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Saturday 1 January 2022

Episode 85

Geet faculties something terrible will occur. She asks why she isn’t getting impacted by Maan’s self-important conduct and still focuses on him.

Episode 86

Maan and Geet are amazed by their affections for one another. Geet doesn’t track down Maan in the house and goes looking for him. She tracks down him at the mosque yet he is furious in light of the fact that she let Dadimaa home be.

Sunday 2 January 2022

Episode 87

Dadima attempts to persuade Maan that Geet really focuses on him. Geet doesn’t educate Maan regarding her anxiety for him. Afterward, Dev and Naintara get into an altercation over Geet.

Episode 88

Maan requests that Geet work for him once more. She chooses to do it, yet in addition pledges to stay away from Maan. Notwithstanding, she is concerned that she should meet him consistently.

Monday 3 January 2022

Episode 89

Geet needs to work with Sasha to investigate her abilities. Sasha questions her relationship with Maan, as she is remaining in his home, and chooses to deliver retribution on her. In the mean time, Naintara employs an investigator to look into Geet.

Episode 90

Maan requests that Geet avoid a task, which is in Hoshiyarpur, yet Geet rejects. Nonetheless, while introducing, she recollects her family in Hoshiyarpur, and can’t proceed.

Tuesday 4 January 2022

Episode 91

The criminal investigator tells Dev that Geet is in Delhi. In the mean time Geet concludes that she can’t permit herself to adore Maan as she has the obligation of their kid. Choosing to get away from him, she goes after different positions.

Episode 92

Dadimaa swoons when Geet educates her concerning leaving Maan and must be hospitalized. Geet attempts to call Maan yet Dev gets the call. In the interim, Maan rejects a task that Geet had been offered, for her benefit.

Wednesday 5 January 2022

Episode 93

Dadimaa understands that Geet loves Maan yet designates her and Adi to look for a young lady for Maan to wed. Geet chooses to do it, thinking getting Maan hitched will make it more straightforward for her to leave.

Episode 94

Nayantara discovers that Geet used to work at Khurana developments. In the interim, Dadimaa requests that Maan wed and he concurs as her wellbeing falls apart. Notwithstanding, he is stunned to discover that Geet is shortlisting young ladies for him.

Thursday 6 January 2022

Episode 95

Geet alarms the young ladies who come to meet Maan by educating them concerning his pomposity. Maan requests that she observe a young lady who will actually want to go with him to Dadimaa however at that point can be unloaded.

Episode 96

Dev sees Geet in the toilet however thinks he is envisioning things. In the mean time, since none of the young ladies consent to Maan’s agreement, Geet plans to send Sasha to Maan. Will Maan’s arrangement succeed?

Friday 7 January 2022

Episode 97

Maan chooses a young lady, Pari, who is exceptionally drawn to him. Geet gets bothered when she thinks that she is giving flying kisses to his photographs and conversing with them. She tells her that Maan is a particular chief, bothering Maan who catches her.

Episode 98

At the point when Geet stays away from Maan, he advises her to fix his meeting with Pari for lunch. In the mean time, Maan saves food prepared for Geet also. Geet is contacted and offers food to Maan.

Saturday 8 January 2022

Episode 99

Maan requests that Geet for thoughts intrigue Pari. However Geet feels awkward in her essence, she advises him to gift her a teddy bear rather than studs. Pari claims to black out to stand out for Maan however it just serves to bother him.

Episode 100

Geet tracks down Maan and Pari at a disco She trades Maan’s beverage with Pari’s as Pari needs to get Maan smashed. Nonetheless, he actually becomes inebriated and hits the dance floor with Geet and Pari. Geet and Maan embrace one another.

Sunday 9 January 2022

Episode 101

On understanding her closeness with Maan, Geet feels regretful and advises him to keep separation. Notwithstanding, Maan in his smashed state admits his affections for Geet. In the mean time, checking out their conduct, Pari speculates Maan and Geet like one another.

Episode 102

Maan lets Geet know that he has disregarded the night’s occurrence as he was tipsy and stays away from her. Maan chooses to emerge from the feelings he feels towards Geet.

Monday 10 January 2022

Episode 103

Pari attempts to see whether even Maan likes Geet and finds that he does. She lets Maan know that she is leaving always and that she has left an unexpected treat for him.

Episode 104

Maan requests that Geet claim to be his fiancee before Dadima. Geet hesitantly concurs and the two lie about their relationship to her!

Tuesday 11 January 2022

Episode 105

At the point when Tasha gets some information about his relationship with Geet, he lets everybody know that she is his life partner. In the interim, Rasika records an argument against Maan for leaving her undertaking halfway.

Episode 106

Geet arrives at Hoshiyarpur. Maan demands that she return. At the point when she denies, he takes her persuasively to Delhi however their vehicle stalls. They are protected by a family they had before become friends with at the dhaba, who take them to a wedding.

Wednesday 12 January 2022

Episode 107

Geet meets Rasika and tells her that has let the locals know that Rasika is attempting to fabricate a lodging on their property. She compromises Rasika with incensed residents assuming she doesn’t pull out the case.

Episode 108

Rasika takes her case back and Maan expresses gratitude toward Geet for facing such a challenge. He amazes Geet by making her meet her sister Rajji and her sibling Tito. Rajji tells Geet

Thursday 13 January 2022

Episode 109

Brij’s men grab Geet and are going to kill her yet Maan shows up at the last possible second. She lets Maan know that she had rebuffed Brij for his violations by sending him to imprison. She is contacted when Maan tells her that he will forever secure her and that he can’t live without her.

Episode 110

Geet recollects that Maan had been harmed in the battle and races to the workplace to keep an eye on him. The workplace staff stay away from her since they think she is Maan’s life partner.

Friday 14 January 2022

Episode 111

Dadimaa encourages Dev to admit his error and guarantees that Maan will unquestionably excuse him. In the mean time, she designs a party in their office to commend the commitment of Geet and Maan.

Episode 112

Maan requests that Nayantara patch her methodologies, or, in all likelihood he won’t excuse her. He tells Geet to not flee from her sentiments and puts the wedding band on her fingers. Will Geet recognize her actual sentiments now?

Saturday 15 January 2022

Episode 113

Geet is glad to wear the ring yet when she asks Maan for what good reason he made her wear it, he doesn’t reply. Then, at that point, when he requests that she be a piece of another lodge project, she rejects.

Episode 114

At the point when she sees his anxiety for her, Geet chooses to enlighten Maan regarding her life and her pregnancy, as she would rather not undermine him. In the mean time, Dev likewise plans to enlighten Maan concerning Geet.

Sunday 16 January 2022

Episode 115

Geet observes Maan playing with kids at a customer’s party. He thinks that she is appealing in a saree. Geet attempts to educate him concerning herself however he imagines that she will propose to him and requests that she admit her sentiments.

Episode 116

Maan is broken and feels that Geet has conned him. Geet chooses to let him know every bit of relevant information yet he won’t tune in. He doesn’t react to her by any stretch of the imagination. The workplace staff are shocked to see an adjustment of him.

Monday 17 January 2022

Episode 117

Maan chooses to change an undertaking as he would rather not follow Geet’s thoughts. Geet attempts to come clean with him yet he requests to know why she hadn’t told him of her pregnancy prior.

Episode 118

Maan deals with Geet however is as yet irate with her. They reject Dadimaa’s proposal of calling a specialist. In the mean time, Dev is too reluctant to even think about coming clean with Maan. In any case, Maan is glad that Nayantara is out of his life.

Tuesday 18 January 2022

Episode 119

Dev helps his close buddy Meera in beautifying her new house. In the mean time, when Sasha requests that Pinky move Geet’s table into Maan’s office, he becomes irate and fires Pinky.

Episode 120

At the point when Maan feels regretful and attempts to support her, she lets him know the conditions in which she needed to leave her family and about the one who swindled her. How will Maan respond?

Wednesday 19 January 2022

Episode 121

Dev enlightens Meera concerning wedding Geet for cash as he was under a gigantic obligation. In the interim, Geet attempts to move away from Maan by and by. He tracks down her at the station and apologizes for his prior conduct.

Episode 122

Meera is irate with Dev for ruining a young lady’s life. In the mean time, Maan needs to keep Geet glad, yet is interested to be familiar with the one who spoilt her life. He needs to know whether Geet has looked for vengeance.

Thursday 20 January 2022

Episode 123

Uninformed that Dev is Maan’s sibling, Geet keeps on concealing reality with regards to him. Maan additionally chooses not to badger Geet about her past however he offers to assist her with getting equity.

Episode 124

Geet and Maan meet their customer in Manali. Geet guarantees him of never letting her previous influence her present. Maan gets bothered when the customer suggests that Geet ought to wed his child.

Friday 21 January 2022

Episode 125

Geet and Maan are drawn towards one another. Nonetheless, Maan is irritated that regardless of his proposition, Geet thinks he is faking his adoration. They have a contention and Geet disappears.

Episode 126

Geet is as yet not ready to talk about her thoughts and says thanks to Maan for continually supporting her. In the mean time, Dadimaa plans a party to observe Maan’s commitment. She is disturbed when they broaden their visit in Manali without illuminating her.

Saturday 22 January 2022

Episode 127

Maan orchestrates a supper date with Geet. Be that as it may, Geet is as yet uncertain with regards to talking about her thoughts. In the mean time, Maan is disturbed with the prospect that she impelled Dadimaa to host the gathering. Meera converses with Geet and gives her the mental fortitude to make some noise.

Episode 128

Geet lets Maan know that she is hesitant to acknowledge him as she had

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