Dream Girl Thursday 14th April 2022 Update Star Life

Dream Girl Thursday 14th April 2022 Update Star Life
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Dream Girl Thursday 14th April 2022 Update Star Life: The Episode starts with Manav crying. Samar pacifies him. He says you are strong. Karan says yes, you did this for loved ones, you have shown courage. Manav thanks them and says Ayesha won being wrong and we all lost being right. Laxmi says no, truth wins at the end, our fight is still on, Ayesha has used our weaknesses, we have to find her weakness. Karan says we will get it as we have stayed with her, let her be happy now, we will hit on her that she won’t have any solution.

Ayesha comes home and says everyone feel they are right. She gets missed calls and says its Shimla’s number. Manav comes there. She gets the call again. She asks Manav to stay with her. He asks her to get habitual to be alone. He goes. She answers the call and nurse from Shimla hospital informs her that her aunty is dead, she died today evening. Ayesha gets shocked. The nurse asks her to come soon and claim the body. Ayesha says what shall I do now, shall I manage here or Shimli, that’s also imp, I will leave now. She books morning flight.

Manav recalls Ayesha’s words and gets upset. He goes to Prem. Prem gives him some papers and says Samar told me everything. Manav says I will manage. Prem says he wanted Manav to forget Ayesha, and give her alimony, it does not manner, I have made Navrang myself, it does not matter if she takes away. Manav says It matters, navrang is your hardwork. Prem says its not more than your freedom. Manav says I will manage, I won’t give navrang to Ayesha and just give her divorce. He asks Prem to sleep.

Dream Girl Thursday 14th April 2022 Update Star Life: Manav calls Karan and asks him put phone on speaker. He tells his plan to Karan, Laxmi and Samar. Ayesha sleeps and recalls her childhood. She gets disturbed in the sleep and wakes up. She says she has to go to Shimla. Its morning, Ayesha tells Manav that she has to go Lonavla, and asks Manav to come. He refuses. She thinks she did not wish him to come. He asks her to come office, he has a surprise for her. She gets message that her flight is cancelled and calls the booking agent.

Ayesha comes to office and asks Ruby whose table is this. Manav shows Karan’s setup in Ayesha’s cabin. Ayesha asks whats this. Manav says meet our new creative director Karan Roy. Ayesha says this is my cabin. Manav says I m CEO and I don’t need anyone’s permission. Karan asks Ayesha not to disturb him. She gets angry. Karan argues and taunts Ayesha. She gets irritated by him.

Atul comes and asks Ayesha is she ready for photoshoot. Ayesha says cancel it today, I don’t have time. He says we can’t annoy sponsors. She says make it ready in one hour. He goes. Karan says this shoot is imp for you, and goes to do some work. Ayesha closes eyes and recalls her childhood. Karan puts some imp files and asks her to sign, as she has to go for meeting. She says she does not have time, she will do later. She starts signing and he asks her to be careful, as it can be divorce papers too.

Ayesha goes by car and asks driver to drop her midway and leave. Karan gets to know she went Shimla and informs Manav

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