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I Do On Zee World Monday 3rd January 2022

I Do On Zee World Tuesday 22nd February 2022
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I Do On Zee World Monday 3rd January 2022: Episode begins with Badi bi telling Razia, I had question from previously.. furthermore today I am affirmed now. She asks her, would you say you are stunned in light of the fact that seeing me strolling or realizing that somebody can think like you as well? I have taken in this from you as it were.. I had no other choice so I paid all due respects to you in your style. Presently for the love, don’t tell any other individual that I can walk.. if not nobody will accept you and you will feel offended. You have attempted this previously and fizzled, correct? She sits on the wheelchair and leaves. Asad’s sister sees Billo looking for something in a cabinet. She questions on her and asks what she was doing. Billo says she was simply cleaning. Asad’s sister advises him to proceed to give food to her mom.

Then again, Razia pushes Badi bi’s wheelchair and Badi bi tumbles down from the steps. Asad and Zoya awaken. The two of them cannot recollect what happened final evening. Asad sees the clock and its 9:30 as of now.. he says. I need to arrive at the court by 10:30. Entryway is as yet locked. Zoya says, i’m not sure how entryway got locked. Asad says, Its vital for me to arrive at court.. I can’t leave that man. How about you get it? Zoya says, I understand..but how about you comprehend and acknowledge that you can’t reach there on time now. Asad says, have you gone off the deep end? and this happened as a result of you. Zoya says, gracious truly? Would you be able to let me know how did I respond? He says, you brought me far away from the city.. Zoya says, I didn’t ask you.. you chipped in yourself. Asad says, yet you needed to come here today as it were? also on top of that deferral in all things.. tea.. and so forth. Zoya says, presently you will likewise say that I called that apparition.. I made downpour to come.. also I eliminated petroleum from your vehicle with a line. Zoya acknowledges what she recently said and she is gotten now. Asad asys, I knew it.. I ensured tank is full and afterward out of nowhere it got vacant. You did this so I don’t reach to the court. You more likely than not locked this entryway too. Asad attempts to break the entryway. Zoya says, this entryway won’t break. Asad doesn’t pay attention to her and says, assuming that you figure you will prevent me from going to the court, then, at that point, you’re off-base. He kicks and breaks the entryway. Zoya is astounded. Asad leaves.

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Ayan and his family are thinking about how did Badi bi fall. They inquire as to whether she will be fine. Specialist says, I can say nothing until she gets cognizant. Specialist leaves. They then, at that point, think Badi bi had strain of Rashid’s hearing. Razia talks to her, she tumbled down from that high and still got saved. Consider the possibility that she tells truth to everybody subsequent to getting cognizant.

I Do On Zee World Monday 3rd January 2022: Zoya running behind Asad and requesting that he pay attention to her. She says, I concur that I had a go at preventing you from going to the court.. be that as it may, there’s a purpose for it. Asad says, not a solitary word more. Try not to meddle in my family matters. I would rather not take a gander at you any longer. He leaves. Zoya can’t really accept that he left her here. She says to herself, assuming he figure I can’t go alone.. then, at that point, he doesn’t know me appropriately yet.

Zoya calls Asad’s mom and says, I am so grieved.. I made an honest effort to stop Mr. Khan, yet I proved unable. He has left for the court.. also he might reach there on schedule. Asad’s mom tells her, no issue.. everything is in God hand’s. Whatever needs to occur.. will occur. Essentially you attempted. She asks Zoya, where are you at this moment? Zoya says, I am waitin for the transport.. try not to stress over me.. I will reach there. She detaches. Billo was listening their discussion. Later Asad’s mom exists the room, she really looks at her telephone.

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Asad lets the attorney know that he is headed to the court and requests that he keep him informed what occurs in the court. On the other Zoya is in the transport. She’s dozing and the previous evening’s scenes coming before her eyes. She contemplates whether Mr. Khan truly said that. Transport has a mishap. Everybody is severely harmed, however Zoya is by all accounts okay contrast with others. She is in a doubt and has tears in her eyes.

Rashid’s attorney lets him know that the present hearing got deferred. Rashid says whats the point.. I actually didn’t get bail. Legal advisor says, Asad’s legal counselor had the option to persuade judge to give new date. Hearing will occur following 3 days now.. furthermore we can attempt to present our defense solid… however for the time being.. you should remain in the authority. Attorney leaves and Rashid then, at that point, sees Asad’s mom there. Before she ways to deal with him, Shirin comes in the way. She embraces him. Rashid continues to check out Asad’s mom. Asad’s mom gets dismal and she leaves.

I Do On Zee World Monday 3rd January 2022: Asad hurries to the mishap scene. Zoya believes that he came there for her. Asad runs toward her. Zoya advances her hands seeing him running, however Asad passes by and goes to another person. Zoya is stunned. She pivots and sees him embracing another young lady. Dismal tune “Do Pal” from film Veer Zaara plays behind the scenes while Zoya gazes at Asad embracing another young lady and recalls their previous minutes.


Precap: Asad telling Zoya, Actually I didn’t have the foggiest idea.. you were in that bus..I discovered some other time when I saw your ipad and I was truly stressed. Zoya turns around and checks out him. Right then New young lady comes and calls Asad. She sees Zoya there also and says, apologies.. I truly want to believe that I didn’t upset you.


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