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I Do On Zee World Tuesday 4th January 2022

I Do On Zee World Tuesday 22nd February 2022
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I Do On Zee World Tuesday 4th January 2022: Asad is embracing Tanvi [new entry] and inquires as to whether she is alright? Zoya watches stunned! Asad says that he heard her shout on the telephone and was terrified n touches her head..! Zoya is in tears watching them..and leaves the spot. cleaning her tears! Asad takes the young lady to his vehicle! BG-Mitwaa..! Asad gives her water and keeping in mind that strolling sees Zoyas ipad! He shouts.. Zoya.. what’s more begins to run looking for her..! He runs and out of nowhere crashes into Zoya n thinks that she is oblivious and holds her n shouts! In teh vehicle on the manner in which back..AsYa take looks at one another..! The young lady continues to grin at Asad n Zoya cries a smidgen more..!

Ayan is removing his shirt n Humera strolls in shouting Nuzhat. n dismisses..! She sees fingermarks on his neck n asks what is wrong? Ayan says..fell from the bicycle. .stowing away.. Asad slapping him … out and about! Humera gives him some ice.. however, he rejects..! She demands n he yields..! Team take looks at one another..! Ayan says that he thought Humera is annoyed with him! Humera says..she was.. yet, she is a human.. she cannot turn away seeing him hurt! She gives him the ice pack n strolls off..!

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I Do On Zee World Tuesday 4th January 2022: Shireen comes in Ayans room and breaksdown! Ayan asks the matter? Shireen requests that Ayan get Rasheed home soon .or the cops will kill him ! She says that Rasheed is being tormented in jail.. so save him! She breaksdown in his arms..! Ayan guarantees he will! Dilshad tells the young lady [Asads adolescence frien] that she needs to remain at her place.. for what reason being so formal? She says that when she had moved out in adolescence. she had cried. .why rehash past! Dilshad and Najma request that she stay on! Najma asks her what she is doing? Tanvir says that she is originator of salwar suits..! Dilshad tells Zoya that Tanvir is near Asad and they were indivisible ! Asad comes to the eating table and sits and Zoya strolls off..! Asad tells Dilshad that Doc had come and inquired as to whether she is taking drugs consistently? Dilshad lets him know that there is no compelling reason to tell her.. she will converse with the Doc straightforwardly! Dilshad gets up and leaves the table..!

Asad comes in Zoyas room ..tracking down her terating herself Asad suggsets to call the doc..She says no! She harms herself n Asad says..if she doesn’t treat herself.. it will get septic! Zoya cries and says that she doesn’t require anyone..n she can deal with herself..! Asad telsl Zoya that he dinno she was on that transport too n he saw the ipad n was frightened for her..! Zoya goes to check out him..! AsYa eyelock..! BG= Mitwaa..!

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Tanvir comes and shouts to Asad and says .trust commotion upset.. ! Asad says not in any manner! She praises Asad about the house..! She remembers youth minutes..! Tanvi says sorry to Zoya for not knowing her..! Asad introes.. them and says.. Tanvi is his cherished companion n Zoya is Dilshads far off family members girl ..remaining for some time..! The young ladies welcome one another.. n shake hands..! Tanvi says trust Jammy doesnt inconvenience her.. n Asad glares..! Tanvi says..she used to call Asad .. JAmmy since youth! She advises Asad that she really wants to converse with him… ! Asad says.. coming..n leaves with her..! Zoya looks on..!

Tanvi says.. she could figure seeing the pressure between him n Dilshad that something isn’t right! She says that she clamor feel right to talk about this matter before Zoya..! Asad says.. Zoya knows everything and has helped them a ton! Tanvi inquires as to why then, at that point, would he say he was so tense in her quality? In the case of something is inferred.. scattered? Asad says he is disturbed on Zoya .. about RAsheed.. n her attempting to help Dilshad.. by impeding him! Tanvi says that imagine a scenario where Rasheed is honest. Furthermore for what reason would he say he is not looking for the toy? Asad says that the toy is lost..and there is no hope! Tanvi says that she supplicates that for Dilshads purpose.. Asad gets the doll back soon enouf! Tanvi holds Asads hands in hers n consoles him! Asad gestures..! The worker in the house watches stunned..! Zoya comes and asks her what she is doing? She says..cleaning .. however, appears Asad is occupied..! Zoya watches Asad-Tanvi clasping hands and breaksdown once more..!

Feroz laufs on Ayan and says that his resentment is something that ascents n sinks on his head.. ! He says..that Ayan cannot do anything all alone..! Why not call his brother Asad..but he cant as Asad has gotten Rasheed secured! Feroz proposes to apply third degree on Rasheed! Ayan cautions him ..not to do as such or there will be consequences! Feroz says that no rich person stays in prison for 6 days..but his father is.. ! Feroz lets Ayan know that he has 2 days.. do what he can.. coz once Asad gives his statement..nothing can get Rasheed out..!

I Do On Zee World Tuesday 4th January 2022: Asad comes in his room around evening time and tracks down Ayan there.. in tears..! Ayan tells Asad that Rasheed must be in prison for 2 additional days..! Asad says that coz the inept young lady noise let him arrive at court or he did been condemned today itself..! He lets Ayan know that its extreme ..however he ought to be solid for his mother n sister! He tells Ayan that Rasheed will get rebuffed! Ayan tells Asad that Rasheed si being tormented ..by Firoz.. ! He tells Asad that Shireen has seen as well and says that.. Rasheed wont endure the torment..! He inquires as to whether he wont isn’t that right? Asad says that he came here so he can tell Asad not to give his proclamation? Asad says..he is making the right decision..! Ayan says.. he is simply rendering retribution from Rasheed..! He lets Asad know that he doesnt want to converse with him any longer..! He lets Asad know that he is at this point not the brother he knew.. ! In the event that Rasheed fouled up.. Asad is fouling up as well..! He says that since youth. he never allowed anybody to divide them… he was consistently Bhai jaan. in any case, today Asad demonstrated that they are step siblings.. STEP!

Precap — Tanvi puts Dilshads hand in Asad n BG-Zindagi ki yehi reet hai..! Dilshad goes to leave yet Asad stops..! Najma Tanvi grin n they all embrace! Zoya watches from a remote place .. turns and cries..!


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