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I Do On Zee World Saturday 8th January 2022

I Do On Zee World Tuesday 22nd February 2022
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I Do On Zee World Saturday 8th January 2022: Episode begins with Razia let Ayan know that she will bring document for him. She needs to do that much for her future child in-law. Ayan says, there is no requirement for that. Razia gets stunned and asks your meaning could be a little clearer. Ayan says, I needn’t bother with these papers any longer.. since my response is NO. I can’t wed your girl.

Dilshad is frantically hanging tight for maali. Her daugher comes and says, there’s still time in maali to come. Dilshad says, I know however I feel maali should know about gudiya. Her girl requests that she loosen up saying he will be here soon.

Zoya is cooking something for Asad. Tanveer says, I realized you would pay attention to me. Zoya says, I need to make something else. Zoya chooses to make a Thai dish. She presently says a shayri

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Punch issue ho gayi hai settle.. to phir kyun hai maathe pe sikhand
aao sab milke banate hai Zoy ki daal .. chicken.

The two of them chuckle. Tanveer says that she needs to call some customer direly and she will not have the option to take care of Zoya. She asks, you will do alone, correct? Zoya says, obviously.. you helped me such a lot of as of now.. furthermore there isn’t anything in this world that Zoya can’t do. Furthermore I am seasoned veteran of cooking. She says, I have formula with me too.. furthermore I will make delectable dish. Tanveer leaves. Zoya begins cooking.

Razia tells Ayan, think once again.. this choice will not be really great for your father’s wellbeing.. Ayan says, life and demise are in God’s grasp.. who you are to choose it? You’re simply an egotistical lady. You held my father under your influence as long as he can remember.. however, I won’t commit same error as my father. He leaves. Razia talks to her, I will perceive how you don’t get hitched.

I Do On Zee World Saturday 8th January 2022: Zoya comes to Dilshad. Dilshan believes it’s Najma and inquires as to whether maali came. Zoya inquires as to whether everything alright. Zoya requests that Dilshad taste the dish that she made for Asad. Dilshad says, you made so it should be great. Zoya demands her to taste as Asad is JaaPanah.

Here Tanveer brings same dish for Asad. She says, Zoya is so sweet.. she made this for you. Asad says, at whatever point she works on something for me.. continuously screws up. Tanveer says, why you’re thinking like that? In no way like that will occur.

Dilshad tastes and asks Zoya, did you add nut in this? Zoya says, yes.. Dilshad asks, you didn’t provide for Asad right? Zoya says, why.. isn’t it great? Dilshad says, it’s great.. however, Asad has a hypersensitivity from nut.. also it tends to be dangerous to his life as well.. they run outside.

Dilshad tells Tanveer not to give that to Asad. Tanveer asks what was the deal? She says, Asad previously ate it. Asad begins hacking and falls on the ground. Everybody becomes stressed. Asad’s condition is deteriorating. Zoya asks, is there no medication in home? Dilshad says, no. Tanveer says, we should take him to the clinic. Zoya says, we should accomplish something now. She goes to his space to look for the medication. Outside, Tanveer and Dilshad are taking him to the emergency clinic. Zoya comes out and requests that they stand by. Zoya says, I investigated on the web and he will approve of this infusion. Tanveer asks, would you say you are certain? Dilshad says, we don’t have some other choice.. we ought to do Zoya is saying. Zoya gives an infusion to Asad. Asad is oblivious at this point.

Dilshad says there is no impact. Zoya says, I investigated and discovered that individuals who have a hypersensitivity from nut consistently keep this infusion with them. Furthermore Mr. Khan isn’t reckless that he wouldn’t keep this infusion with him. Asad wakes up and his breathing is getting ordinary. peruse full updates with pics every day just at desitvbox.com Zoya has a consolation and is glad. Billo is stowing away and taking a gander at them. Asad asks Dilshad, when you realize I have a sensitivity with peanuts, why did you give me food with peanuts. He then, at that point, recollects Tanveer letting him know that Zoya made that dish. He takes a gander at Zoya and asks, you made that dish right? Zoya says, I didn’t do this deliberately.. I didn’t realize that you have a sensitivity. Asad says, for what reason did you pick this dish? Tanveer assumes fault on herself and says, I advised Zoya to make that dish.. furthermore indeed, Zoya saved your life.. on the off chance that she didn’t bring the infusion, then, at that point, God realizes what might have occurred. Dilshad says to him, we were taking you the clinic, however it would take a great deal of time. I figure we ought to say thanks to Zoya. Asad apologizes to Zoya for all that he said to her and a debt of gratitude is in order for saving his life. Zoya flees from that point crying. Dilshad requests that Najma take Asad inside. Tanveer and Najma take him to his room. Dilshad comes outside.

She asks why maali still didn’t come. In the event that he observed Gudiya, then, at that point, he more likely than not remained careful. Be that as it may, imagine a scenario in which he tossed it out. She then, at that point, sees some stuff is screwed up there and goes there.

We then, at that point, see gudiya’s hand, yet Dilshad doesn’t see it. Billo comes outside and says, there is a call for you. Dilshad tells her, assuming maali comes, don’t release him. I have pressing work. Billo says, he won’t come.. he went to his town.. don’t have the foggiest idea when he will return once more. Dilshad heads inside. Billo checks out the stuff that Dilshad was seeing, then, at that point, goes there.
It is Shirin who called Dilshad. She tells Dilshad that Rashid is in extremely terrible circumstance.. they are rebuffing him awful in the prison.. what’s more assuming Rashid doesn’t win the case, then, at that point, they won’t allow him to come out alive. She demands her to stop Asad. Dilshad says, a long time back, I was unable to stop his dad.. how might I have the option to stop him? Shirin says, there’s another way.. assuming you need, then, at that point, you can help Rashid. End of discussion.

Tanveer comes to Dilshad. Tanveer thinks that she is vexed. she asks what occurred. Dilshad says, I was thinking to go out. She gets some information about Najma and Zoya. Tanveer says, they went out.. perhaps on the grounds that there is court hearing. I would have gone with them as well, however my leg. Dilshad says, no issue.. I will be right back. Tanveer says, would it be a good idea for me to accompany you? Dilshad says, no.. it’s alright.. I will go alone. She leaves.

Asad comes now and asks Tanveer, where is ammi? Tanveer says, don’t have the foggiest idea.. she just headed outside and appeared to be vexed. Asad checks the time and says to himself, 2 hours to go in the meeting, where might mum have gone?Some woman telling Shirin trust we get cash before the meeting.

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I Do On Zee World Saturday 8th January 2022: Asad inquires as to whether Dilshad said anything like when she will be back. Tanveer asks, why you appear to be strained? She will return. Asad says, really her wellbeing isn’t great.. also express gratitude toward God you’re here so I don’t need to stress a lot. Asad then, at that point, gets a call from bank chief who lets him know that we illuminate both record holders, when there is a shared service and huge sum is removed. Asad says, enormous sum? We didn’t pull out any enormous sum. Director says, perhaps it’s not huge sum for you..but for us, it’s an immense sum. Your mom just pulled out 1 crore from here. Asad asks why Dilshad required such a lot of cash.


Precap: Billo is holding the gudiya. Tanveer comes and removes it and gazes at Billo. Tanveer checks it and Gudiya talks something.
Then again, Dilshad with Zoya, Najma are heading off to some place on a scooty.


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