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I Do On Zee World Monday 10th January 2022

I Do On Zee World Tuesday 22nd February 2022
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I Do On Zee World Monday 10th January 2022: Madhu tells Paddo that RK broke her telephone on the set.. n additionally that he had employed individuals to tail her n so she went to sound him off! the Roti Madhu is making consumes..!She says.. don’t know what I need.. dun want to see his apologize. dun consideration him winning/losing.. however, ..wont back out till he does! She tells Paddo she doesnt want to embarass Paddo of all time. .as was Radha ..today.!

Plunges requests that Sikky switch off the lights.. n Sikky says..he is more intelligent than he appears ..! Sikky requests that Dips get him a job in RKs film! Plunges laufs out.. Sikky undermines Dips … [He says.. mat karna ye nadani gracious thing purani..warna khatam ho jaegi. .teri meri tota maina ki kahani] ! He extorts her about informing Radha regarding RK-Dips..! Plunges tells Radha..when will he tell Radha as she is sleeping..! Following day morning.. Radha is going to leave everlastingly for Delhi n Sikky asks Dips..if he should rodent her out to Radha? Plunges says dare not..! RK comes n requests timing from flight .. n he Bittu says 12 o clock..! RK removes the tickets..!

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RK-Radha battle out.. as each says.. Radha will leave or not leave..! Radha tells RK .. Yes .. not ur right hand. .n if he doesnt need her to leave.. apologize to Madhu..! RK acknowledges he was off-base in doing what he did to Madhu n is prepared to apologize to Madhu.. in any case, there wont be any adjustment of his affections for Madhu..! Radha yields..! Sikky smiles at Dips n she consents to do what he needs her to!

Chief Heroine RK are on the set..! RK sees Madhu .. n recalls his guarantee to Radha..! RK puls Madhus arm.. blocks her direction n at last says. HE HAS SOMETHING to say to her.. yet, Madhu says.. not intrigued! She strolls off!

I Do On Zee World Monday 10th January 2022: King shows up on the arrangement of RKs film.. scowls at his banner spots his vehicle ..takes out a cricket bat n breaks the glass sheet! All are stunned to see..!RK corner Madhu n locks his arms around her..! He requests that she investigate his eyes.. for he has no eye disease! She turns.. n is in tears..!

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BG –
Tu hey mahi mera.. tu hey mera khuda tha..
Tu hey ibadat. .tu hey .. bandagi
Tere receptacle sooni hai rahein ye sari
Kaise jeeun zindagi??? Murmur hai dewane..!

I Do On Zee World Monday 10th January 2022: RK attempts to wipe..!Bittu comes running n requests that RK come out n shows him broken glass sheet of his window n a note..!It peruses.. stars. (RK). have restricted life.. in any case, sun (Sultan) gleams on .. !

Precap — RK insults Madhu concerning how her sweetheart.. went to this degree .. to render retribution for RK rectifying Madhu for her error of chatting on telephone while on shoot..! Madhu hushes up..!


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