Dream Girl Friday 29th April 2022 Update Star Life

Dream Girl Friday 29th April 2022 Update Star Life
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Dream Girl Friday 29th April 2022 Update Star Life: The Episode starts with Ayesha making Aarti dress exactly like her. Aarti gets glad. Ayesha asks her to be in room and not go outside. She says I will go, and take you out later. Manav talks to guests. Laxmi and her family come for engagement. Prem welcomes them. Manav asks Laxmi is she fine. She says yes. She goes to meet Samar. They smile. She says she has to talk with him in private. She asks did he read her messages. He says he did not, but he agrees to her whatever she says. She hugs him. He asks what was in that messages, she looks worried. She turns and he gets hurt. He says its fine. She says sorry. He asks was she going to do engagement. She says yes, there was some confusion, but it cleared after talking to Manav, he told me that I love you and I can’t live without him.

He asks did she need Manav for understanding this. She says it happens, see we are fighting. He says sorry, I love you. She sys I love you too and hugs him. They walk out hand in hand and come in the hall. Bua pulls Samar’s ears and asks why did he disappear with Laxmi. She laughs. Prem talks to Sona on phone. A lady asks Manav about Ayesha. Manav says she is unwell, she will come. Aarti goes out and Ayesha gets shocked. She could not go out to stop Aarti and worries. Everyone have a laugh. Aarti comes there and gets tensed seeing many people. She runs and stops. She looks at the people as she is seeing so many together for the first time.

She thinks its such a beautiful home with beautiful colors. She takes laddoos. The ladies ask her where were you Ayesha. Aarti gets tensed. Ayesha thinks her secret was hidden for many years and now its out. Aarti drops the laddoos. The ladies ask her is she fine, why is she sweating. Manav looks on. Aarti panics and ladies think its effect of her wound. Ayesha thinks she can’t go out, if anyone see them together, she will be finished.

Dream Girl Friday 29th April 2022 Update Star Life: Manav holds Aarti’s hand and asks her to stop this drama, and not try to ruin the engagement. She thinks she can’t tell him. Bua asks Ayesha to come for rasam. Bua says I will tell about rituals, I know you don’t know anything. Aarti takes sweets to eat. Bua asks her to do Aarti as they do for Lord. She asks her to do tika and then aarti. Aarti thinks she knows this, as Ayesha has done this in film. Ayesha does wrong aarti and Bua makes her do right. Bua says I will manage.

Karan comes and gifts Laxmi. She thanks him for showing the right path. He says I knew the truth seeing you, I could have taken advantage of you, but I did not, its not my loss, I m on better situation, I m your good friend, what else I want. She smiles. Ayesha says that’s why I shut Aarti, she does not listen to me. She says everyone would be asking about me and worries.

Karan tells about his happiness for Laxmi and Samar. He sings Suno ek tha pind ka shera. Aarti smiles seeing Karan and goes to him. Ayesha looks on worried.

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