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I Do Friday 15th July 2022 Update Zee World

I Do Friday 15th July 2022 Update Zee World
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I Do Friday 15th July 2022 Update Zee World: Sanam tells Rehan that her parents are no more, but whenever someone talks about them, there is some hope finding something out about them. Rehan says he also doesn’t know anything about his father. She asks what about his mother? He thinks about Tanveer and doesn’t say anything. She says their both problems are same, maybe that is why they understand each other so well. This is so unfair that they don’t know anything about people because of whom they came to this place. She further says Badi Ammi told her that they were rich and used to live in Bhopal, but how suddenly they came poor and why she had to take her and Haya to Punjab. She wants to find reason behind it. She’s crying and Rehan wants to wipe her tears, but controls.

Other hand, Ahil’s friends bring him home and demand to take them to his wife. He tries to take them out, but in vain. He asks to sit there quietly and he will bring her.

Sanam continues crying. Rehna says he will try his best to find all he can about her parents. She thanks him and he finally wipes her tears. Ahil sees it and is not impressed. Sanam and Rehan see him and Rehan takes his hand back. Ahil’s friends come there and go to Sanam with Ahil. Ahil pulls Sanam, grabs her tightly, and introduces as his dear wife to his friends. His friends say hi, and Sanam replies with As-salamu alaykum. Ahil sends Rehan to arrange dinner. Ahil’s friends talk to Sanam in English. Ahil tells them her engilsh is weak, so talk in Hindi.

Later, Sanam is helping Rehan and Ahil can’t see it. He tells Rehan to leave now. Rehan says he will handle it, but Ahil sends him away saying his work is done. Ahil tells his friends to make sure they don’t eat their fingers because food is made by Sanam. His friends are impressed. Ahil says she used to be cook before this and had dhaba in village too. His friends are confused. They then play music for dance. Ahil pulls Sanam and dances furiously. She says she’s getting hurt. He asks her what happened when Rehan touched her? she didn’t any proble? is he allowed. She says so disgusting.. how he can even think like that and she’s not his real life that it should matter to him. They stop dancing and Sanam leaves. Ahil’s friends ask him to arrange beer, but Ahil tells them tomorrow. Sanam hears it and is happy that he at least listened to her in that matter.

I Do Friday 15th July 2022 Update Zee World: Tanveer is standing lost. Razia comes and tells her to check poolside. She has added so much hatred in Ahil. She asks about her real son and why so much love to ahil? She makes fun saying whose child it was as Tanveer had affair with many guys. Tanveer finally breaks her silence when Razia says inappropriate about her real son. She tells her to control her tongue else she will take away whatever days she has left to live. Razia laughs and praises Tanveer for handling everything so nicely, marrying a rich man despite being blind and making Ahil so much on her side that he’s ready to give all her property to her. She further says she has hid so many secrets and never know when which wall give out a secret. Just then Sanam bumps into a wall and photo frame falls down. She sees a hole and looks into it. She wonders how she knew that there’s a door.

Precap: Sanam makes the hole bigger and goes inside with Rehan. She passes by Zoya’s photo and an anklet or something gets stuck in her dupatta.

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