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I do On Zee World Tuesday 28th December 2021

I Do On Zee World Tuesday 22nd February 2022
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I do On Zee World Tuesday 28th December 2021: Asad is surprised at zoya’s notice of a second news to be given, yet is alleviated when zoya says that mariam didnt get hitched. Asad says that she wont know whether her family members dont tell her and thusly they shouldnt moreover. Zoya offers to serve however he declines and gets up from the table. Dilshad and nazma enter, saying that they had become stressed since they werent ready to overcome their telephones. Dilshad gets some information about the marriage, asad answers dormantly that all was great. Detecting his disposition, she inquires as to whether all is great and they dont react.

Dilshad calls attention to the incongruity of destiny that zoya and asad again wound up together, in the wake of swearing that they wouldnt see each other for 3 days. Asad says that he didnt be with her, because of destiny however because of zoya’s silliness. Asad tells dilshad that if zoya hadnt been in mangalpur, life would have been simpler for him. When dilshad requests to realize what occurred, as she’s seeing a distinction in zoya and him too since they got back from mangalpur. While zoya is paying attention to this from behind the entryway, asad says that the same old thing occurred as very much like zoya is a difficulty here, she ended up being inconvenience for him there as well.

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Dilshad tells that ayn had come imagining that asad was in a tough situation in mangalpur. asad contemplates internally that he cannot meet ayan, yet he would in any case track down a spot for ayan in his petitions. Dilshad sees asad’s hand that is injured and asks how it occurred. Asad recalls how he had harmed himself in the forest.

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I do On Zee World Tuesday 28th December 2021: Zoya is making a glue for asad’s injuries while nazma comes to watch her. As nazma inquires as to for what reason is she showing such a lot of worry for asad out of nowhere. She makes up a story that she was with him while he got injured, Therefore, she doesnt need that he may get a disease because of this dupatta. Zoya asks nazma for what reason is she sounding so cheerful today. She tells zoya about the grnd finale of SA RE GA MA PA that she is anticipating for this sunday, as she needs jasraj, her fav competitor to win. she then, at that point, leaves, as effervescent, while zoya watches her.

A spruced up ayan, gets some information about imran’s appearance and is informed that he would before long come. She trips and a container drops out of razia’s hand revealingan wedding band. She gets some information about it yet razia will remain silent. Humaira has an awful hunch that she’s arranging humaira’s engagewment all things considered and tells razia that she would before long come from her room subsequent to taking her prescriptions, and reasons herself from that point.

Ayan is asked by the minister assuming he’s prepared for the speacial day and encourages him to assume his liability that he would take today, with incredible alert and care. As the cleric is approached by another person, ayan is pondering with respect to what the minister was discussing.

As shirin comes to take rashid for the function, rashid questions assuming their descision is correct. Shirin says that what razis has chosen is alright and to assist their kid. Rasahid has an uncertainty, imagine a scenario where the kids reject. shirin says that there would be no refusal, since razia has effectively chosen and they would need it. As they leave, humaira is paralyzed aftre hearing the entire discussion from the side window.

Ayan asks rashid concerning what the minister is doing in the present blowout and is told by razia, who comes in saying that they have chosen for ayan’s commitment with humaira today. Ayan is stunned to hear this. In the mean time, in her room, humaira is in a quandary that what she had forver needed has at last occurred, yet would it be a good idea for her she go with it, assuming ayan isn’t prepared for it with his heart. she feels that she shouldnt, however at that point is in a difficulty again with respect to how to acquire this reality front of individuals, as though she tells everyone, then, at that point, razia could never pardon her. she then, at that point, thinks about a thought, that she would send the video in her PC to nikhat’s telephone.

Ayan says that they cannot drive him for this. Razia says that prior to saying anything, he should check out imran’s family who has quite recently shown up. She tells him, that assuming he made a dramatization today before them, then, at that point, they would sever their connection with nikhat. Consequently, she requests that he make his descision with extraordinary thinking, as though he rejects, then, at that point, in addition to the fact that they would lose their standing, however nikhat would be delivered unequipped for truly handling a man of the hour at any point in the future and his folks wouldnt at any point have the option to show face in the general public. Ayan is confused to hear this.

Ayan approaches mamu yet quits seeing his folks. He is standing upset. haseena requests humaira to be cut down. She says that she was amazed to find out about unexpected courses of action for their commitment, and was contemplating whether there was some issue. razia explains saying that the children let the family know that they preferred one another, and henceforth needed to get connected quick. Razia says that she believed that a twofold wedding fo nikhat and imran, and ayan and humaiar would be incredible. saying as much, she leaves to get humaira.

As razia approaches humaira’s room, she is caught up with transferring th video to nikhat’s cellphone. when razia goes into the room, she is amazed to find humaira chipping away at the PC. Humaira also is frightened to see her like this. Humaira reproves her for deceiving her and says that she realizes that she was behind this. Razia says that she’s doing it for her advantage and takes her persuasively. She leaves, while her PC is as yet occupied with transferring.

I do On Zee World Tuesday 28th December 2021: Much to ayan and humaira’s repugnance, the commitment begins yet rashid searches for his mom. Shirin offers to go search for her, yet a strained razia says that she probably gone for resting in her room. when rashid goes to discover, razia repirmands him thta they should complete the custom first, as the minister is in a rush. rashid is left dumbfounded. Ayan believes that if he would converse with asad, then, at that point, he would be saved from this constrained marriage. razia gives them the rings and asks humaira to put the ring on ayan’s finger. Ayan apologizes to humaira for this. As she ways to deal with put the ring on his finger, nikhat sees the video that she just got from humaira’s PC and is stunned. The screen freezes on her stunned face.

Precap: Asad and zoya again get into one of their frivolous battles, wherein asad requests that she take off from his home at the earliest opportunity and not contemplate making this her own. Zoay counters back saying that she just puts her name on things that are really hers, dislike him, who circumvents etching her name on his hand, calling attention to the cut in his grasp, that resembles a Z, the underlying letter of Zoya.


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