I Do Monday 2nd May 2022 Update Zee World

I Do Monday 2nd May 2022 Update Zee World
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I Do Monday 2nd May 2022 Update Zee World: Zoya is on the bed and asks Asad to be careful while removing the sparking plug..! Asad asks Najma-Nuzhat to hold on to it carefully and goes and cuts off the power supply! Zoya is screaming.. Mr. Khan and Asad carries her off .. out of the room safely..! She hugs him..! Nuzhat thanks Allah..! Zoya asks Asad if he is ok? He says yes n asks how did this happen? Tanvir appears smirking and AsYa glare at her..! Asad asks is she involved and Zoya says no just seeing what she is doing here…and says.. the water tap was open coz of me.. and forgot to tell about wiring.. its all coz of me.. sorry..! Zoya asks Nuzhat and Najma to sleep and Asad says be careful next time and sends her to sleep and goes to close the tap..! Zoya comes to Tanvir and says …sorry.. very cheap trick..! She says.. thot Tanvir wuld plan something grand to stop my SR nite but …anyways can understand.. a person works as per their thinking.. ! Tanvir says.. this is just the start… see what all i do..! Zoya says. .and u think i will stand and play ur game? Zoya says i know how to play games.. but now whatever u plan careful.. coz u will end up on the ground.. face down..! As Tanvir turns to walk.. Zoya pulls the rug under her feet and Tanvir falls..! Zoya says oops.. told u ..walk carefully … focus on my words..! From future take care.. of ur steps and ur eyes..! She laufs and walks off..!

Tanvir comes in her room and slams the door shut..! She thinks never to underestimate enemy as they can plan something always..! She wonders what is Zoya’s plan? Tanvir is looking around the room and digs under the bed and finds Razia glaring at her..! Razia says.. thank Allah that u realized ur level is to sleep on the floor..! Tanvir stares at her n asks what? Razia asks..are u alright? Tanvir says am fine.. u better sleep.. ! Tanvir lies on the other side of the bed..! Razia asks Tanvir what is the matter? Checks her forehead n says.. another case of madness? Tanvir says please sleep!

Samira says.. Farhaan i will get bored.. its some relatives function and i dun even know them..! Farhaan says.. u should participate so all can recognize u as part of this family . .i know u dun wanna go.. as u suspect.. that i will cozy up to someone else..! Samira says am not that suspicious..! Samira says.. dun feel like leaving u alone with Khushbu ..! She says i know u wont do anything such that wuld hurt me..! Farhaan says i love u. .n sees her off..!

I Do Monday 2nd May 2022 Update Zee World: Razia comes and offers tea to Gaffur..! Right then Maulvi comes..! Gaffur asks.. u here. so early? Maulvi says.. seen a father be sentimental ..not forgetful ..! Gaffur says din get u..! Maulvi says.. u got busy with the nikah i guess! Gaffur asks whose nikah? Maulvi says.. Humera..! Right then Humera comes all decked up ..! Razia and Gaffur are shocked..! Haider comes as well . .all decked up ..! He slyly smiles at Gaffur..!

Part 2

Gaffur is about to slap Haider n Humera steps in and says. .i dared to do this. .i called Maulvi .. and decision of nikah is mine.. n its my final decision! Gaffur says.. ur not understanding. .ur this decision will ruin ur life… and ur happiness..! Humera says.. that will be better than my breaths.. and ur words wont change my mind! Humera says.. i and Haider have decided to do nikah in front of our own and in our house..! Gaffur recollects Haiders threat..! Razia asks..what is going on? Badi Bi and Dilshad come too ..! Humera says i and Haider are doing nikah ..! All are shocked..! Gaffur walks off..! Razia too ..! Asad congratulates Haider.. and Zoya stand next to Humera..! Humera asks to start the proceedings..!

Khushbu is in her room and Farhaan comes .. and says whoever named u. .was right.. the moment i stepped in ur room .. my heart is surrounded by perfume..! Khushbu says.. wow.. like ur style of praising..! Farhaan asks.. just wanted to ask.. ur leg is ok? Khushbu says .. much better..! Farhaan says.. have something for u. .dun be upset..! Khushbu asks.. what is it? Farhaan says a lil gift and sprays perfume on Khushbus hand..! She sneezes and says.. what are u doing? I am allergic to perfume..! Farhaan recollects Nikhat being allergic to perfume..! Farhaan says am really sorry ..can i do something for u? Khushbu says i will be fine soon .. just want to stay alone..! Hope u understand..! Farhaan says ofcourse..! Khushbu is worried that Farhaan is suspicious now!

Part 3

Haider Humeras wedding proceeding starts..! Razia asks Gaffur why he is not doing anything? Gaffur says i cant stop this wedding! Razia asks then who will stop this? Razia says not to bow down to Humeras whims..! Razia decides to interrupt but Gaffur says no use..! Razia asks what do u mean? She says.. u knew this was gonna happen? She asks what is the matter? There must be some secret..! Maulvi asks Haider his parents name! Haider says.. Sikandar and Nazneen..! Razia is shocked..! She says 17 years ago .. coz of fire in gudiya factory…! Maulvi asks Humera if she agrees to the wedding? Humera is smiling .. and says Qubool Hai..! AsYa are smiling ..!

Precap — Maulvi asks if there is no one from Haiders family there and Zoya says am there..! Haider hugs Humera..! Farhaan gets the table ready and Nikhat/Khushbu is arriving and he sees Nikhats glimpse in her..!

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