Dream Girl Tuesday 19th April 2022 Update Star Life

Dream Girl Tuesday 19th April 2022 Update Star Life
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Dream Girl Tuesday 19th April 2022 Update Star Life: The Episode starts with Samar seeing the old clothes in the trunk. Ayesha says she was going to give it in charity and takes the keys. She sends him for rehearsals. Samar goes out and sees Laxmi and Karan fallen. He falls down too and they all laugh. Ayesha takes a flat and gets the keys. The man asks why is she rented flat when she has many bungalows. This is not of her standard. She says she has to play middle class character, so she took this house. She sees some wooden sticks and asks him. He says its material left after making furniture. She says no need, you go. She drags the trunk there. She uses the material and sees the windows of the house.

She opens the trunk and removes the clothes. She screams and locks the trunk inside the door. She says this secret should be left here. Karan wakes up and asks what are we doing here. Laxmi and Samar get up and have a hangover. Samar says we were doing rehearsals. Laxmi says she had headache and leaves. Karan says did anyone mix in food or drink, how did we three faint. He asks watchman about Ayesha. The watchman says she is inside. Karan says she is resting, there is something, maybe she did this.

Ayesha’s hand is hurt. Manav comes there and finds something. Ayesha asks is he finding anything. He asks her not to question him, and not spy on him. She thinks she has to change, she can’t wear sleeveless dress as her wound will be seen. He asks did her dressing sense go with mind. Mithi comes and hugs her. Ayesha gets hurt. Manav turns to see and asks what happened. Ayesha goes to see Mithi’s project.

Dream Girl Tuesday 19th April 2022 Update Star Life: Laxmi recalls Karan and thinks Samar will be sad knowing I was acting mad with Karan. Karan looks at her. She avoids him. Karan asks why is she not listening. Samar says I have headache, I don’t remember anything, I have seen something which made me worried. Karan says lets forget it, we shall rehearse the scene. Karan tells Laxmi about the scene. Laxmi looks at Samar. She thinks maybe Samar saw her and Karan together and this is troubling him.

Karan says I will get lemon water for Samar and asks Samar to rehearse. Laxmi says the lines and asks for a break. Samar says I m going café. Manav comes to navrang. Karan says we do rehearsals like shooting, props will have to be at right place. Manav greets Karan. Karan says he has to tell something about Laxmi and Samar, about their relation. Laxmi talks to Samar. She tries to know if he feels anything else about her, she got her love without any condition, she does not want pity. He says many things happened between us, its true, our relation is not like before. Karan says their relation got stagnant, its of no use. Samar says our relation changed with time. Laxmi gets stunned. Samar says relation got more strong now. She smiles. Karan suggests Manav to get Laxmi and Samar engaged. Samar tells Laxmi that he will talk about engagement with Manav, he can’t be away from Laxmi now. Manav agrees and tells Karan that he is also his family. He hugs Karan happily.

Mithi is with Ayesha and passes time. Ayesha thinks she has to reach the flat and asks Mithi to go. Mithi insists and stays with her at the office. Manav is worried that Mithi did not come from school. He asks Sona about her. Karan comes and Ayesha asks Mithi to be with Karan, she has to attend meeting. Karan asks Ayesha to spend time with Mithi, he will attend the meeting. Ayesha tries to leave, but Mithi blocks her.

Mithi asks Ayesha to help her and faints. Ayesha says now when Mithi wakes up, she will tell everything. Manav says doctor said Mithi is in shock and calls out Ayesha.

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