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I Do Saturday 30th April 2022 Update Zee World

I Do Saturday 30th April 2022 Update Zee World
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I Do Saturday 30th April 2022 Update Zee World: 

Scene 1:
Location: Haseena’s residence
Nikhat tries to go past farhan’s room and pretends to have had a sprain. farhan places her on the bed, with a pillow under her leg, which she identifies to be the one that she had prepared for Farhan, and which he had used to muffle her to death. She gets emotional recounting the horror. Nikhat shocks him saying that it feels like this pillow has witnessed a crime in which sameera partnered him. Farhan is scared but nikhat says that she was talking about the romanticv crime of stealing someone’s heart and this pillow has been a witness to it. Farhan is relieved and nods in a yes. She again begins to flirt around with him, asking if he doesnt have any space for anyone else in his life. he tries to clarify and she teases him for his nervousness. She asks him seducatively to leave her to her room. He is more than eager to do so. sameera watches them walk by, from the stairs, as farhan attends to nikhat. She is highly disturbed.

Scene 2:
Location: Ayan’s residence
Tanveer wakes up on the bed, still dizzy and finds zoya sitting calmly on the sofa. Zoya asks her not to be scared as she wont be after her, and sarcastically comments that she has proved herself to be innocent. Zoya tries to instigate her saying that she would show heer the actual way of dying. Tanveer jerks off her hand away from zoya’s. tanveer asks to be left alone. zoya continues to tease her, saying that she would help her die nicely. Zoya asks her to have done a better drama, and reminds her about the memory, that she had said that she’s a trained nurse, when she had tried to kill her. Zoya says that this game is over, and she should end the drama, as they both are alone. Zoya presents her a deal, saying that she would tell her about her father and she would forgive Tanveer for everything that she has done. Tanveer begins to taunt her too, and says that this deal is very good, but not a good bargain. zoya negotiates that she should have told her directly. Tanveer says that they acn discuss the deal, and asks if she would get whatever she wants for zoya’s father name. Zoya says that she would try to be as cheap as possible and asks to know. tanveer says that she had just one wish that she had worshipped, and has always wanted that person, who is in her every breath, and has done it all for that person only. She tells zoya that she wants asad. Zoya remains calm and reminds that all her efforts are in vain, and she still believes that she would get asad. she reminds that she’s married to asad. Tanveer says that they still havent become one, hinting that they havent consummated their marriage yet. Tanveer points that their marriage is incomplete without the walima. Zoya is shocked, but says that she doesnt get angry but pities her now. She says that Asad is just hers and she should forget him. Tanveer says that she should also forget about her father, and can decide for herself, what she wants, her husband or her father. zoya is disturbed.

I Do Saturday 30th April 2022 Update Zee World: later, humaira is frantically searching around for haider, but is unable to find him anywhere. She comes out to find mamu sitting alone in the garden, and wonders where is haider and why hasnt he talked to mamu yet. she thinks that maybe he doesnt want her to get married to him. she turnsd around and finds haider, who tells her that there are still five minutes left to eight. he evilly progresses towards mamu, and begs down with folded hands, while she prays from a distance. Haider tells that he wants to marry humaira. mamu gets furious to see him. Haider says that when a girl loves someone bad, she would want to marry him. Mamu asks what does he want. Haider says that he wants revenge and his ruin. Humaira finds him with folded hands from a distance, and thinks that he’s pleading, while haider is actually toying with mamu’s emotions. Mamu tells him to leave his daughter alone, as she’s very innocent, and shouldnt pay for his sins. Haider asks how can he forget how he ruined his life. He blackmails him to say yes, or else he would release humaira’s embarassing pics in the whole city, that show her intimacy to him. Mamu is unable to control his anger and slaps his tight. Humaira is shocked and rushes inside. mamu tries to stop her but in vain. haider smiles evilly. he takes leave, while mamu is distressed.

Zoya says that destiny wants her to meet her father and tanveer would assist her in the same. Tanveer smirks at her. zoya says that she maynot have fulfilled her promise. Zoya comes to tanveer, after she has had a bandage on her hand. She tells tanveer that she maynt have fulfilled her promise but one promise she would make to tanveer and would fulfill it too. Zoya says that they will have their walima, and most importantly in her walima, her father would be there with her. tanveer is surprised as zoya promises her stoically. The screen freezes on Zoya’s tensed face.

Precap: Zoya comes to asad’s room and finds that its full of water. as she steps in, she finds a loose circuit and out of fear of electrocution, she jumps on the bed, as the wire touches the waters. Asad comes in too and is shocked to see what he finds.

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