Dream Girl Thursday 5th May 2022 Update Star Life

Dream Girl Thursday 5th May 2022 Update Star Life
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Dream Girl Thursday 5th May 2022 Update Star Life: The Episode starts with Ayesha seeing Samar’s critical state. Laxmi’s dad and Bua come there to see Samar. Laxmi hugs them and cries. The doctor says Samar is not out of danger yet, we made him stable to some extent, he got conscious. Ayesha gets shocked. Samar is shown getting treated again. Karan asks Manav about Samar. Manav thanks him for bringing Samar on time. He says we can’t forget this favor. Laxmi asks can we meet him. Samar stares at Ayesha. He is taken away on the stretcher.

Karan asks Ayesha where was she, Samar and she were coming in film mahurat, he found Samar, so where was she. She says she has to see Samar and goes. Manav sits by Samar’s side. Everyone come in the ward. Manav asks Ayesha when did she come. She asks what did Samar say. Manav says nothing, he is fine. Laxmi sits caring for Samar and hugs him. Samar gets ache. She says sorry, its my mistake.

Samar asks what did she do, will she do again. They all smile. He says maybe I won’t need medicines after a hug. She laughs. Sona comes running and meets Samar. He asks what happened to him. He screams in pain. She moves back and asks him not to joke. He laughs. She asks how did he get hurt, how did he get hurt when he was not driving. Samar says I m not concentrating on the way, whatever was going on, I got late for film mahurat, I was crossing road while talking on phone and truck has hit me. Manav says its fine, you are okay, everyone is here to meet you. Samar looks at Ayesha.

Ayesha thinks how is everything so normal, why is Samar hiding this, its fishy, whats going on in his mind, whatever he is planning, its good for her, she got time to clear proof, what will he prove then, everyone will think he is mad like Aarti. She gets a call and goes. Ayesha talks to the media. They ask why is she not with Samar. Manav says I will say and walks to her, She gets tensed. He says Ayesha has come out as she is scared of hospitals, help dad in formalities, I have to go for some imp work. She says even I have imp work. She then agrees. Manav sends the media and asks her to come back soon. She worries.

Dream Girl Thursday 5th May 2022 Update Star Life: Ayesha thinks she is stuck. Samar asks Sona to take him home. Karan gets a call. Ayesha looks on. Samar says he will recover soon at home. Ayesha thinks why did Samar not say anything, he knows no one will believe him without Aarti. She says he has to be here for 2 days. The doctor says you can go after you get stable. Samar says we will appoint a nurse, and you can do this setup at home, doctor can come to check me. The doctor agrees. Ayesha asks them to take Samar home, she has some work, she will do it and come.

Sona says Samar would be good in hospital. Samar thinks even his work is pending. Ayesha comes to the flat to see Aarti. She thinks to leave from here soon. She gets chocolate wrapper there and thinks she did not get any chocolate for Aarti. She goes to see Aarti and removes the blanket. She gets shocked seeing pillows on the bed.

She looks for Aarti everywhere and does not find her. She starts panicking and goes out. She thinks who can take Aarti, I m sure Samar told everything to Karan. She says Karan will be happy knowing he has a sister, but how did this happen. She is on the way and thinks whats Samar’s plan. She gets Manav’s call. He asks where is she. She asks why, what happened. He says I came to hospital, Samar got discharged. She says we are coming home, you also reach home. He says fine, I m reaching home. She says it became a mystery, where did Aarti go.

Samar tells Manav, Laxmi, Prem and Sona that he was wounded and fallen on ground, he begged for help. But Ayesha has left him. Manav asks Ayesha who is this innocent girl…. Ayesha gets shocked.

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