Dream Girl Saturday 7th May 2022 Update Star Life

Dream Girl Saturday 7th May 2022 Update Star Life
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Dream Girl Saturday 7th May 2022 Update Star Life: The Episode starts with Sona scolding Ayesha. Ayesha asks them are they done, like always, they started scolding her again. She asks is this any shoot going on, what if they know she has a sister, why did they do this acting, they want fun out of this, what did she do, she has a sister, does she beat Aarti, she gets beaten by Aarti daily, she keeps her inside home, as she is mentally unstable, I m protective about her, you all don’t worry or pity for her, you all got a chance to stand against us, you all are bad. Samar asks Ayesha to stop it. He says you have left me there to die, I m on wheelchair because of you, Aarti’s life ruined because of you, I have proof, how more low will you fall.

Manav asks him not to shout, cool down. Samar says let me say. Laxmi takes Samar. Prem and Sona leave. Ayesha says you know it now Manav, accept it, I don’t have anything to hide now. He says I accepted, but tell me what do you have to say. She asks If we don’t have any relation, what do you care how I behave with my family. He says right, but you will care when people know about this, when my lawyer says in court that if Ayesha can do this with her sister, what will she do with others then this will effect you. You wanted alimony, come now in court, I will see what you get. This is law, you are finished.

She says you are using Aarti, you can’t do this. He asks her to get off and not even touch him, its time to remove makeup, her face is so ugly. But he has to show her true face to the world. She says you won’t do this with me. He says you change colors like chameleon, you are a wild cat, clever like fox. She says listen to me, we can talk and solve, I did a mistake, I m sorry, I will apologize to Samar, forgive me. Manav leaves. She asks him to stop. She shouts and fumes.

Dream Girl Saturday 7th May 2022 Update Star Life: Sona comes to Aarti and asks her to have food, she has made it. Karan takes the plate. Sona leaves. Karan asks Aarti to have food. She says no. He asks her to come and sit, she will jump on bed and have food. He closes eyes and counts. He says this is tasty food, you feel good to have tasty food, Sona aunty cooks good food, she will give you chocolate also. She takes food and stops seeing Sareen family pic. She asks him about Manav, who was shouting on Ayesha. Karan says they have some fights, Manav is very nice, he loves Ayesha a lot.

Manav comes there and she hides seeing him. Karan says Manav is nice, come, he got chocolate for you. Manav asks her not to worry, this is her home, they are her relatives, she will be taken good care. Ayesha comes there. Aarti hugs Ayesha and asks where was she. Ayesha tells Karan that she loves Aarti a lot, and Aarti loves her too. She says she loves Aarti and will not leave her. Karan asks why is she doing this. Aarti gets scared and cries. Ayesha asks what state, Aarti is fine. She says Aarti they think they are ill. Karan says she is ill, as she is in Ayesha;s control. Manav says Ayesha will not understand, let my lawyer talk to her, its simple case of kidnapping, we will get best treatment for Aarti. Ayesha says you think Aarti is mad, see Aarti, they want to take you to mental hospital. Manav says enough Ayesha. Karan asks Ayesha to shut up and stop playing with her mind. Aarti says she will not go with Karan, as he is getting angry on Ayesha, she will die if she is getting separated from Ayesha.

Ayesha says I did not tell Karan as he is also like others. Manav asks her to stop lying. Ayesha and Karan argue over their sister. Aarti cries and shuts ears. Aarti says I won’t go anywhere and runs. Ayesha says try, Aarti will not come with you. Sona says Laxmi to be with Samar, she will see. Aarti runs and Karan asks her to stop. Aarti runs on the terrace. Prem and Sona also go after them. Aarti gets to the end of the terrace line. Karan asks her to move back, she will fall. Manav asks Aarti what is she doing, come down, you will fall. Aarti says no, I will not come. Prem says no one will tell you anything, come. Karan says fine, wait… Aarti moves and a flower vase falls down. They all get shocked.

Ayesha says its good if anything happens to Aarti, they will bear it, I will be free of this matter.

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