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I Do On Zee World Friday 7th January 2022

I Do On Zee World Tuesday 22nd February 2022
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I Do On Zee World Friday 7th January 2022: Asad declines the espresso thinking its Zo however it ends up being Tanu and he takes his words back and takes the espresso and Tanu safeguards Zo saying that he used to excuse the slip-ups she made when they were kids and that people in all actuality do commit errors the entire day and its not a problem and that he shudnt have shouted at Zo like this infront of a more abnormal ie her and Asad says she ain’t no more bizarre except for Tanu says how she is for Zo and that he ought to have cautious and how Zo has been feeling terrible the entire day and assuming not her she is sorry for her benefit and that Zo is truly quite a bechari and Asad resembles no chance she ain’t no bechari and that she appears to be great reason Tanu herself is overall quite that Zo is all out nonconformist here and is very surprising and Zo hears this behind the scenes and is in tears and Tanu recognizes this Humeira with Mr Siddiqui and gives him the papers on the guise of them being some office papers which need his mark promptly and regardless of Ayaan who is looking after goofing up she figures out how to get the papers marked yet her satisfaction is brief as Razia removes those papers from her.

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-Zo in her room saying to herself how she knew from the very beginning how Asad is and that he is a complete male extremist yet for what reason is this huge amount of troubling her so much and she conts to address herself when Tanu shows up and asks her abt having some food and she resembles have heard such a lot of that I am full and that wont have a chomp and Tanu places the pizza before her and tells her how Najma said that its her fav food and soon both start to visit and Zo begins to eat the pizza and says how she realizes she goofed up and everything except for what reason did he need to shout so a lot and Tanu resembles u needed him to be somewhat more arrangement and Zo concurs and Tanu says how Asad resembles that however he blows up on the ones he enjoys and Zo is truly glad and Tanu talks abt Asad once became irate with Dilshad yet she got him to pardon her by making him his fav dish and how once in a while decent food is the way in to all issues and focuses to the completed pizza

-Zo-Tanu cont to gab abt how she calls him janab akdoo while Zo calls him Jahapanah 6-packs

I Do On Zee World Friday 7th January 2022: -Ayaan holding up of Humeira however Razia shows up all things considered and says to Ayaan that he really wants to wed Humeira assuming he needs the marked papers and says she will sit tight for his choice.

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-Najma-Dilshaad examining abt the doll and that where could it be and that they need it before days to come hearing and Najma requests that Dilshad unwind and that she will address the nursery worker and discover ,the house keeper is nosing about listening in on their convo and Tanu also shows up and Najma requests that she get Dilshad some water and to be with her

-Billo Rani-Razia convo abt the doll and how they need to get it and to not allow Dilshad to get to the landscaper having the signs

I Do On Zee World Friday 7th January 2022: Ayaan recalling Shireen’s words and Razia’s arrangement and abt how Humeira had wouldn’t get hitched to him and wud it be reasonable for ruin Humeira’s life for the wellbeing of Abbu and he is thoroughly feeling vulnerable Following day ,Ayaan comes to meet Razia and she says she will get the papers for her wud be Son in law

Precap-Zo comes to Dilshad requesting that she taste the dish she made to brighten up Asad and Dilshad takes a chomp and resembles trust u didnt offer it to Asad and afterward Asad having that hack assault


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