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I do On Zee World Friday 24th December 2021:.Asad is resting on the ground while zoya on the bed, both being integrated by cuffs. In a sharp pull, she falls on him and they share aromantic eyelock. zoys’ notification a few outlines on the ground and she takes him out to check. There once more, she sees someone’s shadow yet before asad can see, it vanishes. Asad doesnt accept her yet the disturbance awakens yash who asks him whats the matter. She expresses what she saw. yash assumes it very well may be individuals who are later them while arti says that it very well may be some lodging staff as well. yash advises them to illuminate them assuming anything wrong occurs. They then, at that point, head inside. Seeing them again connected at the hip with one another, Yash and arti too consider clasping hands and head inside. In the mean time, prashant, sees this from the shadows and thinks that if because of this young lady, he couldnt achieve his central goal tonite, he would make sure that she too would be in a difficult situation.

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.Ayan is stunned at mamu’s descision of humaira and ayan’s marriage. Mamu says that he would have guillotined assuming it was another person, however since its him, in this manner they are choosing marriage. Razia and mamu says that marriage would occur and that they should this present marriage’s prepares with nikhat’s as it were. Ayan is stunned and leaves as well.

.He goes to humaira and feels for her adage that now they need to discredit individuals and inquires as to whether she knows anything, that could demonstrate for their potential benefit. When humaira doesnt answer, remembring razia’s danger, ayan says that now they would need to converse with mamu and clarify everybody that they dont love each otherc and henceforth wouldnt need to get hitched. Humaira is crushed to hear this.

.Razia is stunned to hear that humaira needs to come clean with ayan, since he doesnt love her and doesnt need to wed her. She argues razia that she ought not compel her as she cannot see him living in suffocation. Razia says that its for her advantage and cautions her not to say anything, undermining her once more. She illuminates that she would get connected tomorrow and attempts to talk her into it. Humaira is confused.

I do On Zee World Friday 24th December 2021: rashid’s mom attempts to talk sense showing him razia’s conspiratorial plan behind this. Rashid says that there’s no impulse and as it is they like one another. She actually says that ist extends fellowship. He says that what occurred between them, is a long ways past fellowship. She asks him that she shouldnt accept with such ease and lose confidence in his child. Rashid leaves in saying that there’s no limit to this arguement. In any case, she says that he cannot bow before mamujaan’s desires, feeling obligated for how he has helped him. She requests that he tell whats the vulnerability that compels him to hush up before mamu. However, rashid, refering to a cerebral pain leaves from that point. Rashid’s mom believes that.

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Ayan attempts to talk nikhat and she is amazed to find that he doesnt love humaira and is truly not keen on wedding her. Nikhat says that she put stock in him however didnt realize that he didnt like te thought of marriage. Ayan says that he’s as of now dicussed with humaira and she approves of the possibility of not getting hitched. Still up in the air that he wouldnt get hitched under family tension, as a discipline for a wrongdoing he didnt carry out. Nikhat is irritated with the pressure in the house.

.When ayan declines that he wont wed or get connected today, mamu expresses that things are past the purpose in talking about, however yet in the restrictions of his resistance. Ayan says that the two of them dont need to get hitched. Razia says that humaira has said OK, yet rashid’s mom says that ayan has said no and regards her as a companion. Razia says that it’s anything but an issue of children’s decision now, however the family’s regard. Ayan challenges razia again saying that he wouldnt let them be persuasively hitched. Razia asks rashid to attempt to converse with ayan. rashid attempts to say that he thought the children preferred wach other. razia says that the descision has been made. Ayan says that even humaira can be called and gotten some information about her desire. He takes them to humaira’s r4oom where everyone is staggered to see humaira sitting in a pool of blood, with her wrists cut.

.As zoya and asad are going to leave their space to leave, they are stood up to with the locals alongside their sarpanch. Arti and yash too are taken out persuasively from their rooms. The man of the hour says that now they would have their vengeance while keeping guns and swords focused on at them. The sarpanch says that they wouldnt kill them here, however at another area, where they would torment and kill. When asad and zoya request that they leave yash, arti and their children since they are not to blame, the sarpanch says that they had helped asad and zoya and henceforth would confront their fury now. While they are removing the two couples, prashant watches this from a good ways saying, that now artio would know upto what lenghts a dad can go for getting his child back, uncovering that he has indeed, hijacked ansh and takes ansh with him, abandoning the young ladies. While the townspeople are removing them, zoya sees someone removing ansh from that point, however cant see the man’s face.

.Both the couples are bondaged to a seat. Zoya tells and disturbs arti regarding how she saw ansh’s abducting. Arti asks the residents regarding who has taken ansh and they tell her that they dont know at least something about it. The locals compromise them , that they entered their town run by thir controls, and upset its working, consequently they would now need to confront the consequeneces of playing with the working of the town. Later they leave, asad and yash attempt to liberate themselves from the servitudes.

.Meanwhile, in imprisonment, asad and others are attempting to break liberated from their subjugations. They at long last succeed however they are in arguement concerning who gets to runa nd who faces the locals, while the townspeople are drawing nearer towards their room. Zoya at long last persuades arti and yash to leave, and they go along. Later they leave, the law breakers barge into their room and asad taking cover behind the entryway, battles with every one of them and alongside zoya, figures out how to effectively run from that point.

Zoya and asad attempt to stop a vehicle yet it wizzes past them. Zoya sees ansh in the vehicle and tells asad about it. They are strained regarding how to illuminate yash about this since they dont have his telephone no.

Zoya says that she’s terrified and unfit to run any more extended. They settle down for resting for quite a while. Zoya, without really thinking, again fires babbling up a lot to asad’s discontent. zoya sees someone in the hedges and is extremely terrified. The man comes out and discharge a projectile focusing on their cuffs. The individual says that its unthinkable for them to leave without the direction of somebody who realizes the exit plan, indicating him. Asad asks the justification behind him helping them. He says that he has an old score to settle with the panchayat. While zoya sys not to take his assistance, asad says that they have no other choice and starts strolling, asking zoya to follow them.

The individual takes them through the forest, and requesting that they stop at a spot, says that he would be back soon and assist them with excursion further. He gives them water, promising that when he returns, he would get food. while he’s gone, asad and zoya again begin squabbling about unimportant issues, of course, later zoya wraps up the whole pitcher that their aide provided for them, much to asad’s disturbance who said no for now so he could drink it later.

14.Zoya is mourning at the current state of india and mariam being dealt with this terrible. Asad wryly says that he would not be a piece of any change development, that he intends to bring to india and that he simply needs to escape this securely. Zoya attempts to recount her side of the story and mariam’s situation as well. In any case, he says that she pointlessly engages with others’ daily routine and puts their experiences in question. He says that he longs for the day when he would be freed of zoya at last. While saying this, he sees a red material standing out in the ground. As he pulls at it, he additionally tracks down a hand He recalls the news piece he found in the television. He pivots to tell zoya that she was right in not confiding in the man and thinks that she is oblivious. As he attempts to run conveying her, he is encircled by the evildoers who have come as the individual, they confided in double-crossed them. When asad asks how is it that he could do this to them, when he’s dilshad’s family member. He says that what they did coming into their town and challenging their principles. Asad is approached to leave and when he goes to get zoya as well, he is informed that no one but he can leave. Asad is stunned to hear this and in his daze, is asked by his mamu to show up with him. He moves with them, while others begin covering zoya in the ground. Asad contends that zoya wasnt to blame. His mamu says that she ought to have let mariam bite the dust as opposed to confronting affront in the clan because of her. He proceeds to recount the whole story of mariam and the husband to be. asad recalls how he had been told ordinarily by zoya to pay attention to mariam’s side of the story. He turns around to observe men burrowing her grave and he being not able to do anything. His mamu takes him to the primary street and requests that he go to bhopal with one of his men, and never turn around to this town.

I do On Zee World Friday 24th December 2021:.The individuals take asad to the thruway and drop him off there, to take a transport to bhopal. asad still doesnt nearly accept whats happening to him. He says to himself that he wont let zoya kick the bucket like this and runs once again into the forest. He runs inside and begins shouting out for zoya. He begins burrowing irregular and shouting for zoya. Cut sees yash and arti too in the forest. They together beginning looking for her. yash tracks down soggy sand and they all s

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