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I Do On Zee World Thursday 6th January 2022

I Do On Zee World Tuesday 22nd February 2022
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I Do On Zee World Thursday 6th January 2022: Asad comes to meet ayan at lakeside. Asad syas he knew ayan was furious with him and told all that sautela stuff out of resentment and he gets him… yet says our connection is the sacrosanct of all and we will forever remain siblings. Ayan inquires as to whether he will reclaim his case,asad says no, ayan says I generally thought my battles is your battle yet today you have instructed me that I and you are not US and from today I won’t ever look for any assistance from you and I will get my dad set free from the prison. Asad also says I will perceive how you will get rashid delivered. Both test each other and head in inverse ways Somebody turns on the gas(Face not shown) Asad and Dilshad get back Dilshad needs to make khada and drink.. Billo says she has pressing work and need to return home.

Shireen asks Mamu for cash and he inquires as to whether Rs.50,000 sufficiently is, Shireen asks Rs. 1 crore so that utilizing the cash she can get Rashid delivered by involving this cash as pay off. mamu says he has some standing and cant free it for giving pay off. Shireen says Ayan will be careful, mamu says Ayan is immature cant trust him. Shireen says she cannot see Rashid enduring as he is being beaten by police. Mamu says Rashid is geting puished for his transgressions and he cannot assist her now with getting a guilty party delivered. Shireen says Rashid took his business to such an elevated place and today when he is in trouble nobody is helping him.

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Shireen argues and asks Mamu yet Ayan stops her and says he cannot see her asking and just in our terrible time we will observe who is our own and who isn’t. Today I lost my sibling and you too lost yours and removes her with him.

Zoya and Najma get back while the Gudia is near their feet with the rubbish however they dont see it. Rasia lets hubby know that we ought to get Rashid out as it very well might be valuable. Mamu says on the off chance that we engage for this situation we might cause problems and its better assuming Rashid stays in Jail as he won’t ever work with us nor get ayan hitched to humeira.

I Do On Zee World Thursday 6th January 2022: Tanveer talking about her work and new agreement with Asad when Zoya accompanies biscuits for Tanveer and says Asad’s moniker is Jahapanah which she has kept it. Zoya comes to give her however she slips and Tanveer falls. Asad begins reprimanding Zoya and calls her untrustworthy and helps Tanveer. Asad kneads her leg when Dilshad inquires as to whether she is fine and goes to bring haldi for her.

Shireen gives a few papers to Ayan to offer some property to get cash to keep Firoz very. Shireen says they will do whatever they can to get Rashid out of prison and says once Rashid returns they will take off from this house and disappear. Ayan checks out the paper and says we cannot sell this property without mamu’s mark.

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Asad really focusing on Tanveer rubbing her leg, Zo not happy.Tanveer says she needs to go out Asad rejects and says he will call doc. Dilshad going to light the oven, Tanu says Jammy I am getting unusual smell.Dilshad striking the match stick, Tanveer says gas smell gas is spilling they race to the kitchen and stop Dilshad and open every one of the windows. Dilshad says she has cold so could notsmell the gas and says thanks to Tanveer. Asad says the gas is on. Tanveer says perhaps while changing chamber it occurred and all gander at Zoya and asad incensed.

Shireen appealing to god to save Rashid and Badi honey bee and asks god for what good reason they are languishing such a great amount over no mistake.She argues for some supernatural occurrence while Ayan watches from a far distance in tears.Humeira comes to comfort Ayan and says she will get the marks of her dad some way or another and takes the reports from him. Ayan inquires as to whether she knows what she is doing. Humeira says OK.


I Do On Zee World Thursday 6th January 2022: Asad Najma and Dilshad at supper table when Tanveer accompanies Zoya and says she didnot had food since evening, Dilshad asjs her to come and go along with them. Asad not cheerful. Tanveer notices them and asks Zoya not to feel terrible she didnt do it deliberately. Asad hollers at Zoya for her idiocy and not permitting tanu to change the chamber and Zo she is crying.Asad says becoz of you we as a whole would have passed on… zoya runs off her to her room crying.

Precap – Rasia offers marked papers to Ayan and reprimands him as a trade he ought to wed Humeira which leaves him in shock.


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