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I do On Zee World Wednesday 29th December 2021

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I do On Zee World Wednesday 29th December 2021: On getting an approach the landline, asad gets up to accept the call, however nzma captures in the middle. When asad asks what its identity was, she said it was for somebody’s conveyance. Asad is tensely swaggering near. When zoya shows up, asad calls her and gives her the package for her wireless that she hd announced taken. As he disappears, zoya faces asad saying that she realizes he imagines that she’s defenseless. He says that he doesnt yet yes he feels frustrated about what occurred at mangalpur to her for which he was halfway to be accused and that this demonstration could diminish his culpability a little. As he leaves, zoya contemplates internally that asad can be truly manipulative and uncaring toward others feeling, and recollects how he had scorned her on a few occassions. She believes that asad needs everybody to simply pay attention to him unobtrusively. She goes to his room and chooses to decline to acknowledge the telephone that he had given her. She is stunned to find that asad didnt set up a very remarkable battle against her, as is regularly the situation. While going out, she stumbles over and winds up in asad’s arms who gets her to prevent her from falling. She gets it together and leaves, leaving asad imagining that he needs to avoid zoya to stay away from any difficulty.

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Asad emerges from his room and is stunned to track down mariam’s family members yet is calmed when he realizes that they havent told dilshad anything. As she goes to take care of a call, mariam’s faather asks asad to pay special attention to mariam, as she’s going this approach to bhopal. He additionally says that however he had saved zoya, and they dont generally dislike that yet they are later mariam. He says that they have the confidence that he wont help mariam however have an uncertainty that the unfamiliar retruened zoya would. Telling asad to pay special attention to maraiam and let them know anything that he knows, thy take asad’s and dilshads’ leave. Asad finds zoya emerging from the room, and having effectively let mariam’s family members know that she’s gone, he grbs her behind a column and puts a hand on zoya’s mouth to prevent her from talking. Later they have left, while zoya keeps on continuing to interest for the justification for such conduct, he goes in his room without replying.

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I do On Zee World Wednesday 29th December 2021: Razia attempts to shield humaira saying that when ayan has lavishly denied the marriage, then, at that point, how should humaira say no and imagine a scenario where she says OK, would the family concur for it then, at that point. Ayan asks razia to quiet down and let humaira represent herself.
Razia requests to realize that if humaira approved of the connection, would ayan wed her. ayan is left dumbfounded yet at last figures out how to say that humaira could never say no. Mamu asks ayan to offer an immediate response. Ayan concurs that assuming humaira says OK, he too wont have an issue. Shirin asks humaira not to be frightened and offer her response. humaira recollects ayan’s playing with her, yet razia goes up against her to say OK, as that is the thing that she generally needed and that this is the opportunity to get it. Humaira at long last says OK, much to ayan and rashid’s mom’s shock and razia’s pleasure, however at that point finishes her explanation that she doesnt need to wed ayan, letting him and his granny free from their hopelessness and stunning razia.

I do On Zee World Wednesday 29th December 2021:In his room, ayan thanks nikhat for saving him from getting the discipline for a wrongdoing that he won’t ever perpetrate. Rashid and his better half come in saying ‘sorry’ to him for their misstep and say that they could never prejudge him again. Rashid’s mom also comes in saying that it wont repeat since they would take off from the house. Shirin requests that she excuse razia. In any case, rashid’s mom is resolved that what razia did wasnt a slip-up yet a planned connivance, which made them question their own child and act so gravely to them. Ayan also says that they wouldnt endure any longer due to mamujaan and take off from the house most certainly.


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