Dream Girl Wednesday 13th April 2022 Update Star Life

Dream Girl Wednesday 13th April 2022 Update Star Life
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Dream Girl Wednesday 13th April 2022 Update Star Life: The Episode starts with Ayesha humiliating everyone. Manav asks is she done now, and asks her to get lost from their lives. She says he has earned by her good years of her life, and asks her to give alimony to her, then she will sign, she wants half share in Navrang, what will he do in court, will he make Abhimanyu speak against her. She asks him to think can Prem bear this big shock. She leaves. Manav gets angry and says she means I m nothing, she is greedy woman, and shouts. Samar and Karan stop him.

Manav pushes them and cries. He leaves. Karan says Ayesha has played safe this time, what will Manav decide, it will be tough for him. Manav throws things in his cabin. He says he can’t do anything. Prem calls Manav and pacifies him, to be strong and not break down. He asks him to be busy in work, so that his pain gets less. Manav cries. Prem says Navrang is close to him, like his sons. Manav ends call and says he will not let Prem’s dream shatter, he will not break navrang.

Ayesha comes to him and asks what will she do without her wedding ring. Manav gives her the ring. She asks him to come for the interview and takes him. Manav unwillingly sits with her. Ayesha and Manav give the interview, and Ayesha acts very normal, like before. She shares her love story and asks Manav does he remember. The reporter asks Manav about his married life.

Manav recalls Prem’s love for Navrang. Prem tells his life journey which started with Navrang, and how this studio is running many homes. Prem asks Manav to promise he will never sell Navrang, else he will feel Manav did not do his duty. Manav promises to keep Navrang always. Manav tells positive things about Ayesha and poses with pics with her. He leaves. Ayesha smiles.

Karan asks Ayesha to check and sign on papers. Ayesha gets to know her aunty died and gets shocked.

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