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I Do on Zee World Monday 19th December 2021

I Do On Zee World Tuesday 22nd February 2022
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I Do on Zee World Monday 19th December 2021: Nazma keeps telling zoya that ayan remained with asad for several years later which shirin returned rashid’s life and mamujaan proposed him notoriety and abundance for wedding shirin and hence asad despised rashid and didnt go with him and remained with dilshad. zoya asks that the children atleast might have met. Dilshad comes in saying that the children are more miserable when they meet since they are helped to remember their messed up houses anbd consequently its better for them to sever their connection. zoya embraces dilshad and says that she knew about her aggravation regardless of whether not the reason. Dilshad says that despite the fact that she dint realize still she read the aggravation in her eyes. zoya says that its exceptionally difficult to move past the difficulties of the past, saying that she undrstands the aggravation of growing up without guardians. she says that children are established in their previous existence regardless of whether they develop and push forward. She qyuestions their descision of not gathering one another. Dilshad says its unimaginable since neither rashid wqould acknowledge asad nor asad would excuse his father. Zoya says ayan is in hospitala nd needs asad. In any case, dilshad satys harsh on her descision that shewont reclaim her guarantee since she needs asad to fail to remember he had a sibling. Zoya feels that she had no clue about that behind his repulsive conduct is a particularly enormous aggravation. She decides that she would help him.

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I Do on Zee World Monday 19th December 2021: While the emergency vehicle leaves aftre putting ayan in it, without sitting tight for his folks, shirin and rashid are astonished that the emergency vehicle left without them. All at once the driver tells them thta he is here as it were. Shirin and rashid are strained with regards to who took their child in the emergency vehicle. All of a sudden, zoya tells asad on the telephone, that his stand by at an abandoned spot would before long be worth the effort. while asad is progressively getting upset at waiitng, Zoya, dressed as a medical caretaker, brings asad to the rescue vehicle and gets him to meet ayan, who subsequent to having attempted to escape the rescue vehicle, embraces seeing asad. Ayan asks asad who was behind this, and he brings up to zoya, yet before ayan can see her, she drives off in asad’s vehicle. While embracing, he recalls dilshad’s guarantee and tells ayan that they shouldnt meet. ayan inquires as to whether he would have the option to remain without meeting him. Asad says that he would need to have one final look before they choose to satisfy the guarantees made to one another’s families. Rashid’s family escapes the vehicle, having followed the rescue vehicle and are stunned to see the two siblings embracing. Hearing shirin’s voice shouting to ayan, asad is stunned while he is embracing ayan. mamu and rashid too are shocked. shirin faces ayan saying taht he had guaranteed. Mamu says taht he knows ayan has been misdirected by asad. asad says that he ought to have educated them regarding his coming. mamu too says that he woudl have gotten a kick out of the chance to show them something new together. Razia requests that he avoid ayan. asad answers that its not in his learning, to sever relations. Mamu and asad go into a verbal arguement. At long last asad says that the two of them know today their last gathering and this also is a happenstance. mamu blames asad for taking ayan in the rescue vehicle. When asad hushes up, razia too denounces asad. Mamu says that they should leave since he doesnt need to try and converse with such individuals. Shirin approaches and grasping ayan’s hand requests that he come. when ayan doesnt move, with his one hand in asad’s, shirin and the others also censure ayan to show up with them. Razia attempts to break his hold free from asad however when she is ineffective, rashid approaches and grabs ayan’s hand away from asad’s, helping asad to remember what rashid completed 17 years back when he removed ayan from him. shirin takes ayan away and seats him in the vehicle, with ayan hurt and crushed at that point. Asad contemplates internally, that zoya wasnt right in doing this.

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I Do on Zee World Monday 19th December 2021: Zoya gets a call from the more unusual she met at the market, who tells her that he has tracked down one location in his old receipts and zoya notes it down and aftre expressing gratitude toward him, drops the telephone. Asad comes in and finds zoya very glad, contemplating the two awesome assignments she did today, one tracking down a tragically missing hint and the other making asad meet ayan. Asad says that due to zoya, he needed to break his guarantee to dilshad. Zoya says that it wasnt him, since she did it cryptically. Asad is furious that she meddled in his life and cautions her never to rehash it. zoya says that she recognized the aggravation clearly when he heard that ayan was in emergency clinic. He says that she sees nothing on the planet and especially not the existence of torment and affront that he has needed to live and that relations aren’t ordinarily pretty much as basic as they appear. At the point when she attempts to tell him of the similarioty in their lives saying that she also knows the aggravation of developing without a dad, asad excuses her without hearing what she said, tears the paper with the location in zoya’s grasp and tosses the pieces on the ground. She says that he doesn’t have a clue what he just removed and its significance to her. Asad says that he doesn’t have the foggiest idea and he couldn’t care less and leaves. The screen freezes on zoya’s harmed face.

Precap: Zoya attempts to place in her well known verse once more, just to enrage asad, which goes as:


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