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I Do Monday 11th July 2022 Update Zee World

I Do Monday 11th July 2022 Update Zee World
Written by Tellypings

I Do Monday 11th July 2022 Update Zee World: As the night passes away and day dawns on, sanam puts him slowly on the pillow, but he clutches at her dupatta tightly, and she tries slowly to take it out of his grasp, buty he clutches at it more tightly. As sanam gives a jerk, Ahil finally wakes up and finds sanam reclining on him. They both compose themselves, while sanam gets up. sanam concernedly asks if he is okay. Ahil says of course. sanam talks about how scared he was last night, and talks about his nightmares. He rudely says that its none of her business as she is just a wife by name, and shouldnt interfere in his matters behaving like an actual one. He leaves to freshen up. sanam thinks what kind of a man is he, as he doesnt like anyone doing anything nice for him.

Asma tells sanam about the Chaand Raat, while she compliments asma about her beauty. she compliments her bangles too, and asma shyly tells that azhar gave this to her, as its a ritual. she says that sanam too would get them, even beautiful than this is. Sanam however is frustrated that ahil wont get anything for her.

Meanwhile, Rehaan gets a gift and places it in Sanam’s room stealthily, thinking that he had thought that he would give this to her on their first eid together, when little did he know that she wouldnt be his, and would be someone else’s wife by then, still since he has bought the gift, he decides to keep it there for her.

Azhar’s parents are looking for the moon, when they find latif with lots of bangles. they ask about them. latif tells them that tanveer has sent them for sanam, due to ahil, as she has herself gone for property inspection. sanam gets dressed and is about to go out, when she stops and finding the gift, misconstrues it to be ahil’s gift to her, and takes it to find bangles inside, which she happily dons, as she remembers asma’s comment. She thinks that its impossible to understand ahil.

I Do Monday 11th July 2022 Update Zee World: Downstairs, rehaan and ahil tensedly walk to meet the rest of the family. latif stops him to ask him to see the moon. Ahil gets tensed, and starts looking around for sanam, and latif teases that she would get it. meanwhile, all are excited to have finally seen the moon, at the exact moment, of which, sanam descends down, and ahil and rehaan both are mesmerised to see her. rahat takes his eyes away as he finds sanam staring at ahil. all congratulate each other, while ahil and rehaan are tensed as they confront each other. they do hug though. Sanam eyes ahil, as he comes towards her, and she too starts walking. they finally wish each other too, and eye the moon together. rahat is disturbed. Latif reprimands her for wearing such normal bangles from god knows where, reminding her that on this day, the newly wed wife only wears bangles, gifted to her by her husband only. Sanam is tensed, and says that these are the bangles kept in her room, giftwrapped. rahat is highly disturbed. latif shows her an entire rack of bangles that ahil has arranged for her, to choose from and wear for herself. sanam shockingly tells ahil that she thought he kep it in the room for her. Ahil is tensed. latif asks her to let it be, and tries to take the bangles off, but it gets stuck, and comments that its not coming out. rehaan and ahil are both tensed. latif remembers that she has to go for food serving, and asks ahil to do the honours, of taking them out and making her wear new ones. Ahil and sanam are tensed. azhar’s parents leave to gorge on food, while ahil and sanam stay behind, as rahat resignedly watches and then leaves too. Ahil comes to her, while she is tensed. Ahil looks at her tensedly too. She closes her eyes, as he takes her palm, and tries to take it out, and gets tensed, as she winces in scream. he is finally able to take them out, while sanam stands tensed, and rehaan is disturbed and distraught as he watchges from behind the pillar.

Scene 2:
Location: Munisa’s residence
Rahat eyes haya praying, in the wee hours of the morning, and is unable to look away. Meanwhile, faiz too eyes her from the other side, oblivious of rahat’s feelings for her. meanwhile, all are waiting for the moon to come out, while rahat carries bangles in his hand to present to haya, as he waits anxiously for her. As the moon comes out finally, haya comes too, and both rahat and faiz are mesmerised to look at her. All are happy to see the moon. faiz says that he doesnt know how to express but says it still. hay signals him how to properly congratulate. munisa eyes her with faiz, and her friend instigates Munisa to do something soon. She says that she does know what to do. She leaves inside with her friend for food. haya too leaves, before rahat has a chance of giving bangles to her. faiz notices this, and rahat explains that he got it for haya, and since she is alone, he decided to give it to her. He takes it from rahat’s hand, and says that its very good. as haya comes to declare that food is served, faiz says to her that the bangles are for her, while rahat watches a little sad, and then faiz says that its their gift together. She says that its good. Faiz asks her to don it right now. Rahat is disturbed and hurt too, but doesnt say anything. haya complies.

I Do Monday 11th July 2022 Update Zee World

Scene 3:
Location: Ahil’s residence
Tanveer comes and all congratulate her too for eid. rehaan greest her a badi begum, and tanveer is tensed. she wishes him too. sanam comes and wiehs her, and tanveer feels that she has worn the bangles, that she had sent on ahil’s behalf. She also announces a great party for sanam and ahil’s first eid, and all get excited to hear this. later, tanveer calls up razia, and after they exchange niceties, she invites razia for the party, and razia sarcastically says that she would definitely come for seeing the choti begum. tanveer cancels the call and smiles. the screen freezes on her face.

Precap: The party begins, and finally razia comes, and after tanveer greets her, she demands to see the choti begum. tanveer hollers for sanam, and when she comes, razia is shocked, to see her and her uncanny resemblance to Zoya, and understands that she is zoya’s daughter. Sanam however is shocked to see her reaction.

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