sameera says that she isnt innocent that she wont know what he’s upto. She expresses her frustration of him going after that new girl. farhan tries to clarify, but she accuses him of being flirtatious. She says that she knows him truly, and knows khushboo too. He says that she thinks as she was the one who drove away nikhat and is now scared for herself. She says that whatever happened to nikhat, all three are responsible for it. She asks him not to be so sure of khushboo, and her intentions. farhan says that she is overthinking, and says that she’s worrying as that girl resembles nikhat, but only outwardly. they go into a heated discussion of their own doubts. Sameera tells him that its a trap. farhan doesnt pay heed and leaves in haste. Sameera is tensed.

Scene 3:
Location: Ayan’s residence
Finding mamu in her room, razia says that he should have been with tanveer, after what she did today. mamu asks what happened. She is about to accuse him of trying to help zoya, but then remembers tanveer’s advise against it and how she had advised her not to discuss things with mamu. Mamu asks what she was about to say. She indirectly that people arent what they seem to be. mamu says that tanveer is mad. razia says that she doesnt know about that, but she is his wife, and a part of his life, after his marriage. Mamu says that he cant have support from any of his wife, particularly her. He says that they both of them are paying for a crime that she committed 17 years back. When mamu leaves, razia is shocked as to how he could say that he’s tensed due to her, as its the other way around. tanveer sees this from a distance and is happy.

I Do Sunday 1st May 2022 Update Zee World: In the kitchen, nazma teases zoya that she finally began to learn cooking and is even getting good at it. while they have friendly banter, tanveer fills zoya’s room with water, to have her revenge, and then looses an electrical wire. As she comes out, she comes face to face with zoya, who’s surprised. She asks tanveer what was she doing in her room. Tanveer says that she came searching for her, as she was missing her, and wanted to talk. zoya replies back stoically asking her to stay away always from her room. tanveer says that she would, but she shouldnt get attached to the room, so much that she forgets that asad is her husband and asks him to stay away too. tanveer says that she has to do her walima, and hence have her wedding night, so she cant say that. tanveer leaves, while zoya is shocked. Zoya comes to asad’s room and finds that its full of water. as she steps in, she finds a loose circuit and out of fear of electrocution, she jumps on the bed, as the wire touches the waters. She decides to call asad for help, while being terribly scared. Asad comes in too and is shocked to see what he finds, as asad is warned by zoya’s screaming not to step inside. Zoya asks him to stay back, and out of the room, and remembers tanveer saying that she would do something like that.

Asad leaves to find a solution, while nazma and nuzrat have come and are shocked too. tanveer at a distance, is happy that everything went the way she wanted. she pities that they couldnt spend their night together today too. She enters a closed room, and faces a board wall, with five pics pinned oppositely faced. she says that these 5 people are pawns in her game, and this bet shall go on as long as even one of the people is alive, as its her plan to finsih and ruin them all one by one. She starts looking at the pic, firstly at razia ajnd mamu, who she says that she would seperate them forever, as she would play such a game, that they bopth shall hate each other’s life. She throws the pics on the ground. Then she takes the next two pics, one of which is zoya, and she says that the games that she is playing right now are mere compared to the bigger games that would leave her till her destination, very soon and shall overpower everyone, including and especially her. she says that she would have the riches and asad too, who’s the other person in the pic. Looking at the final pic, she says that her win would be over this person’s blood, and the foundation of her empire would be on the person’s dead body. it isnt revealed whose pic that is. The screen freezes on her evil face.

Precap: Zoya tells tanveer that whatever step she takes, she should tread with caution. Tanveer unfazed turns around and starts walking. As she walks ahead, zoya pulls the carpet underneath tanveer’s feet and she falls flat on her face. As she turns around angrily, zoya smirks at her, reminding her that she had warned tanveer about this. Meanwhile, mamu and razia aere shocked when they find the priest asking them to get dressed, as they forgot to do so, in the preparations of marriage. mamu is shocked and asks whose is he talking about. The priest is surprised and says that its his own daughter humaira’s. Humaira comes down dressed as a bride, with haider behind her dressed as a groom. Both razia and haider are shocked to see this.

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