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I do On Zee World Saturday 25th December 2021

I Do On Zee World Tuesday 22nd February 2022
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I do On Zee World Saturday 25th December 2021: Arti, yash and arti are stunned to observe zoya’s hand covered in the ground. They continue to uncover lastly get zoya from underneath the ground, however she has gone inert and stays limp in asad’s arms while he attempts to get her covered to relax. He shouts out in rage and horrible trouble. Asad places her on the ground. He warms her hands and attempts to siphon her heart, however without much of any result. Yash and arti too are stunned to see zoya like this and asad all separated over her. Asad doesnt surrender and keeps stroking her, addressing her to get up. Yash and arti attempt to comfort asad. He puts her on the rgound once more, and is loaded up with a mind-boggling responsibility of having caused her passing, and sinks in the ground himself. He gets up and recollects every one of the occasions when he had abused and talked inconsiderately to her. In his agony, he harms his own hands with a prickly branch.

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All of a sudden, arti finds zoya breathing low, yet breathing yet and illuminates asad and yash. Aasd surges upto him and takes her in his arms and kisses her on the temple, overpowered with feelings while yash and arti look on gladly. Zoya wakes up, to end up in asad’s arms and him crying over her, and is shocked. Arti also comforts her and asad, doubting what he recently saw, gets up and begins withdrawing. Yash follows him and says that he consumed a large chunk of the day to tell arti what he felt for her, and he trusts that asad too wouldnt do a similar misstep. Arti also encourages something very similar to zoya, portraying asad’s strain while she was covered. Zoya tells arti what she saw. arti says that she realizes who did this, and separates into tears. Yash solaces her and zoya requests that they leave soon to protect their child from prashant. They leave.

Zoya then, at that point, checks out asad, who is confused of words himself. He comes upto her while she brings down her look. He bows down close to her, and spots a consoling hand on her shoulder and sad, gets her while she’s actually snoozing all through awareness. He conveys her in his arms and leaves from that point.

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I do On Zee World Saturday 25th December 2021: Humaira awakens to find ayan deriding her of being a weakling. he attempts to brighten her up, while flippantly ridiculing her that since didnt dare to confront her family to deny the marriage and slit off her wrists to get away from the scene. He smilingly reproves her that assuming she at any point attempts to do such idiocy at any point in the future, he may alter his perspective and really wed him. He is at long last ready to get a weak grin all over.

Razia and mamu, sitting adjacent to humaira’s bed, examine the reason why she needed to do this and didnt occasion hink about her family. He censures himself for being so severe on her, while razia says that he did what he needed to, as a dad. he says that he would take care now, that he doesnt say whatever could compel her to make a stride like this at any point in the future. Razia again attempts to join humaira’s joy to ayan’s presenc in her life and actuates mamu to accomplish something in regards to that. He leaves thinking profound. Later he leaves, humaira, who wasnt dozing, shouts to razia, who is furious and dismal too that she accomplished something so inept. Humaira is unfortunately says that she couldnt see herself and ayan, dishonestly charged and being constrained into a marriage that they dont need. Razia in a harmless tone, tells humaira that the two of them are too youthful to even think about acknowledging what they need, consequently the descisions ought to be left on the elderly folks. She solidly tells her little girl not to do anything so idiotic at any point down the road and leaves.

Rashid, alongside his family, also is talking about the new turns, the occasions have taken. Rashid’s mom attempts to talk sense into rashid to contemplate what incited humaira to make a stride like this. Razia bursts in saying that her girl needed to make this stride due to ayan. she again continues about her bogus story of that evening and to top everything acting so inconsiderate, the following day, and saying that this is the thing that incited her to make such a deadly stride. Rashid’s mom attempts to challenge saying that nothing occurred between them. Shirin says that she likewise attempted to converse with humaira however she continues to request conciliatory sentiment. Rashid’s mom says that she may be saying ‘sorry’ for something different. Yet, razia professes to be stunned that she is scandalized that she could recommend something to that effect and says that it very well may be on the grounds that she isn’t the mother to a girl and henceforth cannot understand the aggravation that she’s going through this moment. Rashid’s mom again attempts to talk yet rashid gets some information about this any longer.

I do On Zee World Saturday 25th December 2021: Razia asks rashid to illuminate his mom on what have they chosen for later. At the point when she asks what, rashid starts to tell her, while razia begins strolling towards the entryway. Razia,wiping her fake tears, is paying attention to the mother-child discussion eagerly with a successful look all over. The screen freezes all over.

Precap: While, coming back to bhopal in a bullock truck, zoyaa in her dizzyness, continues to fall on asad’s shoulders. At long last, Asad loans a mindful help with his hand so she can rest calmly on his shoulder.


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