Dream Girl Saturday 23rd April 2022 Update Star Life

Dream Girl Saturday 23rd April 2022 Update Star Life
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Dream Girl Saturday 23rd April 2022 Update Star Life: The Episode starts with Sona asking Laxmi to see her dresses. Laxmi does not see Samar around, and sees Karan working hard for her engagement. Samar says I will come in some time. Karan asks Samar to check food menu. Samar says Karan is managing everything. Manav says its Samar’s engagement and Samar is on phone. Laxmi asks Samar to talk to her and keeps his phone away. She says I m trying to talk to you, where is your focus. Sona says they look made for each other. Samar says I will come in 10mins, I have some imp work. He goes out and talks to watchman. He asks for his car. The watchman says driver said its gone to garage, and Ayesha took another car. Samar gets thinking.

Sona makes Laxmi try the dupatta and compliments her. Sona asks Karan to see how is Laxmi looking. Karan sees Laxmi and sits praising her. Sona asks what gift did he get for Laxmi. Karan says she is herself Laxmi, what can anyone gift her, but still I will gift her. Sona says she is your responsibility till she becomes Laxmi, no one is here from her family, Karan knows her well. Sona says don’t worry, I will take care of her and her family, I have some pending work, I will just come. He goes. Laxmi thinks why is Karan doing this, he has bear a lot for her, he does not see about himself, I can’t see this, this is not right.

She looks for Samar. She hears Sona and Prem talking about her. Manav jokes on them to take credit of Samar’s choice. Laxmi thinks they love me so much and I m thinking something else, I will talk to Raj. She messages Samar to meet her at his home soon, she has to talk something very important. Karan is at his home and sees the bangles he has made for Laxmi. He says mum told her bahu will wear these bangles, I can’t give these to anyone else, I wish Laxmi was mine and I could make her wear this, but I pray for her, be happy with Samar. He keeps the bangles and sees his family pics. He checks some pics which has two girls.

Dream Girl Saturday 23rd April 2022 Update Star Life: He says the pics size is different, it means Ayesha has cut the pic, whom did she separate from us. Manav looks for Laxmi and Samar, and calls Karan. Manav says they are not here. Karan says I will come. Karan leaves the pics on the bed and goes. Laxmi waits for Samar at her home. She disconnects the call and says she can’t talk to anyone else than Samar. She hears footsteps and says stop Samar, I know its you, don’t come here, I want to tell something, I hope you understand me, I feel you are my friend first, I love you a lot, love and trust is needed in marriage, I want to tell you that stop this engagement.

She says I can’t go engagement, I can’t think whats right and wrong, I feel I m cheating Karan, you know he has done many favors on me, I know he loves me a lot, even then he is uniting us for our happiness. I feel burdened by Karan’s favor, we can postpone engagement, I want some time, I m unable to think anything Samar, I feel like selfish, what shall I do, I m sorry Samar. She sits crying. She turns to see and gets shocked seeing Karan. Karan looks at her shocked.

Samar gets info about Ayesha, and gets to know she goes to some flat. Samar reaches the flat and sees Ayesha leaving.

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