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I do On Zee World Sunday 26th December 2021

I Do On Zee World Tuesday 22nd February 2022
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I do On Zee World Sunday 26th December 2021: Asad and zoya are taking ride in the carriage of a bullock truck. While, returning to bhopal in a bullock truck, zoya in her dizzyness, continues to fall on asad’s shoulders. At last, Asad loans a mindful help with his hand so she can rest calmly on his shoulder, while as far as possible back to bhopal. Zoya gets cognizant inevitably and removes her head from his shoulders. she recollects asad’s response on seeing her covered. Asad gets her some water to drink. Zoya, while drinking, sees that asad’s watching, which makes him dismiss his eyes. She drinks some more and afterward gives the container to him. He clears off soil from her face with his cloth, while she takes a gander at him with blended feelings and a tear gets away from her eyes.

Nikhat tells ayan and razia advises humaira about certain ceremonies to happen today where imran too is accompanying his family. The two of them attempt to get ayan and humaira to spruce up for the occassion, in awesome of garments. Humaira questions for what reason is she taking on the appearance of a lady, when its for nikhat’s custom. As razia sidesteps the inquiry, and starts to leave, humaira inquires as to whether it really is nikhat’s custom all things considered. She guarantees humaira and requests that she spruce up quick. Later razia leaves, humaira still has an uncertainty in her psyche about the custom to happen today.

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Razia asks mamu for what reason is he so strained when his girl is getting ready for marriage and he had been envisioning during the current day for such a long time. He says that he had been thinking, however never figured it would come like this since his girl would accomplish something like this, that would cause them to wed her carelessly. Razia requests that he forget the past and continue on. All of a sudden the cleric comes, and mamu welcomes them with deference.

I do On Zee World Sunday 26th December 2021: Rashid’s mom asks shirin whats occurring here, and for what reason are there ministers in the house. Shirin continues to bungle unfit to tell her. Then, at that point, razia cmes in saying that this is a gala for the clerics and visitors, as it didnt occur later nikhat’s unexpected enegagement. Shirin attempts to inform her concerning the commitment of ayan and humaira, yet razia pokes and signals her to stop. Rashid’s mom leaves without saying anything. razia ponders internally that rashid’s mom would make an issue today except if she dealt with her. Razia attempts to explain herself pursuing rashid’s mom, refering to that she has come to her to request that she get the silver cutlery out for the exceptional dining experience for nikhat’s commitment feast. Razia imagines that she failed to remember a vital work and takes her consent to leave her ther to get the vessels. Razia moves out of the room and bolts it from outside, believing that she would need to remain locked till her work isnt done, as she is the greatest difficulty in guaranteeing her girl’s satisfaction. In the interim, rashid’s mom attempts to open the entryway, pondering who shut it and starts shouting for somebody to open it. However, her shouts are drenched in the commotion of the instruments that razia asks, the symphony players assembled there, to play.

Asad grasps zoya’s hand and causes her to go into their home. Zoya gets some information about dilshad and nazma. Asad is going to go for them, however zoya’s dupatta stalls out in his sleeve, helping him to remember how she had fallen final evening on him. Asad findsa note saying that they have gone for meeting a few family members. He proposes to require the specialist, yet she says that she’s fine and he ought to rather see the specialist for his hand thas injured. Asad leaves for changing and asks zoya too to do likewise. The two of them begin strolling equal towards their rooms. Asad recollects how he had really focused on zoya when in mangalpur. They check out one another yet dont say anything. They then, at that point, head out in a different direction towards their rooms.

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In his room, asad is extremely strained and fretful recollecting the expanding closeness among him and zoya since the horrendous episode in mangalpur. In the interim, zoya too is going through a comparable quandary.

I do On Zee World Sunday 26th December 2021: Zoya comes to asad, who’s eating at the eating table and sitting alongside him, asks how and what do they tell dilshad and nazma about this. Zoya attempts to say that he cannot not imagine anything occurred, when their lives were in question. Asad says that they dont need to let them know anything and superfluously trouble them. when zoya gets some information about the subsequent thing, asad tosses a scrutinizing see her needing to realize what is she discussing. The screen freezes all over.

Precap: Asad tells dilshad that if zoya hadnt been in mangalpur, life would have been more straightforward for him. When dilshad requests to realize what occurred, as she’s seeing a distinction in zoya and him too since they got back from mangalpur. While zoya is paying attention to this from behind the entryway, asad says that the same old thing occurred as very much like zoya is a difficulty here, she ended up being inconvenience for him there as well.


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