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I Do Friday 29th April 2022 Update Zee World

I Do Friday 29th April 2022 Update Zee World
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I Do Friday 29th April 2022 Update Zee World: Razia asks why did she stop zoya from knowing the truth. tanveer teases her that she is her own too. razia gets tensed. She says that she knows her better than that, and that she is always someone’s for her selfish motives. tanveer accepts it and says that there is a motive of hers involved. She says that just like she doesnt want Mamu to go astray, she too wishes the sdame. She says that she needs to settle old scores with zoya, as she is her enemy. Tanveer tells razia that the enemy’s enemy turns out to be a friend. tanveer that they can be friends as they both are zoya’s enemies. this sends razia into thinking, while tanveer leaves, smirking at the effect that she has had on razia, and is very happy that all her traps are falling in place, with razia also going against mamu, and she is one step closer to her revenge on zoya. she says that noone can even fathom her next step, neither razia, nor zoya, not anyone else.

Zoya tells asad that now she has to put an end to this, if not directly then indirectly, and she would find the truth, right now, right here, today itself, and tanveer would tell her. asad is tensed. Zoya is sure that tanveer is behind this sick joke and she would get the truth out of her. Asad tries to tell her that this is what tanveer wants. But zoya is beyond composing herself, and starts screaming asking tanveer to come out, as she knopws that tanveer is doing all this. Tanveer come calmly from behind asking whats the matter, and why would she hide anything. Zoya angrily asks her to tell everything about her father and that she knows that tanveer is behind this. She asks tanveer to stop this. Dilshad and asad stand tensed. Zoya asks her to confess that she knows abouit her father and demands to know the truth of the picture. Tanveer is speechless, but then finally stands surprised. tanveer hides the pic, and asks what pic is she talking about. Zoya takes her forcibly and seats her on the sofa, and asks her to speak. Tanveer hides the pic under the sofa. tanveer asks her to believe that she doesnt know anything about her father. zoya asks her to say the truth. she shows her the pic and clues that she was sending all the while. Tanveer asks why would she do it, and how can she say it so convincingly, and if this is happening, then someone else is behind this. she turns to asad but asad too favours zoya and blames tanveer. He says tyhat he was trying to understand her mind games. He says hat pic raised her doubts to a clear head. zoya too says that only she knows the truth. tanveer says that she had all said it in a lie. razia eyes her from a distance. Zoya says that she had taken zoya to the grave to show that its empty and asks what it was then. Tanveer says that she did that to get her in tension. Tanveer says that she played with her emotions, and wronged them, but she has changed and turned over a new leaf and asks them to believ it. tanveer says that she didnt know then and she doesnt know now, who’s her father, and asks zoya to calm down, hugging her in fakeness. reazia is happy to see this. zoya gets frustrated. Zoya confronts tanveer as to why is she doing all this. Tanveer says that she doesnt believe her, but would once she’s dead. Zoya says yes in anger, asking if she would die right now, just to convince her. tanveer and all are shocked at her stance.

I Do Friday 29th April 2022 Update Zee World

Scene 2:
Location: On the Masjid Road
haider is determined that he would tell zoya the truth. But then suddenly stops thinking if actually she would be happy knowing the truth, after also knowing that her father is the criminal of his parents, aand if hhe doesnt, then he also wont be able to tell her, that he is her brother. He says that she has been searching for her father for long. He thinks that this truth shall expose all other secrets, soaked in blood. He thinks that if she knows this, she wont be happy, and apologises that he wont tell her about this.

Scene 3:
Location: Haseena’s residence
Nikhat, in her new avatar, starts to tell sameera how much calorie intake she is having by consuming butter, and that her crimes wont be unpunished always. all get tensed, when she clarifies that eating like this and deliberately fattening herself is no less than a crime. sameera gets irritated and signals farhan to speak up for her. but farhan favours nikhat, instead of sameera, and irking her more. he says that noone shall have butter now. He is smitten by the girl that he thinks to be someone else. Sameera leaves the table in disgust, and nikhat recounts the small quantity of food that they used to give her, and she smiles at the tables turning now. she flirtatiously plays footsie with farhan, who is pleasantly surprised with it, as she goes on tease farhan, through her flirtatious eyes.

Scene 4:
Location: In the garden
haider sits quiet, while humaira tries to initiate a conversation with him, and finally brings up the topic of marriage. He says that he would talk soon. She says that they have had enough days of wait and asks if he’s unsure of their relation together. He asks why’s she saying all this, as he just wants some time. She asks why does he need it, as she doesnt want to wait, like earlier times. she asks the reason. he asks her to stopn this rant, as it would happen when it has to. She says that she cant bear this anymore. She says that things have gone way ahead between them, and now he is tensioning her by shying away from marriage and scaring her too. she says that either he talks to her father for marriage by eight o clock, or else forget her forever. She begins to leave but haider stops and comes to her. He tells her that he would talk by the deadline that she has given and they would definitely marry. humaira is extremely pleased and hugs her.

Scene 5:
Location: Ayan’s residence
Tanveer goes over to the dining table, and says that her past always haunts her and once she kills herself, neither her past, nor her present nor her future would be there and that would calm everyone. To everyone’s horror, Tanveer cuts her vein, much to everyone’s surprise and zoya’s puzzlement. Dilshad rushes to her, while razia too stands shocked, and tanveer dozes into unconsciousness. The screen freezes on Zoya’s tensed face.

Precap: Zoya comes to tanveer, after she has had a bandage on her hand. She tells tanveer that she maynt have fulfilled her promise but one promise she would make to tanveer and would fulfill it too. Zoya says that they will have their walima, and most importantly in her walima, her father would be there with her. tanveer is surprised as zoya promises her stoically.

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