Dream Girl Tuesday 26th April 2022 Update Star Life

Dream Girl Tuesday 26th April 2022 Update Star Life
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Dream Girl Tuesday 26th April 2022 Update Star Life: The Episode starts with Ayesha coming to the flat. She sings the lullaby for the girl. She looks for her and asks her to come out. She tries convincing her. Ayesha asks the caretaker not to drag her like this. The girl attacks caretaker. Ayesha gets hurt too. She says I got hurt, I will get medicine and come, don’t trouble anyone. The girl hugs her. Ayesha says I have to go, I have to get medicine for the wound. The girl goes and rests.

Ayesha asks caretaker not to give food to the girl at this time, and keep door locked. She thinks this won’t work and keeps camera there. She leaves. Karan throws a bachelor’s party for Samar and they enjoy to the core with their friends. Bua is doing arrangements and asks Laxmi to come. Laxmi says whatever Karan says, I have to talk to Raj. She calls Samar while he is partying. She leaves a message for Samar. Karan asks them to lower music and they all have a talk. They all laugh talking on their opinion about marriage.

Karan says I m not much drunk, I m just giving Satya gyaan. The man says I m jealous of Samar, he got first to marry. Samar gets Laxmi’s message and Karan stops him from checking. Karan takes his phone and thinks its necessary, though this is wrong to read other’s message. He reads Laxmi’s message about cancelling the engagement and looks at Samar. Laxmi calls again. Karan disconnects the call and switches off the phone. She wonders whether Samar read message or not. Ayesha comes home while her forehead has the wound. She holds the bleeding and looks around. She gets dizzy and falls. Manav comes and holds her. He asks her to open her eyes. Prem asks what happened. Manav worries and asks Prem to call doctor. Mithi asks what happened to Ayesha. Manav asks Mithi to go inside and takes Ayesha to room. Prem calls the doctor.

Dream Girl Tuesday 26th April 2022 Update Star Life: Karan talks to everyone and tells about Samar’s to be life partner. He says about his caring and good natured life partner. Samar says all the qualities and lots of love…. Laxmi…. They all dance. Karan does not answer Laxmi’s calls and thinks Samar’s smile should be intact, so I m doing this, just engagement should happen tomorrow. Laxmi thinks did Raj get annoyed reading message.

Prem asks Manav whats the matter. Manav says Samar’s phone is off and Karan is not answering call. The doctor checks Ayesha and says she will be fine, wound was deep but no internal bleeding. Ayesha wakes up and says she is better. Prem asks how did this happen. Ayesha says I slipped outside the house. She thinks what might be going on in that house. Prem goes with doctor. Manav asks Mithi to sleep and sends her. Ayesha says she slipped. Manav asks Ayesha whats the truth.

The girl sees caretaker sleeping and leaves from the flat. Kushal asks her what are you doing here Mam at this time, where is your car. The girl comes to Sareen house and sleeps in Ayesha’s room, while Ayesha is sleeping on the bed.

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