Dream Girl Sunday 8th May 2022 Update Star Life

Dream Girl Sunday 8th May 2022 Update Star Life
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Dream Girl Sunday 8th May 2022 Update Star Life: The Episode starts with Karan asking Aarti to stop. The flower vase falls down and they all get tensed seeing Aarti at the edge. Aarti asks them not to come close. Manav says no one will come, we all are standing far. Mithi comes and says Ayesha Maa…..They all stop Mithi. Mithi goes and hugs Aarti. Aarti screams and asks who are you, move. She says leave me. Mithi asks are we playing any game. Manav says Mithi, we have to go to toy store. Sona says come, I made good food. Karan says come here Mithi. Mithi and Aarti have a talk. Aarti says leave me.

Mithi says I will fall. Aarti says I will make you fall if you don’t go. Ayesha is in her room, and says they will take care of that mad, she will hurt them or hurt herself, its good, if anything happens, they will bear it, I will be free. Prem comes to Ayesha and says so you are waiting for some incident, I know what you want, we are no one to you, but you love Aarti, anything can happen, she can die, Mithi went to her thinking Aarti is Ayesha. He says its not their mistake, why to punish them, before anyone loses life, ask Aarti to come, I beg you. Ayesha says please, don’t do this.

Mithi says I won’t leave Ayesha Maa. Aarti says move her. Ayesha comes there and says Aarti… Mithi sees Ayesha. Ayesha sits and asks Mithi to come to her, her Ayesha mom is here. Mithi asks my two Ayesha moms? Ayesha says that’s someone else, come to me. I got a playstation for you, we will play together, come. Mithi goes and hugs Ayesha. Manav takes Mithi and hugs her.

Ayesha asks Aarti to come to them. Aarti says they will take me to doctor. Ayesha asks her to go downstairs, she will come. Ayesha taunts Karan, and says you wanted to keep Aarti, she can just stay with me. She goes. Aarti plays with Mithi. Manav and everyone see them. Prem says see, there is no difference between them, we should take care of her, that she feels safe and happy. He says sorry Karan, Aarti can’t stay with you, you stay busy, she will be alone, she needs total care, she needs a home like ours. Ayesha says I m sorry, but I have taken care of Aarti till now, she is my responsibility.

Dream Girl Sunday 8th May 2022 Update Star Life: Prem says you also stay here and you can take care of her. Ayesha thinks Aarti can’t stay here. Prem says fine, why you have hidden her, now you can keep her here, if you don’t have any problem. Ayesha asks Aarti to sleep. Aarti says I love you Ayesha. Ayesha says I love you too. She smiles.

Laxmi takes care of Samar. She starts going and he holds her hand. She says everyone is waiting for me and you need rest. He asks is it necessary to go now. She asks can I ask for something. He says even my life. She asks him to promise not to put his life in risk. He promises he will keep his heroism in films. She says now I m scared of Ayesha, if she could do this with her sister and you, she can do anything. He asks her to be alert, don’t know what is she planning now.

Its morning, Aarti wakes up. She goes out and says no one has woke up till now. She goes to Mithi’s room and sees the toys. She sees Mithi sleeping and thinks with whom to play. She wakes up Mithi with love. Ayesha gets a call and wakes up. She asks the man whats the matter. The man tells about the news in media, that she is going LA for plastic surgery. She gets shocked.

Aarti and Mithi play. Manav asks Mithi to get ready for school and play after coming home. He also plays with Mithi and Aarti. Ayesha comes there and asks whats happening. Sona says Mithi is refusing to go school. Mithi says I will play with Ayesha mom. Ayesha says its me. Mithi says Ayesha mom part 2. Manav smiles seeing Mithi happy. Ayesha asks Mithi to go school. She asks Aarti to come to room. Sona asks what to make for Aarti in breakfast. Ayesha says I will see that, Aarti go to room. She sees Manav smiling seeing Aarti.

Ayesha comes to Aarti. Aarti says I love to be with Mithi, she has many toys. Ayesha gets calls again and again, and mistakenly adds more tablets in the milk. She thinks did she add much tablets.

Manav tells Ayesha that doctors confirmed that she is going for plastic surgery. She asks will he believe anything. He says I know you are getting surgery done on Aarti. She gets stunned.

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