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I do On Zee World Friday 31st December 2021

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I do On Zee World Friday 31st December 2021: Ayan and nuzrat are preparing to leave. Rashid’s mom asks shirin to get together quick and she answers that she cannot pack every one of the years that they have invested in such less energy. Rashid enters and is gotten some information about their new house. In any event, when she realized that they dont have a house, rashid’s mom says that they would discover.

As rashid’s family leaves, rashid lets everybody know that they arent leaving anyplace and would remain in this house as it were. Ayan sickened by his dad’s accommodation once more, starts to leave, without paying attention to shirin too. Shirin requests that he quiet down and contemplate not taking a descision carelessly. Yet, ayan says that he wont have Rashid stops him saying that he guarantees that he could never leave him alone offended or embarrassed or rebuffed any longer in the house. Ayan says that he simply talks and sits idle, and that he cannot withstand anything else and along these lines apologizes for going out. Rashid’s mom also reproves him for not uttering a word which drove ayan to this. Rashid says that it was her shortcoming just for all of this. She fights back saying that assuming he requested to speak more loudly for his own child, then, at that point, she cannot be off-base. Shirin also says that he ought to comprehend that they cannot take off from the house like this. Ayan anyway doesnt pay attention to anything. He says that he cannot bear razia’s stunts any longer and would leave. What’s more that soon, he would get them out of this house as well. As he goes, shirin incidentally stumbles on the steps and falls. Ayan promptly races to her.

I do On Zee World Friday 31st December 2021: Razia contemplates internally that she kenw that this solid mystery would consistently forestall rashid from going out. In her room, shirin makes ayan guarantee that he could never discuss going out. Rashid’s mom requests that he take an illustration based on the thing he’s doing to his family. Rashid says that he has a few commitments, satisfying which he wont defer going out in any event, briefly. As he leaves, rashid’s mom ponders with respect to what he could be caught in that he cannot tolerate upping for himself or his family. From the window of her room, razia cryptically finds rashid conversing with someone in the grass and chooses to look into it.

Mariam escapes the store room and goes into asad’s room. Dilshad alarms zoya, by calling her out from behind. Dilshad questions her around two cups of tea however zoya comes up with a rationalization and sends her off. As zoya goes into the store room, she is strained to find mariam gone from the store room and is terrified that asad may see her.

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In the mean time asad observes the washroom shut and accepts that zoya is inside and coaxes her to come out. Zoya hearing him yelling accepts that mariam should be in there. She comes before asad. Asad asks who’s inside in the event that she’s outside. Zoya requests that he get a psych counsel as he is hearing and seeing things that arent really there. As asad prepares to hammer the entryway open, zoya shows somone to be toward a path and tells asad to head there and look. As he goes, she gets mariam out. What’s more when asad gets back, she tells that the entryway was stuck and she has opened it. She leaves carelessly. Asad is thinking whats wrong in this house.

When zoya at last places mariam too in the storage facility, and tells her not to move without her consent, she says that she has left her dupatta in asad’s restroom. Zoya is stunned and tells mariam to hold on while she gets her dupatta.

As zoya gets mariam’s dupatta and goes out, she is gone up against by asad who asks what is she doing in his room. she says that she chose to keep what asad had given her all things considered, as she adjusted her perspective. Asd snidely says that its great since the past one didnt work much in any case. they again go into a verbal battle, wherein he commenst on her dressing sense, wih a dupatta on a top and she says that its the most stylish trend that he doesnt know about.

I do On Zee World Friday 31st December 2021: Later the entire day, asad comes into his room and views someone’s shadow and assuming it as zoya, asks her why is she here. He is stunned to find ayan, who embraces him tight and tells that nothing is correct since the time he isnt meeting him. Asad tells that he shouldnt have come to meet him. Ayan says that he cannot contemplate the guarantee any longer since he cannot bear it any longer in the house and he is terrified that he doesnt realize what might occur if mamu and razia realize that they met routinely. asad says that he doesnt care if mamu is familiar with this, yet ayan needs to bear in mind about his guarantee to shirin. ayan says that asad too had guaranteed that he could never leave him. while ayan is prepared to relinquish his guarantee, he asks asad on the off chance that he too can do exactly the same thing. Asad says that he cant since all of his reality is because of his mom and he cannot break the guarantee given to her. He embraces him tight and sends him off from the principle entryway, and not from the window as he regularly does. As rashid approaches his room, razia scrounges through asad’s papers and is stunned to observe what she sees there. She anyway is exceptionally cautious when she hears rashid calling out for espresso and keeps the document from where she took. As rashid goes into his room, razia is seen taking cover behind out. The screen freezes all over.

Precap: while mariam is taking cover behind the seat, zoya says that she had come to drink water when asad asks the justification for her being there during this time. Later asad completes his glass, he leaves, while zoya removes ayan who also is stowing away from her, coincidentally while believing that she’s taken mariam.


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