Dream Girl Saturday 16th April 2022 Update Star Life

Dream Girl Saturday 16th April 2022 Update Star Life
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Dream Girl Saturday 16th April 2022 Update Star Life: The Episode starts with Ayesha lying to Manav and leaving from the old house, by locking the door and the gate. Ayesha sees the police checking and asks the man. The man says about some loot and police finding the thieves. Ayesha thinks if she gets late, Manav will catch her lie. She turns her car and goes to police station as inspector Shakti. She think someone has seen Ayesha’s movie and acting. They see its really Ayesha and give her VIP treatment. She says she has come to thank them for their service. She says she is their fan, as they risk their lives in real life, they are really heroes, so she has come to thank them.

They ask can they take a pic with them. She says no, can I take pic with you all. She poses for pics and thanks them. She says she will leave now, she does not need body guard as they all are there. The media comes there. She says let them come, I want to tell them about your service to people. She thinks they will think she came for promotion and everyone’s doubt will clear. Manav, Karan, Samar and Laxmi see the news. Karan says brilliant, she did this intentionally, she understood we doubt on her as Manav called her, it means she is hiding a big thing. Its her big weakness.

Ayesha says thanks, I will leave. The inspector says he will check her car, as she skipped checking and says Shakti’s lines. He says he was joking and she smiles. They all give her gifts and she thanks them. They cheer for Ayesha. She says she can’t take the gifts. They say they will keep gifts in dicky. She tries to stop them. They say dicky already has the items. He asks for keys. She says she can’t open it, she has gifts for her relatives, its glass items and it can break. She asks them not to touch the trunk, and asks them to put gifts on the seat.

Dream Girl Saturday 16th April 2022 Update Star Life: She tells about the checking post and she is getting late. The inspector says he will message her car number on wireless and she can just go. Ayesha stops the car on the road at night. She sleeps in the car. A drunk man comes there and attacks her. She says she will inform police and he disappears. She gets relieved.

Samar and Laxmi have a talk about Ayesha. Laxmi says we know about her now, she can’t use us against each other. Samar says I m scared that Ayesha can ruin everything. Everyone at home is upset. She says they all did not stop living, Manav is managing home and office, they all are busy and diverting minds, and asks him to build his career. She says you gave so many years of your life to become an actor, everyone has a motive in life, you have a motive to become an actor, you can become a hope for others.

Ayesha gets the trunk at home and Manav asks whats happening

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